'We're a government and we always have been': Manitoba Metis sign historic agreement 1

‘We’re a government and we always have been’: Manitoba Metis sign historic agreement


MMF President David Chartrand says that the federation has always been a government, but it's taken 150 years for Canada to recognize it.

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    1. @Paulino Lamborghini we’ve come a long way since the Plains of Abraham, no? i miss the days when history went further back than the 1950’s

  1. If you think the Scandinavian Vikings came to Newfoundland and a couple Indians told them to go away I think you better rethink history

    1. No but it’s known they encountered them the stories about Vinland while disputed point to them having discovered somewhere that sounds a lot like New Brunswick.

    2. @Jesse Nash Vineland check and see how many berries natural Vined berries are in Newfoundland

    3. @Gary Clothier not vineland Vinland it’s a place recorded that the Vikings founded and covers a large area of the Atlantic side of Canada, but the descriptions match New Brunswick more than any other location.

  2. Well. Why are you receiving welfare checks from another government then? 😂😂😂

    1. @Mark Great we already get millions from the federal government every year. So no, it’s not about money. But I don’t expect an imbecilic brain dead person to understand what is really happening in Canada.

      Just keep drinking your timmies and go back to work.

  3. This has been a long time coming. Thank-you for all that was done to make this happen. I am Metis and very proud of it. Thank you.

    1. Isn’t a Metis half French – Half Indian? so when the monthly cheques come do you get 1/2 as much?

    2. So @me not you…you really have no clue about the Metis Nation. You must spout off about everything and anything just to hear yourself talk. Sad!

  4. You may have your own governing body but you clearly have no education when it comes to actual government from what you are saying. your literally proving yourself wrong….no words

  5. We’re a government that doesn’t govern and doesn’t stand on its own two feet. 150 years, still proving that it can’t walk the walk unless its with your hand out asking for more.

    1. @Kevin Huewan yeah ur right he was collecting cerb at the same time. What a disgrace

  6. I’m cool with them self governing so long as my tax dollars are not going to them. Self governing equals paying your own way.

    1. @Con.Troller418 they were nomads even as Europeans settled the continent, they had no idea what land ownership was. They were thousands if not tens of thousands of years behind Arabs, Asians and Europeans technologically and civically

    2. @Daniel Doucet Europeans were bloodletting and learnt about natural medicines from Indigenous peoples. Wendat and others we’re semi-permanent agriculturists who only moved in order to maintain soil, a skill many Europeans did not know. Dietary understandings Europeans didn’t know, etc. Progress is subjective


  7. Yes, that’s why you can’t be trusted. Most of the money you receive goes to the chiefs, not the rest of the reserve.

    1. Says the ones who murder and abuse children, take away culture and language, abuse women and two-spirited. Go back to Texas and freeze.

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