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“Recognizing the Media: Honouring Top Caribbean Stories”


The Caribbean Tourism Industry cherishes its strong relationship with the media and in appreciation for their constant positive coverage of the region, recognizes media for influencing their audiences to travel to the Caribbean.  This recognition will take place at the Caribbean Tourism Industry Awards Luncheon on Monday 13 November in Toronto and Friday 17 November in Montreal.

To honour the media’s exceptional work in promoting the Caribbean, in feature print, broadcast, online and via social media we invite CTO government members, their public relations agencies and journalists to provide us with their top media placements for 2016 on CTO member countries.  We are also inviting submission of photography that has captured the essence of the Caribbean. 

A Jury from the hospitality, literary and media fields will judge the submissions based on the criteria outlined below: 

Awards will be presented to journalists from Canadian-based media, in the following categories: 

I Couldn’t Have Written It Better Myself

v   Best Feature Article in a Canadian-based Consumer Newspaper 

Been There, Wrote That

v  Best Feature Article in a Canadian-based Consumer Magazine 

Inner Circle King/Queen

v  Best Feature Article in a Canadian-based Trade Publication 

Oh Snap!

v  Best Photograph in Conjunction with a Feature Article 

Golden Mic

v  Best Feature Broadcast 

Virtual Visitor Award

v  Best Feature in an Online publication not including blogs

Not Lost in Translation

v  Best Feature by a Canadian-based Journalist in Foreign Media 

From Infinity…And Abroad!

v  Best Feature by a foreign Journalist that appeared in Canadian

Me Too! I Rediscovered Home! 

v  Best Feature by a Diasporan Journalist in Canadian Media 

Oh My Word, I Blogged!

v  Best Caribbean Travel Blog Posting

This award is given to the person voted as having written the best travel blog posting about the Caribbean or any CTO member country. The blog must have been posted during the 2016 calendar year. The winner is decided by public vote. Further details will follow in the coming weeks.  



·         Only entries submitted by CTO government members, their public relations agencies or qualified media shall be eligible.

·         Submissions by foreign-based journalists who contribute to media in Canada are eligible.

·         Submissions by Canadian based journalists who contribute to foreign-based media are eligible.

·         Minimum circulation for newspaper or magazine entries is 20,000.

·         All entries must have been published or broadcast in the 2016 calendar year.

·         Only one entry per person per category will be entered.

·         Entries must be submitted by Friday 22 September, 2017.

·         Submissions should showcase creativity and thoughtful knowledge of the Caribbean and have a provocative story angle.

·         Award recipient agrees to allow his/her winning work to be published in part or in whole on www.onecaribbean.org, www.caribbeantravel.com and www.CaribbeanWeek.com.

·         By submitting an entry, the participant grants the CTO an irrevocable, royalty free and perpetual license right to use without restriction and reproduce all submitted work, whether article or photo, including without limitation the copying, transmission, distribution and publication for display or promotion purposes.  The participant will be credited every time the article or photo is used.

·         By submitting an entry, the participant represents and warrants that he/she is the author of the article or photo entered for the award and shall defend and hold CTO harmless from any action, claim, loss, damage, liability and/or expense arising from or connected to the infringement of intellectual property rights or copyright with respect to the submitted work.

·         The winner agrees to allow his/her photograph to be taken and utilized for publicity purposes.

·         Awards will be presented on Monday 13 November at Doubletree Hilton Toronto Downtown in Toronto and on Friday 17 November at Sofitel Montreal – Golden Mile in Montreal.   We encourage increased entries from Montreal.

·         Where the Selection Criteria herein stated have not been met, the entry shall be disqualified.


·         Only entries submitted by CTO government members, their public relations agencies or qualified journalists shall be eligible.

·         No fee is required to submit.

·         The relevant category being entered must be clearly specified with each entry.

o    Entries must be submitted in the following formats and submitted in the following formats via  https://caribmediaawards.pgtb.me/dDmC8s

o    Print: A scanned copy from the publication(s) in pdf or jpeg and, where possible, a web link.

o    Broadcast: A copy of the script (to include transcript of the SOTs and lead ins) and a digital link to the feature

o    Photo: One jpg copy of the photograph and one electronic copy of the publication (to include the photo) in which the photograph appeared, in pdf.

o    Online: A link to the feature.

N.B. Entries will not be accepted via email

·         Print (newspaper and magazine) entries must clearly show the name of the publication, the date of publication, the title(s) and the name(s) of the journalist(s).

·         Broadcast entries must include name of entity that broadcast the piece, the date and time of broadcast and the names of the producer(s) and presenter(s).

  • Eligible participants may enter as many categories as they wish but may not submit more than one (1) entry per category.

·         For the Golden Mic (Best Broadcast Feature), where an entry is a series or serial, only one programme from the series or serial shall be submitted.

·         Entries will not be accepted after the stated deadline.



·         The CTO’s communications department shall scrutinize all entries upon receipt and tabulate for the judging process those entries which meet the Selection Criteria and adhere to the Submission Procedures.

·         The CTO shall appoint a panel of judges and shall designate from among them a Chief Judge. 

·         The size of the judging panel and its modus operandi shall be determined solely by the CTO.

·         Criteria for the judging of entries shall be:

o    Content – Relevance, accuracy, cohesiveness of material and adherence to journalistic standards.

o    Structure & Form – Relevance of topic, clarity, pace, structure (introduction, development and conclusion), presentation of information & ideas.

o    Title – Relevance of title, concision & clarity.

o    Quality of Language – Use of language, quality of syntax, quality of sentence structure.

o    Originality – Originality of ideas, ability to spark audience’s curiosity, boldness, creativity.

·         Depending on their assessment of the standard of entries, the judges may withhold awards in any category as they see fit.  They may also ascribe “Special Mention” (without award) to an entry where warranted.

·         Decisions of the judges shall be final.

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