Wendy Sherman On Trump,Rudy Giuliani, And The Whistleblower Complaint | The Last Word | MSNBC

Wendy Sherman On Trump,Rudy Giuliani, And The Whistleblower Complaint | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


Wendy Sherman, the former Under Secretary of State, joins Lawrence to discuss Rudy Giuliani's statement that the State Dept. set up his meeting with a Ukrainian official in order to investigate an opponent of Donald Trump. Aired on 09/20/19.
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Wendy Sherman On Trump,Rudy Giuliani, And The Whistleblower Complaint | The Last Word | MSNBC

84 Comments on "Wendy Sherman On Trump,Rudy Giuliani, And The Whistleblower Complaint | The Last Word | MSNBC"

  1. Fight for your democracy US.
    2017 Madeleine Albright book Fascism was a real warning!

    • @Ben Lutz trump did not, nor ever will win the popular vote.

    • Can’t fight for a corpse.

    • @R Robin As I German I must say the fascist party got only about 35% 1933 please look for the precise number yourself. They played power play to get in power as the strongest party.
      So there was at first no majority.
      After then they totally changed the game by using massive propaganda and fear and a violent political arm of the party called SA. In the early years. This threatening behaviour the willing of the people to obey so they can better position were part of a machinery to brainwash the people who where not that we’ll educated at that time.
      The propaganda machine of Göbbels was a new and very powerful new phenomenon at the time and was only possible through the new mass media radio.
      Add the propaganda in the cinemas at the time and so they got a cult where it is easy to live in because everything is black or white.
      A cult and a propaganda machine can turn into a cult where people can act irrational and follow their leader as in a sect or like a sociopath Just look at Norway and Anders Breivik.
      In world war 2 the Blitz was also fueled by a unexpected substance for the soldiers called Panzerschokolade or tank chocolate, with the brand name Pervitin which was actually Crystal Meth in low doses.
      So think about of an army in crystal, I am glad we don’t have now not that big drug problem.
      But looking at the US average consumption of 30 pills of opioid pills per citizen from baby to grandfather i see a big problem for some people to think clear. May be because have had only about 30 Aspirin pills within the last 4 -5 years.
      But back to wanna be dictators knowing how they act should provoke a respomse of all branches of government.
      But seeing a partisan supreme court and a AG is just a bad idea because they should be totally separated from politics and only decide based on the law.
      So this should be fixed and they should be more than two parties because so votes are always made by actual politics what’s best for the country.

    • @Leonie Romanes Retrumplicans don’t have to care about the popular vote anymore – they already on enough popular elections to implement cheating on a grand scale. So now they just cheat, up to 20% in some places.

  2. Rudy is just nuts, period

  3. Giuliani knows better. Putin must have video on him too.

    • Giuliani is getting paid! It’s All about the benjamins. He said he is old and he is planning on living it up and he doesn’t care who he destroys in the process.

    • Why are the so many, men willing to throw the careers aside.
      And what are they desperate to hide.
      Some day we’ll find it, the Epstein connection. The journalists will discover the truth.

  4. GOP has to stop pretending that this is normal, because it is not

    • Butterfly Blues | September 21, 2019 at 2:48 AM | Reply

      At this point we have to make ourselves accountable. The GOP does not care and will do anything in its will to power. Democrats have thus far refused to put a boot on their necks and force them to adhere to basic decency, loyalty to America, or the rule of law. We should be in the streets like they are in Hong Kong. We should be demanding that dems do their job since the GOP never will.

    • Paul Wheeler When and if the media all start “singing along” with Fox, everybody (including you )really will be past saving.

    • Guess its normal for them…

    • @Janice Goodhart After trumpee is gone the republicans will expect ppl to just go back to normal. Hope a lot of ppl will not return to the party.

  5. Your country is slipping down the rabbit hole

    • Angela Siegfried | September 21, 2019 at 11:31 AM | Reply

      @Tommy Sanders <---That at this late date Tommy would attempt to make excuses for Cheetolini's behavior, sadly only goes to show everyone he's beyond hope. Don't bother to waste your time on him.

    • James Dyer … and it does look like trump told the rabbit to make that hole deeper…. the deepest ‘rabbit hole’ ever in the history of anything.

    • Slipping?! The hatch of the rabbit hole has been weld shut, with us inside, soon we’ll be running out of oxygen.

    • @Tommy Sanders what are you talking about??? We are further entrenched in oil from OUTSIDE the USA as our so called POS has rolled back EVERY conservation effort on usage if fossil fuels. It should be fairly obvious that this support for the Saudis oil fields is for alterier motives that are personnel. If we were truly headed to independence from foreign fossil fuels, we would be moving toward more serious alternatives such as solar, wind, and others not yet discovered. This man who is the president by an archaic system, NOT by popular vote, is so self serving it is obvious to anyone with half a brain. He is not in this for the people. He is in this to enrich himself and his family. So, while he makes “nice” with the Saudi’s, the rest of his people suffer and have their sons and daughters sacrificed for his personal gain.

    • @Dave Schultz wake up and get real!!!! Do some research

  6. How anyone can stand for this president is beyond me. This is disgusting.

  7. Giuliani, and all the members of the GOP, are PissyAssBitches doing the bidding of the “PussyAssBitch” in the White House!

  8. Man Yau Edwin Law | September 21, 2019 at 1:21 AM | Reply

    Pelosi and all USA have duty to prevent Mafia Trump and criminal Republicans who make and create the world war three from their escape from multiple crimes whatever means or mafia methods.

  9. America knows the truth that Chump is a criminal. Nancy stop bull shittin and do something your looking more n more like Chumps friends

    • But maybe it’s better that we know how far trump will go to break the United States. We should impeach but have a plan if he tries a coup backed by Putin. If we wait longer trump will isolate us from our allies and we will be in conflict with Iran. So yeah we need to impeach 45 now

    • Pelosi has said the American people aren’t there yet. Let’s see what she is saying on Monday.

    • Dave Schultz you’re so tiresome! Think up some new lines, hmmm?🙄🤪😆

    • Trump is a Criminal, a Pig, and a Traitor.
      It runs in the family.
      Generation back and forth ….

  10. Why do people keep saying that it’s “almost” like a mob family? Almost???

  11. Good interviews by Lawrence, he does not interrupt the speaker.

  12. Bernard Bérubé | September 21, 2019 at 3:03 AM | Reply

    As a Québécois from Canada I say to the fans of that monster: Listen to that woman who represent for me respect, dignity and frehness compare to a rotten presidency.

  13. Trump’s converting the U.S government into totalitarianism, none oppose him.

    • @David Lloyd-Jones It’s always good to be cautious though. There were enough idiots to vote him in. Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers.

    • @Stephen Werner I love that George Carlin quote. But seriously people need to protest in the streets.

    • Without MSNBC CNN ABC WAPO et al… the country will loss all her credibility.. the Democratic Party needs a new leader.. Pelosi lacks the capability

    • @David Lloyd-Jones if there is this support, why is this criminal cabal still in power? This is a very scary situation. It’s not just the USA suffering, it’s the entire planet is at the blunt end of his whims.

    • David Lloyd-Jones | September 21, 2019 at 10:21 AM | Reply

      @H A Whyte
      Guess you didn’t read the 2018 Midterm election returns, didja?

  14. Rudy Giuliani is Donald Trump’s new Michael Cohen

  15. It’s too bad hurricanes are not more selective. Hurricane Imelda can take out Agent Orange in the WH and his cronies, Barr, Lewandowski, Pence and his children. Leave Tiffany & baron. They’ve suffered enough just being related.

  16. No “Almost”… these people are THUGS… and everyone knows this.

  17. When I think about ALL our courageous soldiers who have GIVEN THEIR LIVES for this country… and it has come to this…what a disgusting tragedy.

  18. Guiliani is not doing “screwy” things. Ambassador Sherman. He’s doing treasonous things.

    • I agree. Still, it is mighty screwy to go on tv and admit to what you’re doing after first denying it! He is determined to normalize collusion, it would seem. Sad day for him: the Constitution flatly prohibits his behavior and it is illegal to boot.

  19. Gooliani belongs in a straightjacket and institutionalized. What kind of drug is he on? Makes a person wonder

  20. Rudi Rasputin Giuliani – what a bag of toxic flatulence!

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