1. I would like to know if they cannot hit boundaries on a regular basis, how are them is going to. Scored big hundreds so they can get contracts like the universe Boss Chris Gayle batting abilities records, also Bravo, also Andre Russell. If they change their batting styles away from the universe Boss Chris Gayle batting abilities performances, they will never get a contracts. Also making any big runs 🏃‍♂️ to entertaining spectators, that is why those guys is .So rich by playing T20 cricket 🏏 around the world, so what this blogger is saying. It is all nonsensical argument about these players,which is about to exist from the game. Every sports personnels have a very poor run 🏃‍♂️ of form, but you shouldn’t be bashing the players them. Who has brought joy to the wi spectators, which it took the legendary players like Ambrose and companies. Could not do over 25years it took Gayle and companies to break the spell, some of the spectators them is. Very much unappreciated of Gayle batting abilities performances over the years of services, some people is very much ungrateful. Some of those players is on their last playing days for the wi team, and they should enjoy it. Becaused it was them who won 🏆 the world cup championship trophy competition, it was not the younger players them. Who won it,anyway let see when the departure of the senior players them. Let see how much the younger players them, is going to keep up winning championships trophies competition or. They are going struggled like Ambrose and his colleagues, former players them. Who played for years and they never win a championship trophy competition, during their careers and. It took a new set of players to break the spell of 25years, that is what this blogger should be talking about. How long it took the wi team to break the spell, so don’t look at the negative results now. Becaused the same players them you guys is now critizing now, they have won 3 world championships trophies competition, which Ambrose and his colleagues players them. Could not achieved during their career days,but now. They are the main critics now,which they couldn’t win nothing during their career. Some people memories is very shallow, becaused they forgot their playing days. Everyone has a right to expressed their views on certain issues, but you should remember his playing days. That his team wasn’t good at all, during their days. Becaused they have played into some many changes competition and, they weren’t not successful at all. So we learned to appreciate a very good player or players, even when they are not on top of their games. You should appreciated their years of services, and the joys they brought to your faces over their earlier days of their careers ok 👌.

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