We’ll Soon Find Out If Mo Brooks Warned Others About Jan. 6 Says Rep. Plaskett 1

We’ll Soon Find Out If Mo Brooks Warned Others About Jan. 6 Says Rep. Plaskett


Rep. Mo Brooks reportedly admitted he received warning about violence on Jan. 6, and wore body armor to the Trump rally that day, where he spoke near the Capitol in a manner many believe spurred the mob. Rep. Plaskett joins The ReidOut with her analysis.
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  1. Kevin needs to go to jail immediately he’s interfering lying about January 6th put him in jail the rest will straighten up

    1. @LG Roots
      Rostov lubomirov
      I’m just here to laff at you queen vladz trolling clowns as use are hilarious Komrade

    1. @M C It’s shameful for the United States to have lawmakers like that. Kind regards from Germany that once used to admire you and your democracy

    2. @Mike Riggs
      Back in day, they put “stupid” in the basement. I think in politics, they call it bunkers now.

    3. Daily Reminder: Kevin McCarthy said on January 13th: “President Trump bears responsibility for Wednesday’s attack on Congress by mob rioters. He should have immediately denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolding… And a fact-finding commission would be prudent.”

      Now he wants to blame Pelosi and says that January 6th should not even be investigated.

  2. So he knew that there was going to be a terrorist attack and you didn’t tell no one that makes him a terrorist himself he needs to be arrested for not doing his job and if someone knew that a person was going to rob a bank and didn’t tell cops that means they’ll get in trouble right along with that bank robber

    1. @Oliver Toeknuckle lol who do you think warned Brooks stop the lies sto defending the undefendable A huddle meeting in Garden room on January 4th right Comrade trump instructing his flunkys its on video so no denying it. Treason is not welcome here nor is communism We are not a joke of the World like we were for 4 years really glad he can not run this country into the dirt any longer right he still bankrupting his businesses maybe if ever he did one full day of work it would help his character

    2. @PugglesMcWardog it is not the Liberals having issue with the truth it is Trump in his followers you guys have been brainwashed or you have blinders on or you’re really that ignorant nope not a Democrate 40 years a republican until 2016 when it was changed into some nasty gross racist hate-filled party that I’m sorry I even ever gave I dime you are volunteered for an hour even even though I gave much more on both those accounts like to be infiltrated by white supremacists what a joke

    3. @LG Roots you’re laughing because our Capitol Police were attacked by domestic terrorists your POS

    4. @Tina Dumaguing Agreed. He was such a divisive person, why can’t people see this? He isn’t bringing people together at all.

    1. @taiwanesecats if there is no accountability you actually see that American society does NOT believe in the rule of law or law and order and it is becoming more barbaric. Locking up terrorists helps prevent terrorism like the 1-6 terror attack

    2. Daily Reminder: Kevin McCarthy said on January 13th: “President Trump bears responsibility for Wednesday’s attack on Congress by mob rioters. He should have immediately denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolding… And a fact-finding commission would be prudent.”

  3. ‘The President bears responsibility for Wednesdays attack on Congress by mob rioters’

    — Kevin Mccarthy

    1. @Jackie Lemon; Of course he did, and now that I am listening to speeches prior to that day – they were dropping hints. MTG talked about flooding the Capitol days before, all this needs to be corroborated.

  4. Daily Reminder: On January 6, 2021, Impeached former President Trump attacked America during a joint session of congress certifying the 2020 Election

    1. @Auntie Pha Thanks for the reminders! Shoulder to shoulder, keeping up the good fight against autocracy… LEST WE FORGET!

    2. @BigMamaDave X Be ready always. I’m afraid the better part of all our service is yet to come.

  5. If they’re telling you it was a typical tourist day….nothing really happened…and come to find out they were wearing body armor….ummmm..that sounds like an inside job. Just sayin’.

    1. It sounds very much like an inside job to silence some people…. yknow after that photo of that guy with zipties and Kevlar leaked

    2. @Lynn Betts no body armor just equals more potential fatalities if the terrorist rioters got armors with deady armaments

    3. @Leo The Nomad He claims his wife wanted him to wear it. . I can’t imagine any of these republican politicians with a caring wife. All in it for $ just like their husbands. The wife excuse is being used a lot lately by them.

    4. @Hayley’s Comet First Ted Cruz now this guy. For people who claim to be in the party of personal responsibility they sure do blame their mess ups on other people an awful lot.

    1. Yeah. THEY knew, yet they blame Pelois for not acting? Hypocracy is just an appitizer when it comes to these people…

  6. He knew and wore a vest while he was inciting the crowd with that stunt that amazing, what a sociopath.

    1. Which by his own admission make him not only culpable of the January 6th insurrection for not only inciting the riot but, also by not forwarning his colleagues within both the House & the Senate makes him responsible for at least 534 to around 725 (counting all staff that was working there that day. Give or take a few) counts of attempted murder as well.

      Hey sometimes when one has the right to remain silent, they fail magnificently in the ability to do so.

    2. @V Mtz
      The mob was Trump’s last desperate “Hail Mary” pass. He knew there was no chance that Congress would not certify the results because the House would have to vote in favor. When all his attempts to change counts or block certifications at the state level failed, his last forlorn hopes were Mike Pence violating the Constitution, and mob violence. So he made sure to have his mob in place on the 6th. Now the pathetic weasel clings like a leech to the sham audit in AZ because he can’t accept reality… and it’s good for raising cash for himself.

    3. You should see what content the videos on those big screens had…whoever created them were experts in subliminal suggestion /propaganda. I mean…that needs investigating!

  7. I’m surprised the GOP doesn’t describe the insurrectionists as “frisky little critters”.

    1. That wacko former Congressperson Michelle Bachman said it was a “loving, happy day” and “It was like a family reunion”. Maybe in her family it is…

  8. Ooooooo, who’s got the popcorn? This is about to get real interesting. Does anyone know if Brooks has a singing voice? How bout a spine? How will he do with the pressure that’s about enter his life? Not a lot to be happy about these days, but this makes me happy.

  9. He’s such a brave man. Haha…so scared of his own terrorists he wore body armour and spoke from behind plexi glass.

  10. Victim blaming again….whether it’s sexual assault, police abuse of force, poverty, ect. This is par for the course for the GQP.

    1. The American people were just asking fer it …the way she was dressed while voting for Biden , rofl .

  11. All Republican congressmen know trump lost they are in clean up mode now they just want to make money off fund raising

  12. It really tickles me that the “lock her up” crowd look like being incarcerated for real crimes

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