1. I’d love to know why her manager or agent didn’t advise her to not play that season of basketball in Russia. For weeks the US had warn Americans about traveling there. It’s an unsafe unstable region.

  2. I’ll bet you if all these NBA players put their money where their mouth is she would already have been home!

  3. Don’t commit a crime and she could’ve been home.
    You can’t tell people from another country how to run their country ! I mean after all America is the ONLY country that bends the knee !

    1. Why is it OK for her to break the laws in another country? If it was you or I or the discussion was about a different country there would be no conversation about release. She’s not a political prisoner.. she broke the law.

    1. She thought she was special but she broke the law and found out she wasn’t. Let her rot there.

  4. I gotta tip, don’t go to Russia! Why would anyone with a brain, go to a hostile country and break the law there, even if we think it’s a dumb law or BS I think a person should be extra cautious and smart when in a place like that. To me it’s like climbing Everest and been mad at the mtn when it kills your climbing partner, just seams kinda dumb! Does it suck? Yes 100%

    1. If you bring that stuff from another country to the US, you are labeled a drug smuggler and you go to jail, while i disagree with the law, what am i missing? she broke a law, and we would do the same to even an american bringing in drugs from mexico. It happens every day. how many people from latin america do we have locked up for similar offenses?, explain to me the difference. What am i missing here? I will agree that some celebs do get a pass, and maybe she thought she would too. Whens the last time snoop got busted over seas? hes likely smart and sources it when he arrives.

    2. @js83 Liangelo ball an NCAA player stole from. A mall in china . He was home in two weeks . I rest my case

    3. She plays in Russia for more money than she makes in the USA.. that’s why she goes to Russia making $1m+ rather than making 200k here

  5. OMG the WNBA has lost 50% of their viewers since this happened. To make matters worse the one person that is still watching is thinking of going to get Tacos tonight.

  6. She was in possession of something that’s Illegal in Russia. And she had a lot of them. There’s consequences for your actions. She’s getting what she deserves

  7. They skip over the fact that she took drugs into a country where it’s illegal. It has nothing to do with politics she broke they law.

  8. Weed isn’t even legal in all the states so how tf can they say she is wrongfully detained? That’s like saying someone arrested for marijuana in Idaho is wrongfully detained.

  9. Do US sports professionals accept drug use? If so.. was she made aware to be respectful to other anti drug countries? I’m not.. then is the US willing to persecute? Unable to play? Not sure of the laws and all that workin privilege of pro ball players. I know most professionals… regardless of state laws can’t smoke dope. 🤷🏻‍♀️Who wants a high doctor right? If you can clarify this for me I would appreciate? ( be nice) I am sincerely asking. Don’t hurt my feelings or be disrespectful. 🥰

  10. “With ALL DUE RESPECT 🙏 👏 🙌, it’s about Time ⏲️!” “It’s been about Time!” Others have been traded or brought Home 🏡…”
    “Openly Gay & Black ⚫️ (2 Strikes against her!”) but they shouldn’t be!

  11. She’s a bargaining tool, we have been supporting Ukraine thru out this conflict, in war anything useful is!

  12. What do you get when you wear a Rasta hoodie and try to smuggle illegal drugs THRU ANY AIRPORT IN THE WORLD?
    —10 years in that Country’s prison.
    LET’S GO BRANDON 👏👏👏👏👏

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