‘We’ll be watching’ the U.S. election outcome: ambassador

'We'll be watching' the U.S. election outcome: ambassador 1


Canada's Ambassador to the U.S. Kirsten Hillman discusses the upcoming U.S. elections and the relationship between both countries.

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14 Comments on "‘We’ll be watching’ the U.S. election outcome: ambassador"

  1. 30 seconds in n the host is biased against President Trump.

  2. Landon Breeden | October 30, 2020 at 8:24 PM | Reply

    Canadians and Americans agreed NAFTA needed updating however personally I predict and welcome major trade renegotiations when/if Trump leaves office.

  3. Yes, and Trump will win and I`m going to be ha, ha, ha, at you fake dudes!

  4. wow, not mention that the violence comes from one side?

  5. Trump 2020.

  6. The dems brought obama off the bench again, they are desperate.

  7. Trump 2020 👍

  8. Trump 2020

  9. Trump Nation

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