'We'll have enough doses' if third shot needed: Hajdu 1

‘We’ll have enough doses’ if third shot needed: Hajdu


Health Minister Patty Hajdu talks about the COVID-19 situation in Alta. and provides an update on vaccines and proof of vaccination.

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    1. @Sanjum Houdi I know that someone who knew what they were talking about wouldn’t describe any of the vaccines as gene therapy (which they aren’t), they would know that they’re vaccines (by definition), and they wouldn’t imply that gene therapy is bad or scary (it’s neither).

    1. Doesn’t matter. We will take as many shots as needed to stop Covid19. We rather die from the shots than from covid.

  1. We welcome third one……
    Really the two doses have rejuvenated our bodies……. great decision….. trudeau super

    1. Are you willing to stick me yourself? Come try. I didn’t think so, you don’t have the conviction to risk your life on a dead beat law.

  2. What you can’t tall me is where I spend disposable income. Now, it is in crypto. No vaxx mandate there. Hahah


    Are you starting to get the message?

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