Weissmann Analyzes FBI Director Wray's Testimony Before Congress 1

Weissmann Analyzes FBI Director Wray’s Testimony Before Congress


NBC News Contributor Andrew Weissmann says Wray ‘Seemed To Not Understand’ Statues During Jan. 6 investigation.
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    1. You have to remember that Christopher Wray was nominated for the Position by Trump! – – – NUFF SAID.
      His incompetence and his incompetent testimony are only to be expected.

  1. Why was Wray not asked the reason his agency refuses to respond to FOIA requests in a timely and complete manner?

  2. What has happened to America, as little as 5 years ago no American would have attempted insurrection and certainly not gotten away with it.

    1. @Crimdor I should clarify this. Trump’s protest which turned to an insurrection wasn’t anti-Biden, it was just anti-peaceful transfer of power. Trump didn’t care who it was that was taking his spot, he only cared that he lost in a way that he didn’t like. Trump’s only grievance was that he lost the election. So basically his protest was anti-fair elections.

    2. I know. It’s like the whole country is burning down. Nonstop protests and violence of burning and looting for the last year.

    3. @B Taylor You left out trying to break down the door of the Supreme Court. You also left out when communist thugs took over big portions of Seattle and destroying peoples lives and businesses. You left out the part where leftest have stormed into the capital and disrupting congress. No repercussions from this.

    4. @B Taylor we are not a democracy. A democracy is 2 wolves and 1 sheep voting what is for dinner.

  3. What’s with the finger pointing, Wray? Just do your job, even MAJOR does his job of biting bad people.

  4. The disturbing part is he made an equivalency between the BLM protests of last summer and what happened on Jan. 6th. It felt very much like there was ‘bad on both sides’ statement. A psychopath with the help of two news agencies fueled a mob to try and violently stop the work of govt. and overturn the election. Not the same as stop killing us.

    1. OMG that’s sooo true! $2 billion in property damage, dozens killed VS 5 deaths and practically no property damage! It’s no comparison!

    2. Rewriting history … they should ALL BE LOCKED UP!!!!! Lock all the trump’s up and then lock up all the rest. Execute all the traitors!

    3. Give me a break! BLM founder Cuellers is a self proclaimed Marxist, who recently bought a 1.9 million dollar mansion in an all white neighborhood. But you keep lapping up that propaganda!

  5. Fed: we missed the online threat to the capitol… we were investigating the troll king Tekashi69

    1. @Dina Sequeira Did you not read or understand my post? Trump put his stooges in office. Many of them are laying low to pass info out to the Republican party and Trump. I’m agreeing with the first post, get a clue.

  6. Well he didn’t say not but he said we have an ongoing investigation going the GOP would have stone wall it

  7. Another thing Chris Wray is useless and I think President Biden should fire him then hire someone who is more transparent with public.

  8. Wray is a joke imho and a disgrace to the department. Christopher Wray needs to be replaced with someone who will do the job correctly, period.

  9. Wray is moving and juggling everything on his desk many times. I’m not a body language specialist but it would be worth an opinion. Why is he nervous?

  10. Why won’t someone put Trump in prison,he’s broke enough laws to be in jail for the rest of his life! End of threats on our democracy.

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