1. I wish now I’d voted for Trump, he really wasn’t that bad. I must’ve been mad voting for Joe Biden, what on earth was I thinking?

    2. @Chaos while I’ll never understand why you voted for Biden either at least you see the light now. Hopefully million’s will see it too and vote for Trump so he can fix 4 year’s of Biden s fuckups.

  1. Prayers go out to the fallen soldiers missing in action!
    USA Military Save all American citizens indefinite !

    1. @B. T. Trump gave Potato Joe A stable economy, a secure border, low Gas prices & energy independence, a secure Afghanistan with no American deaths in one and a half years, five new middle East peace deals signed in the last six months that the fake news never reported on, safety and security for all Americans, and a Trump vaccine operation warp speed, in record time to defeat the coronavirus.

      In just seven months, Joe has F**ked it all up

    2. @Sergeant Hulka
      Trump’s drone strikes exceeded any sitting president.
      Our post pandemic economy is outpacing most of the globe, including China.
      American businesses and Americans are sitting on trillions in cash.
      You must not be American to not realize America is in good fiscal shape.
      Keep on Trolling gramps.

    1. @Diego A Where? China? He visited America’s biggest trade partner?
      How dare he.
      It must mean SOMETHING. I smell conspiracy!

    2. China really, REALLY wanted Biden for president because he could be bought and has been bought – multiple times and promised to be the puppet they demanded as they march in their bid to take over the world.. They openly said that Trump was the only one whom they couldn’t throw money at and buy. He was their obstacle and they wanted him out

    3. Maybe they couldn’t fuction through those masks of yours?
      I notice the Taliban aint wearing masks and they WHUPPED ya easy.
      Was it the masks?

    4. America when everything seems to be wrong that is the time you should think right. Next time do not vote an incompetent and ALZHEIMER oldman president…..Now your leaders are very weak and no proper planning at all. Joe a big mess.

  2. Condolences to the families of those who lost their lives in Afghanistan suicide bombing today.

    1. @Scott Mc And Biden really, really messed up the withdrawal part of it. That’s the real issue right now. From a non-Trump supporter

    2. @Minute Meditations Biden….Commander in Chief..ha ha he’s a senile old fool who’s been on the take his entire career. Beijing Biden was a pathetic state the US is in. God help our allies in Taiwan.

  3. Mitch McConnell should get his band together and go to Afghanistan and fight the Taliban. He’s full of meaningless talk.Professional politician.

    1. @Zane Marks We lost thirteen heroes today and this is your comment? You hate your fellow American’s don’t you?

    2. @James Gould Sounds like regardless of how bad the current administration handles anything you are trying to point at anybody else to place some sort of blame.

      The Chewbacca defense.

    3. @Ash Birk Trump’s plan didn’t have the Taliban pulling guard duty for our troops during the evacuation AFTER giving up the AIr base that we should be using rather than an Airport in the middle of a populated city full of Taliban and apparently ISIS which BIden said wasn’t there anyway. That was Biden’s plan. It cost a lot of American loss of life today.

    4. @Scottie BIDEN took responsibility, the trump followers can all go to Afghanistan and fight the war the Republicans want to continue. Republicans started it and can finish it in person.

  4. This attack was on US soldiers, civilians and Taliban guards. Not a smart move, revenge will come from All sides.

    1. @Down in the Shed It’s not like we could have just torched and burned the facilities that the military had occupied, some of them were areas with civilians living near by, imagine having a place like that with det with a demo charge to prevent any of the military equipment from being used and having a forgotten ammunition shell go off or other debris hit civilians, instant tragedy. It’s more important that we get people out of there to save their lives than to protect our gear, plus gear requires maintenance and we are the ones that built it and understand it the most overtime that stuff won’t work as well as it had when we were keeping it in tip top shape. At least I hope so.

    2. @Blue Lagoon Asking questions makes me a shill? You have all this information but won’t give it to me, but somehow that makes me a shill… Ok buddy.

    1. As a supporter and patriot of this great country I just find it hard to unite with people who believe government officials are not laying to us. It’s so easy to see can’t see a foe, and I don’t want them watching my back while I’m watching theirs

    2. @Cruisin Guy No – this is YOUR God – Biden. He’s a dementia-ridden failure. Good job on trying to keep sucking up to him, though…

    1. Thanks to our open border it’s no longer “if” it’s “when” a bomber comes to a big city near you because that’s where they will get more bang for their boom.

    2. @TheU2001 MIA You clearly didn’t read the full question. WHAT ABOUT THE AMERICAN HOME GROWN BOMBERS & MASS SHOTERS???

    1. I cant believe that you ignorant Democrats are actually going to try and pin this on trump…it just shows the level of intelligence that have

    2. @Rotten Ronnie actually democrats know Biden is a failure but the problem is democrats believe they are superior humans and therefore lying, denial, cheating and blatant hypocrisy is ok

  5. A select few troops will go after these terrorists. To everyone who missed that part. Omgoodness listen with your ears, and not the dirt between them.

  6. It must be very hard for the families of our Soldiers and civilians that were taken today. I am so sorry for their loss.

    1. @Chaos the guy who invited the Taliban to Camp David on 9/11 and let all of their top people out of prison? Lol ok. I mean the leader of the Taliban right now Trump let walk free.

    2. They shoulda wore more masks maybe????
      Nah, the Taliban crushed ya mask free.
      It wouldnta helped to double mask and triple shot, I guess after all.🤔🤔🤔🤔

  7. Condolences to all the families both domestic & abroad who have had loved ones’ killed by the actions of another – always for misguided causes and vengeful reasons!!!

    1. *President Trump’s Exit Plan*
      1) evacuate civilians
      2) dispose of military equipment
      3) pull troops

      Joe “accidentally” did it backwards. 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳

  8. We know that a minute silence will never be enough to fill the ache in our hearts for the families of those who lost their lives in the senseless attack. But we will always remember their sacrifice so that others may be free to experience a better life.

  9. As much as it hurts to see the Afghan people suffer, they need to find the courage to fight for their freedom!

    1. @Live ToYourFullest Bad info!!! Congressmen detailed equipment left behind to include 200 flight worthy aircraft ( some delived in June) thousands of mineproof vehicles and HumVs. Newer M4 rifles and assorted weapons. Night vision devices. Biometric data on all civilians working for the USA.
      Abc was interviewing Taliban yesterday. Carrying US M 4 riffles with extended mags and Acog advanced sites. Rifles looked brand new.
      Sorry Live your post does not fly.
      Taliban on news today flying a blackhawk in training .

    2. Yes! Finally someone who see it and gets it. We have been over there for 20 years trying them, they need to step up and defend their country so we can have our ppl back on their own soil. This is The Vietnam War all over again. Let them do what we trained them for, if they run away how is that our fault, those guys need to come home.

    3. @Kev O a lot of it was actually training equipment for the US trained Afghan security forces who conceded to Taliban, so they weren’t really left behind.

    1. America when everything seems to be wrong that is the time you should think right. Next time do not vote an incompetent and ALZHEIMER oldman president…..Now your leaders are very weak and no proper planning at all. Joe a big mess.

    1. *President Trump’s Exit Plan*
      1) evacuate civilians
      2) dispose of military equipment
      3) pull troops

      Joe “accidentally” did it backwards. 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳

  10. as a solder, we raise a glass for those that have passed, and care for the ones that are left to us. our honor is to give, and give all if necessary. for our country and the citizens thereof. for the innocent even in other places. we raise our glass to those that have passed, and love the ones that are left to us. good work, solders. RIP.

  11. “They’re chanting ‘Death to America’, but they seem friendly at the same time. It’s utterly bizarre.” – CNN

    1. The only thing that bizarre is that we have a pathetic pedophile potato that has no idea what hes doing and the Democrats still dont get it

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