Wearing A Mask Is ‘Not Political,’ Says Reporter | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Wearing A Mask Is 'Not Political,' Says Reporter | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


    1. @carol Lund nothing Christian about Ellen, Trump knows nothing of the church bible or being Christian… Only uses them for votes..
      He’s literally the devil in disguise.

    2. @Ellen Peba Sounds like you’re worshiping Trump, who is so far from the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob I would think you would have caught on by now. But then, maybe you don’t know God at all.

    3. @Ellen Peba Honey if you are not afraid of weeks of pain and misery , not necessarily the death it can and has caused then you have a screw loose.

  1. We know you don’t care about people. They’re just human stock just like one of your staff said. I’m glad MSNBC caught Trump suggesting the reporter to take off his mask. Trump’s disgusting and despicable. Keep it up, Trump. Fox news will get the hint you don’t care about the health of any reporters.

    1. I agree It is like humans are stock that can be replaced except for the Fox news hosts who are safely in there homes while they are urging Americans to get back to work.

    2. @Opp Frcs so you don’t always vote lol. it’s lazy folks like you that give California the lowest voting turnout percentages. liberals are lazy about voting, it’s the screaming and crying you like more

    3. Fox news reporters & Trump followers drank all of the Kool-Aid, so incapable of getting the hint.

    4. He clearly asked for & gladly received Russian interference in 2016.   He has kept looking for additional help in our election outside of the US, (China, Ukraine or whoever he can get).  Always looking for a new way to cheat.  He did not win the popular vote.  He is a fraud who used money from his own charity, & was required to make that right.  Hate crimes are up because of him.  Laughable that he calls himself transparent while still fighting to hide his taxes, redact documents, suppress witnesses, etc. etc.  He won with hate speech & continues to dog whistle to hate groups, a large part of his base.  Not the kind of president America needs.  Trumps motto:  Make America Hate Again

    1. And he gets tested on a Regular basis but has the nerve to criticize people “who might” want to protect themselves and others.

    2. @Just listen If you think most of “us” thinks like trump then you are worse than he is.

    3. Trump has not lost his mind. This who he is. Caucasian Americans don’t seem to mind. They worry about whose wearing a tan suit.

    4. Just listen this is it it’s like the dark knight trump isn’t the president yawl need but he is most def the president you all deserve. MemeMurica. I am Japan now but I was born in America, but it feels like a dirty secret i should keep now because the whole world is laughing at you all.

    1. Kevin McNeil only a mediocre individual would tell “good job” to a person who gets the contempt of multiple people at the same time.
      I guess good job to you is exposing your own ignorance to the public.
      well… you are doing a fantastic job by your definition.

    2. Biden is way worst than trump the damage that monster reap on black communities is unforgivable and only God can repair his destruction on us and generations to come.

    1. Eddy Hanson so trump is a leftist tyrant, according to you? Dumbkopf! He is actually a right wing BIGOT, hate monger, racist, misoginist, jew hater, black hater, mexican hater, and Chi-NA hater. Lets not forget women, he hates women too. Did you vote for that P.O.S.?

    2. Steve’s Guitars yes we did and will do again and based your your list we hate you so leave.

    3. David Gainey you only need 30% of oxygen in any gas mixture to live.
      your argument makes no sense at all, if that was the case people that live in the mountains would be sick all the time; oxygen level drops the higher you go. have you ever heard of air density or atmospheric pressure?
      wow you are full of bs.

    4. Yeah, I’m starting to get nasty looks wearing it at work. Most people I work with don’t wear one or do social distancing. Nothing has happen in the past 3 months since the increase. Not sure or understand how so many are getting it. I still wear it for assurance and to protect others. Yes, it is starting to be political and a personal choice. Many will not wear the mask and that’s the unfortunate truth.

    5. Joseph L man I felt the same way, I didn’t know anyone with coronavirus; I even thought it wasn’t a big deal then my best friends grandma died, next day two of my girlfriend’s friends got it and now we are freaking out!!
      I don’t mind being a little extra careful for a couple of weeks more, vaccine is right around the corner!!

  2. What slightly amuses me about all of this is that the same group of conspiracy right wingnuts who swear the government’s trying to track every moment of their pathetic lives are the ones refusing to wear masks. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ I suppose 2020 has been the death of irony, though.

    1. She was probably in a rush to get to a softball question from that dingbat chanel rion from oann.more reporters need to do this don’t l let this white house bully you

  3. 😷 = “I care about you.”
    Wearing a mask isn’t a sign of weakness or fear, it’s a sign that the wearer respects the people they encounter, while they’re out and about. They’re saying, “I care about *you.* I don’t want *you* to get sick, because *you* are important.”.
    As a nurse, working with COVID-19 patients, I just want to thank everyone who is thoughtful enough to wear masks, and respectful enough to engage in social distancing. Believe me, I understand how uncomfortable masks can be, especially when you have to wear them for long periods of time, but it saves lives. The more people wear masks, and social distance, the fewer people will get sick and die.
    Suffering through wearing a mask for an hour, just might save someone from a lifetime of suffering, felt after the loss of a loved one to COVID-19.
    To all of my fellow mask wearers…
    I care about you, too! ✌️💜😷

    1. People! You’re helping Suzy and other Key Workers by wearing a mask. You’re helping by not infecting those around you.

      You, contrary to what the WH Press Secretary said, are not being asked to wear it at home.

      Biden was wearing one. He is a former VP. Surely he has security, surely he was met by facilitators for the wreath laying ceremony? He was wearing one them and so was Mrs Biden to protect THEM.

      Your own CO2? How long does it take you to shop? How many hours of outdoor activity do you do?

      You’re required to wear one for work? Get your employer to provide you more adequate PPE.

      Suzy is provide with PPE (one hopes) so this Virus doesn’t spread from patient to patient.

      Help her do her job, to keep you safe. Help her by wearing a mask for 20min shop! 🙏🏽

    2. Fatima Mirza Thank You I was going to make a comment but I promised myself I wasn’t going to let those ignorant people make me mad.

    3. Suzy Q…. thank you and all essential workers for your sacrifices, I bought 2 mask for my two elderly neighbors and it’s really sad we don’t have a leader that encourage his own guidelines. Unfortunately he and his supporters are beyond reach which make your job harder… for that I’m sorry and will cont. to try and flatten the curve out of respect for the dead and dying.

  4. Why do we wear masks: to protect each other as It reduces your chances to PASS the virus to others. You took the mask down to speak into the mic and if you HAVE the virus, which you might not be aware of because you might be asymptomatic, droplets might end up on the mic, people might touch the mic and for what we know that might be all that it takes. Some recent studies say droplets might actually linger in the air for minutes. And somebody is supposed to step up and ask a question just seconds after you…he/she takes down the mask themselves and now they might catch it.

    What does PC have to do with being safe, just to be sure? Are you sure your president isn’t actually *trying* to get you infected?

    1. @Elizabeth notthe queen I’m not against wearing masks just the confusion over them, the science of how masks work, how some leaders have abused their power to lockdown and control people for their Leftist agenda for indefinite periods using weak science and nonsensical strategies.

    2. @M Gutierrez Fauci still gave confusing answers on masks. Beach goers in California must wear masks at the beach and not sit on the sand. It’s the end of May so I guess the sun’s angle and UV light will never be good enough at 34 degrees latitude for Democrat Newsome. Just stay home and indoors till 2022 or 2023 while he welcomes in non-citizens to take jobs away from recent graduates, including good high-end jobs. The Dems are working hard to destroy Republicans, conservatives and the middle class in America. Take a close look at the laws they push, all meant to control, track, and silence dissent all in the name of protecting humanity. This reminds me, Americans fought a world war 80 years ago to prevent just what Democrats are pushing on America today: ‘Let me see your papers; you are forbidden to enter; turn in your neighbors for socializing with certain groups of people or you go to jail; you are not permitted to work; you are not permitted to assemble.’ California, Washington State, and a number of other states and their Democratic leaders sound like a certain leader in central Europe 80 years ago and it took the combined effort of America, Great Britain, Australia and a few other Allies to take the man and his army out. Yet here in America the lesson is forgotten and the evil is rising here in the name of compassion and global warming upon an ignorant, doped up and drunken electorate.

    3. Linda Cloud Observer hmmm for a second I took you seriously.
      you lost me with your conspiracy about democrats trying to lock us down, they never deployed the police and no one ever impede me from going out.
      yup anymore fallacies?
      immigrants taking high tech jobs? you don’t have a degree, do you?
      the best position in engineering and IT requires a security clearance; meaning you must be citizen of the US to check all your records and take a final decision.
      I went through it just in case you want to lie your way out.
      and only a mental incompetent would take things that far as staying home for years or not wearing masks in public.
      the vaccine approval is around the corner and I don’t mind being extra careful, for now, when it comes to higiene.

  5. This brings tears to my eyes, I lost my mother last month, on the front line a nurse, all she talked about was she didn’t have the protection for her and others as they worked, this is real, I don’t understand this man he is our leader????

    1. Carolyn Crowder…I’m so sorry for all the lose in this country, your mom bless her died a hero… just know we honor her sacrifice even tho we have a leader and supporters that refuse to

  6. If he wasn’t mentally unstable already one would assume it’d be the side effects of the hydroxychloroquine

  7. He asked him to take off a mask in a crowd of people 😲 and say wearing it was political SMH

  8. Disturbed me beyond belief that he told this reporter to take off his mask. This is reprehensible.

    1. There has been this virus in this country the last 6 months that has changed the way I behave and my plans the next 12 months, because I see my worst case chances of dying from it at 1 in 100 and my wife 1 in 10 if I get it. This guys actually is telling us it’s no big deal, lets move on, and lets get back to conspiracy theories, Hunter Biden investigations, and political correctness promoting dangerous behavior. That approach, which we know is his last best effort to get reelected and won’t change, is the reason he will be dead meat in the election

  9. curious past few days?…it’s been a crapfeast for the last 1200 days! “doomsday don” has achieved what no other US enemy ever achieved..the US is on its knees….

    1. @Jameson WoodIt’s called having balls? If he had any he would encourage people to wear masks, instead of being afraid of what that might do to him poltically. Your Alpha man is the weakest most cowardly, whiniest, most childish person on the face of the earth. Such a wimp.

    2. Jameson Wood no, not because of trump, remember early on he didn’t even want to take action until Fauci and Birx explained the magnitude to him in crayola. They deserve the praise, not him.

    3. Jameson Wood, u stated, “if not for Trump it would have been a million lives lost.” Mr Wood, I will not be in a contest of counting lives lost to COVID-19 Pandemic….for me one lost is too many. My condolences to all families! What u are ignoring are documented facts that show 45th’s gross incompetence to timely preparation & response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. This consequence has claimed unnecessary deaths with constant lies that earned his leadership “Zero Credibility.” How do u comprehend a so called POTUS in a time of a Pandemic who said, “he takes no responsibility at all.” So who is responsible? And u want us to Re-elect Mr. Zero Accountability? No thanks!

  10. Here in Germany we have a say “Who has pooped into your brains?”. I´m asking this myself everyday when I listen to this so called president.

  11. “…cos you wanna be politically correct.”
    “No, sir, I just want to follow the White House guidelines.”

    1. @Vvoh vaelez Trump doesn’t really agree with Fauci but is forced by PC to have those guidelines. The science on this virus is actually unreliable as other scientists do not agree with Fauci on all points.

    2. @Mota Rollovsky Not likely. He has committed the worst crimes against humanity by not meeting the needs of Americans during this pandemic Also add extortion against any state that doesn’t agree with him , there is theft of ppe, ventilators, not making sure we had proper test and the list goes on. So yeah trump will die in the ashes of his own hateful greed. Maybe he’ll take you with him.

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