1. Fighting 7.5% inflation (more like 15%) with a 1% Fed funds interest rate is like stopping a forest fire with a bucket of water. Folks prepare accordingly. Make investment in other not to depend on the government for funds

    1. @Juliet Madison if he’s legit why is there nothing about who he is

      Other than a scam post on Twitter about fake giveaways

    2. @Erik Moss How was PPP, bailouts and stimmy checks paid for? Answer: The Federal Reserve conjured $7 trillion in new currency out of thin air that it then used to buy Treasury debt. The Treasury then took that new Fed funny money and sent out checks.

      Go look at Federal Reserve’s balance sheet from 2020 to present.

      Inflation is an increase in the currency supply. Inflation is a stealth tax.

  2. It’s all about the vote’s now, either vote in the government you want, or move to a state that already has the legislation you agree with.
    The population shift over the next few years should prove interesting.

    1. @Mikke “The Rigor” Mortis such excellent reasoning to socially engage, for the express intent of sustaining your emotional validity on other’s suffering.

    2. @Vandalorian Vandalorian we did, we got an abortion, because we wouldn’t have been able to carr for a child, and my wife was guaranteed to have severe complications, thank for your concerns.

  3. In all my experience as a lawyer (20+ years of watching Law and Order), the argument that Justice Thomas laid out was brilliant. I thought I had heard every argument, pro and con, for the 2nd Amendment but I don’t think I ever heard the “comparison with the other Amendments in the Bill of Rights” before. That argument succinctly left all other anti-2nd Amendment positions standing helpless; having brought a knife to a gunfight.

    1. @Jessica I do work in the field. I suggest some of the tax dollars that goes to Planned Parenthood, a multi billion dollar company, be distributed elsewhere.

  4. Has anyone seen the film “October Baby?” It’s about a young girl with numerous health problems. On her 18th birthday, she discovers she survived an abortion. I never knew a baby could survive. It was based on a true story.

    1. @progGrave Zilla i know, right? But all that training would be wasted. Let’s get immigrant families to helicopter into disaster zones and hand out survival supplies.

    1. And don’t worry all you men out there you can still get your government funded pregnancy test and have your uterus examined by an OBGYN doctor even though it doesn’t exist in physical reality. All at the expense of the taxpayer

  5. Well now then there….It shore is nice that we’ll continue the fight. I just hope we don’t continue losing like we have under the present Democratic “leadership”.

  6. She said despite her and her husband’s “best efforts”, she still got pregnant. So he had a vasectomy and/or she got her tubes tied and she STILL got pregnant. I’d be suing the doctor(s) who did those procedures.

    1. ​@Will Smith’s Pimp Slap Hand sounds like your anti gay i thought your side loved rainbows

  7. _We look in horror at mass human sacrifice practiced in non-western cultures in past centuries: Moloch and dread Coatlicue of the serpent skirt… Thought experiment: if human sacrifice were to be practiced by an advanced Western society how would it manifest? Wouldn’t it be the most vulnerable among us?_
    Summa Stochastica

    1. @aurora_occidentalis my bad
      You’re dealing from a different level that right now I don’t have the time or patience for. But I truly wish I did. Another time my friend

    2. Yes, I suppose the one million American preventable deaths on the head of the retired Florida blogger should keep you awake at night.

  8. I love how you let her talk uninterrupted for as long as she wanted, yet yesterday when you had the pro life supporter on, you went out of your way to interrupt her at every turn (she still got the better of you though), and threw out some of the most ridiculous claims I have ever heard. 👌🏻👏🏻🙄

    1. @EazyBucketz_23🪣 yeah, that book says a lot of things. Hasn’t delivered on much in the last 2000 years, though. Perhaps it might in 2000 more?

  9. Remember when saying “fight like hell” before people rioted meant that you were responsible for it? What does it mean if you’re doing it while the rioting is occurring?

  10. What racist act is causing the death of these mothers? I’d love for her to go into detail about how “being rude” causes a death. Great opportunity for CNN to do journalism.

  11. Hi! Jane here. Mama of 8, and gramma of 22. I just wonder why pro-abortion people never consider the reproductive health
    of the black baby girls who are ripped apart in the abortions. Those are precious little girls subjected to great pain, who my grandchildren will never be able to play with.
    The amazing thing is that if one doesn’t want to get pregnant, abstinence works every time. Also, there are many forms of birth control available.
    As each state considers whether to allow elective abortions, there usually always is an allowance if the mother’s life is at risk.

  12. People are out here acting like they’re gonna drink the wrong water and magically get pregnant.. people don’t believe in any accountability anymore

    1. @Doc Nightmares Abortion should be allowed within an early timeframe before the embryo even develops.

      Plus a woman that gets raped should not be forced to birth her rapist’s child AND have to financially support it. If you want that woman to have the child then the government needs to be financially responsible for it.

  13. As a black person i wonder Does every fight have to be framed as “ it will mostly affect black people” like damn all I want are equal opportunity to everyone else. I don’t need no more fights to fight, like damnnnnnn.

    1. Dont know about you, but i have had every equal opportunity like everyone else. Living very very great now compared to the crap housing i used to grow up in.

    1. Imagine the creator meeting the creator and telling him that the creator drowned thousands of babies in a giant flood.

    2. @Giordano Bruno made for war or hunting? Or just protection. Its like saying them bow&arrows/spears was war made. Probably different. Just saying.

    3. @Giordano Bruno compare that to the number of defensive uses of firearms which is on the low end 300k and could be as much as 2 million. And that 30k give or take number they like to say include a vast amount of suicides which could be half of the total, those people would find other means if they didn’t have a firearm, which makes your point less relevant. Now also compare that to the number of unnecessary abortions and you’ll truly see which is worse.

  14. I hope we look back on the time when this was federally acceptable and realize how barbaric killing children out of convenience really was

  15. “Continue the fight” I never dreamed the day would come when grown adults would have to be taught that the Supreme Court is the highest in the land. Of course, this is CNN and their viewers so it explains a lot.

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