Weird Math, Opaque Policies Keep People In The Dark On COVID-19 | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Weird Math, Opaque Policies Keep People In The Dark On COVID-19 | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


  1. One of Trump’s “burning ember” hot spots. They test only after the Virus has taken hold and won’t share the data with the press or the people.

    1. @Diogenes of Seattle
      You sided with evil to take away my freedom so thats why youre face down in pulp

    2. @Yourlife Endsnow
      I forgive your hate, as my savior demands.

      May you get all you deserve.

    3. @Yourlife Endsnow Did that gem of wisdom take you long to think up? You have just shown how much of a moron you are, oh btw I fixed your grammar for you

      “Actually, the serpent left lab-made virus is going make you wrap your forked tongue into your boyfriend’s keyster”

    4. @Diogenes of Seattle
      Oh, so youre here in msnbc serpent nest of treason making lucifers kids look stupid then?

  2. Is it coincidental or what that the 4 stupidest leaders in the world have the most cases of Covid-19? The 4 clowns are tRump, Putin & Bolsanaro & Boris Johnson!

    1. @Mike Newman @Mark Campbell, that’s exactly it. Bangladesh too (which has only 230 ICU beds in the whole country for 165M people). It isn’t malfeasance. It’s being overpopulated and third world and not having the infrastructure or reporting mechanisms. Scary thing is a Brazilian acquaintance of mine says, those numbers only include the 5-8 biggest cities. The rural areas of Brazil are similar to rural areas of India and Pakistan and Bangladesh. The #s will not be coming out of there, and no one will be tested.

  3. That’s enough for me. Today I start an individual economic boycott of the meat products coming from the processing plants in question!

    1. I’m in Aus, where we have far fewer cases, but even so there has been an outbreak in a meat processing plant in my state. I get my fresh meat from a local wholesale butcher, and can see them cutting up the carcasses through the shop door, so don’t have too many concerns there, but I’ve told the kids we are not getting processed meat for the foreseeable future. We don’t need that risk, and nor do the workers.

    2. I fish, my BIL hunts me a deer every fall, and I grow all of my own fruits and veg. I only buy dairy, and I could give it up if need be. The bonus to that choice is that it helps me stay largely out of the slave-like economic system that the billionaires want to lock us into. Democracy is dead, and we can’t fix the plutocracy when our Senators won’t reform campaign financing, cronyism, and lobbying laws. But we can damned well drop out of the economy.

  4. Is any one really surprised Mike Huckabee & everyone’s favorite little liar, daughter Sarah, are from Arkansas?

    1. @Ultima Ratio Regum If he did not save the living then what is the point of any shut down at all,,,social distancing and masks,,all of it was unnecessary.

    2. Chris Near Those living are doing so in spite of the orange moron, not because of him, fool.

    3. No surprise at all. The whole family is allergic to the truth if it looks bad for Trump. This is not the sign of an effective leader. However, the leaders who follow Trump sacrificed the truth for the neon God they follow a long time ago.

  5. If we had a truly strong leader, we wouldn’t be broke and unemployed, at the beginning of a depression, brought on by a preventable pandemic.
    The GOP is helping cover up the severity of the corona virus outbreak, in the hope of holding onto power.
    This will destroy the GOP come November.
    TRUMP2020 (for prison…)

    1. Prison for tRump and that family of grifters. And for the “elected” enableRs. After appropriate investigations, indictments, trials, and convictions. Of course. Yes.

    2. He should be tried for involuntary manslaughter as an accessory to the murder of over 100000 for his lies and inactivity.

  6. They dont care it’s the working class if it was in a elite area they would be doing everything they can to help

    1. Lol. Who you calling elite?! The elite demoncrats have no problem flooding our borders with “undocumented” immigrants — while my black brothers and sisters are sleeping on the streets of demoncrat-controlled “sanctuary” cities. You think we’re voting for them this time? Not a chance. Don’t believe everything you hear on the DNC corporate news. THIS trash talk about Trump from a sheeple that gets their news from the globalist elite’s corporate media? Do you really believe that the 1% elites have your best interest at heart? Do you know that they own over 90% of our media — if not 95% by now? And on top of that, they silence the channel creators on youtube that go against their official narrative. You think you’re free and well-informed? Lol. The left ain’t the cool peeps no more. Hate to break it to you — but they ARE the matrix. We are the ones they are trying to silence, and that makes US the cool peeps in-the-know. Why DOES the elite establishment hate Trump so much? Could it be that he got in the way of their New World Order plans? Wake UP. That plandemic (“Event 201”) was a gift from our frenemy, (communist) China, and the communist sympathizers within our own government. Try getting your news from more “current” avenues. The 20th Century is now officially ovah. It’s time to catch up, and take a walk on the other side for a bit. You might really learn a thing or two.
      Video: “The CFR Controls American News/Media” (by Kris D.)
      #thecfrcontrolsthemedia #whytheestablishmenthatestrump #Valuetainment #TheEpochTimes

    2. There are three classes: the Poor are used to do menial tasks and scare the middle class shitless; the Middle class is used to pay the taxes and keep the machine running; the Upper class plays golf and makes fun of the other two.

  7. It’s no coincidence that trump orders meat packing plants to open, they test all employees but no one knows the numbers. Trump would crap himself if they did. More deaths on trumps head.

    1. @Jarl S So all who died from bird flew is Obamy’s fault ,,, why should all this not work the same way???

    2. @Chris Near He is! However unlike Trump, Obama listened to the expert and took leadership of the situation avoiding lockdowns and 41 million unemployed.
      Trump does not seem to care about deaths – he is worried about the optics of the stock market. You see him propose a national day of mourning or anything similar to that yet?

    3. @Grey Slate And you know this how?
      Trump & Co. can fudge the numbers all they want. A couple of years from now, researchers will find the truth when comparing overall death numbers with previous and consecutive months and years. I.e. how many died “of anything” in 2018, 2019 and 2021 compared to 2020. Those “extra deaths” will be attributed to the pandemic, directly or indirectly.

  8. Reporter: “When will the people of that town be told there is an outbreak?”
    Gov Reynolds: “I’ll let someone else take this one.” **runs off stage**
    Iowans: 🤦‍♂️

    1. Paul Wilson You saw the Gov run just like Bone Spurs ran away from serving our military in Vietnam. Cowards for Trump unite. He is America’s victim.

    2. Elana Jensen hey it’s fine. Things go back and forth at the start. The mask does work. Your Russian stuff is impressive.

    3. @Paul Wilson I’m in Iowa, Reynolds runs off every day when she does her press briefing. She always dodges the questions that the answers will make her look bad. She doesn’t make a move without Trump’s approval. She had 2 drunk driving convictions when she was in her 40s.

    1. Do you want to bet that Trump is discouraging the release of REAL numbers, because they make him ‘look bad’? Wasn’t Iowa one of the 12 States that refused to stay at home when most of the country initially went into quarantine? Iowa doesn’t want to hear the ‘I told you so’ and confess how many have died because of their failure to act.

  9. When exposed to that kind of political double talk about infections, assume the rate is 100%. If you behave as if every person is infectious, you can and will take adequate precautions to protect yourself. DUH.

    1. After they kick out TR, after they welcome segregationists and Jim Crow with wide open arms, after they preside over market crashes, after they abuse power in Watergate and Ukraine, after they lie their way into wars and black ops that make the Bay of Pigs seem professional, you’d think we’d learn as a nation that the GOP and conservative leadership is simply toxic to this country. But time and time again, we are such rotten students of history.

    2. @M Murase It was under Clinton that Glass-Steagall was repealed. The neoliberal Democrats, if you’ve noticed recently, have trotted out the decrepid neo-conservatives who are engaging in this psuedo-Hegelianism merging elements of Trump’s rhetoric with small bit and pieces of Bernie Sanders platform. Transparent Frankensteinian non-sense trying recessitate the corpse of neoliberalism. Neoliberalism is dead and buried.
      Both parties are under the death grip of zombie bankers, their trans-national corporate clients (imploding civil society in Central America) and the Zionist lobby – which has single-handedly destroyed US foreign policy; torn America inside out through endless wars; and now through Trump’s executive order transformed chruches into literal Christian Zionist political cults beholden to Trump “The Chosen One.” We have a theocratic state within a state operating right under our noses with the blessings of the federal government.
      Yet notice, Ms.Rachel wanted you fixated on Russia. Israel has done everything accused of Russia – and more – “legally” for decades. Ms. Rachel isn’t allowed to use the N word (Neoliberalism) or the Z word (Zionism) in her broadcasts. The Z word is the last word in the English dictionary. The End.

    3. @Diogenes of Seattle You’re telling me that stupidity and ignorance are positive qualities in US politics? I can’t believe that’s true. Americans are better than that.

    4. @Diane O’Donovan during times of Crisis people get scared and no one is better than that.

      And then there’s the fact that liberal capitalism was always a lie to begin with.

  10. “Nobody will say what the numbers are…” Probably true of every state in the U.S.A.

  11. hide the truth whilst accusing China of doing the same. Yet another con from the grifters bible ?

    1. Good to see that someone is noticing the way the wind blows. There’s going to be lots of news about China being aggressive and doing inhumane things and not caring about human rights. One of the most effective tricks they seem to have is to project an enemy-image unto something to distract people with.

    2. You should love the lord thy God. If not wittness fear of the Lord. They’re not gonna stop. Their gonna die

  12. When did 10% become the threshold for an outbreak? When they found 9% and didn’t want to report it

  13. Oh look…The People’s Republic of Trumpland using the same suppress the truth about the pandemic playbook as the People’s Republic of China

    1. Much worse than China. If China said nothing till 10% of its population were formally tested and confirmed before saying anything to anyone… wow. Luckily Trump doesn’t run China, eh?

    1. @myko freder Don’t you’ll pass out – certainly not for those Iowan’s. Those idiots will vote for Kimmy time-and-time again. If she leaves and wants to come back they will vote her in just like they did with criminal Terry Branstad. Top off the farmers welfare state of Iowa with King, Grassley and and Ernst.

    2. @dustoff499 Fascinating so many people don’t know right from wrong. When so many people are – effectively – corrupt a country doesn’t last long. This has been coming since Reagan.

    1. the “right to life” party, lol. (Which is of course only about subjugating women and keeping them out of power, and is nothing about life.)

    2. Not politics per se….Money and power…those are worth more to republicans then a life ( so much for the party of life…a lie that has been obvious for years except to the evangelicals who blind themselves to the truth)

  14. Republicans- lie, runaway, hide, misrepresent. And when you’re caught, blame someone else.
    People are dying GOP. Stop this!

    1. Genevieve Words oh I was wrong. Many experts were wrong, Trump has done a way worse job than I could imagine. Trump makes everything worse. It’s sure depressing watch him make a mess of America.

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