'We're Considering All Options,' Says Federation Of Teachers President On Mandate 1

‘We’re Considering All Options,’ Says Federation Of Teachers President On Mandate


American Federation of Teachers President, Randi Weingarten, discusses if the union supports a vaccine mandate for teachers. Weingarten also praises teachers, saying 'nine out of 10 teachers have already been vaccinated.'

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    1. An “approval” that was given a deadline that it must be approved by. In other words rushed by a multi billion dollar company. Yeah I’m all set. 99.98%

    2. NYT article dated 8/3/2021 entitled:
      F.D.A. Aims to Give Final Approval to Pfizer Vaccine by Early Next Month

    1. @SJ I’m not here to argue the validity of the FDA. I’m only here to defend the right to decide what you put into your own body.

      Again. You got your shot. You’re safe. Please stop bothering me.

    2. @cat videos At the moment, yes we are safe. Unfortunately, the virus WILL continue to mutate, and it WILL reach a point that vaccines won’t do a bit of good and the mortality rate of a future mutation(s) will skyrocket. That’s where we are headed until we reach herd immunity. –if we ever reach it.

    3. @B Bodziak – thank you. I don’t think cat videos will ever get that ESSENTIAL point, and will go on making their incomplete argument as though it addressed everything. Their brains have been vaccinated against reason by loud unreasonable voices long ago. Plus, it’s really difficult to admit to others, much less one’s self, that you’ve been dead wrong about something you’ve been emotionally invested in being so passionate about. Hard to face they’re partly responsible for deaths (get ready, their outrage is coming). Rush Limbough’s telling people to never feel shame for ANYTHING for decades, so now they never do. And they’re fiercely proud of their shameful behavior instead. I don’t believe they can be brought into normal society again. Not unless they re-embrace it, and take responsibility for their actions, and I don’t see that ever happening. They’re just far, far, far too indoctrinated in their “freedom” death cult. (Get ready for the false whataboutism to follow. It almost always does…)

    1. Puddin cup, In Florida, DeSatan took that option completely off the table. He is insane and holding the whole state hostage. He is literally killing Floridians daily, mostly his own supporters while spreading and mutation remains a live consequence to all. This from a Harvard and Yale grad like many in positions of power— self-centered, overly privileged, empathy challenged automatons. God help us.

    2. @Mimi Sayles-Cole don’t forget he’s running around to other states making friends so he can run for President.

  1. Yes, we do!! We want our students to be in school!!! BUT, we want them safe and us safe as well.

    1. @cat videos You need an update. That Delta variant affects younger people more and more, including kids.

    2. If you really want to be safe make sure your children aren’t indoctrinated with CRP, Endless Gender “Theory”, Socialism, etc…

    3. @O S How many years have you worked inside of a classroom? I have been in them for 45 yrs. and none of that is taught..it is propaganda, appealing to your emotions to cause divisiveness between the People, cause as Franklin said, “United WE (the people) stand, Divided We, (the people) fall. The Division amongst us is manipulated.

  2. It doesn’t make sense how Republicans want kids back in school so bad but won’t sign the America act that gives schools the money they need for PPE, ventilation etc.. It makes no sense..
    I cannot care about the adults that don’t want to get vaxed or wear masks, I’m worried about the children who have no say..

    1. @Paul Wilson Nice try at sneaking in a qualifier there, buddy. 😉

      Also the effect of coming into contact with the virus is not a binary ‘live/die’ outcome, the virus does damage other organs, it is leaving long lasting (possibly permanent) reductions in how well their body can function afterwards.

      Aaaaaand there is the fairly basic point that the more that members of a group are vaccinated the less the virus will persist and the less it will be spread in that group and back out to the wider community.

    2. @Paul Wilson what you are saying is moronic. A healthy kid doesn’t have COVID. To have COVID implies sickness.

  3. Here’s what is so weird. These people complaining it’s not FDA approved (it is but the paperwork isn’t complete), so they will not listen to the government about the vaccine now until the government, FDA, tells them it’s approved? How does that make any sense?

    1. As soon as it’s FDA approved they’ll move on to another “argument”. That’s how dumb a $$ e $ work. They can hold 18,000 contradictory arguments in their head at one time. They did that all through the Trump era.

    2. You know the argument before it happens: Biden’s FDA approved it, i.e., the dems forced forced it through

    3. Your mistake is trying to make sense of it. They’re being contrary because their hero lost the election, and they can’t accept it. It’s that simple.

    4. I had Covid and easily survived, just like other flus I’ve had over the course of my life. I’d place my immune system up against any experimental (maker immune) vaccine guinea pig any day!

  4. Kids with long haul COVID may qualify for cash disability benefits under Social Security, same as grown ups. Guess who pays?

  5. All options, except vaccine mandates for teachers. They might want to consider that the parents of the students they are teaching are their employers. Making the child sick of your employer and sending them to the hospital, is not the best of ideas. Screw being nice and persuasive. That has been a failure. It is time to get tough. She says 90% of teachers have been vaccinated. That means 10% of teachers have not been vaccinated. Do you want that 10% teaching your children? With a vaccination mandate that 10% would be 0%.

    1. Vaccines must be mandated. Children are required to show proof of vaccination, so should the teachers. Let’s be honest, the goal of schools has ceased to be teaching children, and instead is paying teachers. That needs to be changed. The health of children (and their families) is more important than the feelings of that ignorant 10%. If teachers aren’t vaccinated, they need to find another job, one that doesn’t bring them in contact with any other person.

  6. American’s prove that “common sense” is an oxymoron. There appears to be no sense or sensibility left within your borders.

    1. @Brian Herrala “I’d blame the prepared”

      Honey, keeping a bag of stones to throw at that big white round thing in the night sky does not make you ‘prepared’.

    2. We had you fooled pretty good for a while there, didn’t we . All the sensible people we’re exiled to Canada after the revolution. Nothing but twigs and seeds were left down here.

  7. When the politicians, and the general public, stop coddling the unvaccinated, we can move on. This can’t be “ no man left behind”.

    1. So, how do you suggest we “handle” future mutations with much higher mortality rates and vaccines don’t work.

  8. I’m sorry but the vaccines have been avalible since Jan and we can’t keep cuddling the unvaccinated any longer . Just mandate it , if they get them , they keep their job if they don’t , they loose their pensions and jobs 🙄

    1. Maybe Healthcare also . Obviously not if they get covid but maybe they should pay a good chunk of the bill…maybe if they had to pay out if pocket, they will do everything NOT to get sick

    2. Absolutely agree! Choose. Freedom to get a vaccine and improve general health security. Or choose to remain unvaccinated and be refused entry into your place of employment, worship, public recreational and commercial facilities…just choose 😊😇🥰

  9. For Union Teachers who choose not to vaccinate…
    Unions need to choose to extend unpaid summer into fall vacation until teachers vaccinate. Children come first.

    1. Children are not a risk category. I’ve already had Covid – and easily survived – and would put my immune system against yours any day.

  10. I didn’t know that Duval County is standing up for the children by requiring masks for the school system. Finally, I can be proud of the citizens of the county where I live! Common sense use to be American pragmatism…we need to use that old value to fight a deadly virus.

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