Weissmann: Wray's Testimony On Capitol Attack 'Damning' For FBI | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Weissmann: Wray’s Testimony On Capitol Attack ‘Damning’ For FBI | MTP Daily | MSNBC


Former Mueller probe lead prosecutor Andrew Weissmann discusses FBI Director Christopher Wray's testimony on the January 6th attack and says "if you're not willing to do your job, then you shouldn't be the FBI director.". Aired on 03/02/2021.
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Weissmann: Wray's Testimony On Capitol Attack 'Damning' For FBI | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. @The GoldStandard If Hunter Biden did or did not do something wrong, is irrelevant into a discussion if the FBI reacted appropriately and timely on the threath of a domestic terror attack by white supremacist group.

    2. @Young Lee Ask your self why the FBI has been investigating Hunter for money laundering and tax evasion since 2018. Nothing well come of it because he is the son of the President, the elite class just like Hillary Clinton and others. Have a great day.

  1. FBI has, now, an amusing institutional character. In this our modern politicalol theatre. Imagine J. Edgar being questioned about his willingness to do his job.

    1. @warpedjaffas1 LOL who is actually doing the canceling?? I think Biden and Dems are doing that!! NOBODY dares call out Biden or question anything he has just done!

    2. @Borvo LOL!! Comey and McCabe…experience maybe, itegrity and honesty, and competence, NOT!!

    3. @Randal C Quebedeaux l didn’t hear Biden or the Democrats at CPAC calling for revenge on Republicans that have spoken out against Orange Jesus champ. Trump did that.

    4. @Faithless HoundUnder COINTELPRO the FBI was doing break-ins all over the place until Nixon asked Hoover to break-in to Daniel Ellsberg’s psychiatrist’s office. Allegedly Hoover told Nixon no because Ellsberg’s father-in-law was a toy manufacturer who brought Hoover toys for Christmas. Couldn’t possibly be making that up. Sure, as Hunter Thompson said, it was debatable whether Nixon qualified as human, but his outrage at the absurd hypocrisy was understandable at that point.

    1. Well, what is to be expected when you have a president that is against experience, expertise, integrity, honesty and competence?
      Trump got rid of Comey and McCabe, if Wray would have any of those qualities Trump would have dumped him too!

    2. The FBI had most of its resources directed toward foreign terrorists, who would have thought America would have a bigger problem with domestic terrorism.

  2. Wray stand up for your actions and team..
    And Own it, if the ball was dropped and show what the team is doing to bring it.
    In this transition time NOW is your opportunity to reclaim a resume of competence from the ashes of ignominy.
    Wake up Buttercup

  3. FBI knew they were coming,they must have,But Trump’s People including Trump didn’t want to stop the insurection.I can’t wait till the truth finally comes to light.

    1. Me too, although I don’t believe the truth is quite as simple as you’re painting it. And I don’t think it will come out either.

    2. It may take another year or so but it will eventually become publicly recognized that trump insured no response would be allowed to interfere with his love fest.

  4. Where was the FBI, leading up to the attack on the Capitol? Where was Homeland Security? The Secret Service?

    1. All under brown nosers from Trump who thought if they did what he wanted they’d get bigger jobs when other people refused.

      “Best and brightest” was always a con, no one but criminals work for other criminals…

  5. Interesting argument. It’s a shame this video was clipped at a mere 2:13 so we can’t see it fully articulated and discussed!

    1. The problem with that is Biden doesn’t have the legal authority to fire anyone because he’s not a legitimate president

    2. @Eric Rogers – you dont have the legal authority to comment on youtube then after that comment.

    3. @Eric Rogers do you have any idea how much of an ignorant hillbilly you sound like when you say that? It’s not a good look. Why don’t you FO while the adults talk about fixing things. Mmmkay?

  6. all the judges that are letting the domestic terrorists that attacked the Capitol off without jail and punishment are adding to the problem.

  7. When good people stand back and do nothing …. evil gets a free pass… to do it’s worse….

  8. This FBI director needs to be fired then arrested. He’s got cops blood on his hands. Isn’t that a capital offense? WTF?

  9. So that Loud mouth Trump says that he was investigated for three years over Hillary’s crime, then impeached for Hunter and Joe Biden’s crimes. What a thing to say! We all know Trump is a Russian !

  10. There was at least one congresswoman who sent her kids out of DC and told her husband where she kept her will. Everyone paying attention knew what was coming.

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