1. Post-COVID Federal Government spending which is 30% HIGHER than pre-COVID times (2019) tells you all you need to know about how irresponsible the Liberal/NDP coalition are – and this is all with OUR MONEY.

    1. @Shuaib Shariff how much has spending contributed to the 6.9% inflation rate? 20% 40% you say it’s up high because of spending how did you make those calculations?

    2. @ryan radcliffe Listen Ryan. I don’t agree in the slightest. I have 6 degrees 5 of which are in Finance and related disciplines. The Liberals and NDP couldn’t run your household finances, far less those of the country.

    3. @Shuaib Shariff if you have degrees in finance pls tell me how much government spending has contributed to inflation, 20%, 40%, 60% pls tell me

    1. His base has money and can’t understand not being well off.

      That and government workers who will never suffer

    1. Might be true but he’s better than the alternative. Best move for Liberals would be to replace him with Freeland.

  2. Bravo 👏 I’m citizen a single mother with two younger kids between 10 and 12 years old it’s to hard find affordable housing for my family. The corruption in this province it is to high. I don’t understand why the federal government not doing nothing about it. It’s hard for a single parents to affordable living in Vancouver. The rent will continue increasing in this city.
    Someone with real brain needs to stop ✋️ 😫 this abuse.

    1. @Lorenzo Mabalos that’s stealing private property and will cause a mass exodus of all foreign investors in Canada. Just make a federal speculation tax. Meaning if you own a home that has not been occupied by someone or a renter with in a period of time you will have to pay an extra tax

    2. The constitutional authority for housing is vested in provincial governments so blaming the federal government for your housing issue is a bit misguided.

    3. @Lorenzo Mabalos Well, the market would crash and 1/2 of the country (the rich half) would lose trillions, but okay….LOLZ.

    4. Yes. It’s hard right now. They are supposed to set the standards so citizens can live. Why no affordable housing? They don’t care!

  3. Please please audit every penny that TD spent. Making sure he is not giving to gangsters and put him to jail if things happen

  4. The stupid part is that they cannot provide proof of where the monies were spent even though they are required by LAW to do so. I would be looking at Trudoughs bank account….. Follow the money folks, ask any cop.

    1. Considering that in 7 years, his net worth has ballooned from 10 to 330 million. Are ya pissed? You should be.

    2. Where have you looked for this proof? Have you scrutinized the national books? Have you been siting down with the Auditor General? The Parliamentary Budget Officer? How do you support your statement or do you believe that just by saying it, it becomes fact?

  5. Just a reminder that Catherine McKenna lost billions of taxpayers dollars and retired/ran away with a pension.

  6. I will support Pierre 100%.
    Canadians are angry, hungry and broke .
    And PM Justin Trudeau is out of touch.

  7. As we see happening all over the place, only a small few INVITE a chance to step into the fire. When he becomes the PM, he’ll have to contend with an unimaginable debt and all the whiners (NLIB).

  8. anyone notice that he very seldom look’s at his notes , Trudeau has to read his notes most of the time & that is when he is not being coached through his ear bud .

  9. Finally, I am sick of watching elderly pensioners dying homeless in the elements while police and bylaw harass them everyday, and leave them with no possessions, because it’s called chatterel I was told.

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