Westchester County D.A. To Conduct Inquiry Into Cuomo Harassment Findings 1

Westchester County D.A. To Conduct Inquiry Into Cuomo Harassment Findings


The Westchester County District Attorney has released a statement that they will conduct an inquiry into New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo after an investigation found he sexually harassed multiple women. NBC's Yasmin Vossoughian reports from Albany, N.Y.

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Westchester County D.A. To Conduct Inquiry Into Cuomo Harassment Findings


    1. @Big Tex , So far it has, but even teflon wears out eventually. Although I suspect the real truth won’t come to surface until after he’s a memory.

  1. I mean if that’s the case you know for that I mean we can I’m not defending come out and I do not like him as a Republican I’m not a fan of him I mean nursing home that should be acknowledged and you know as soon as that in the Blasio should be you know you should’ve been removed don’t forget that creepy Joe Biden has some allegations to work for everyone not just one person that should go Everyone

  2. Once again an investigation was done. And they do not release it. And the liars are telling the findings.

  3. I know this makes me look thick, but, were there not similar accusations against the Orange Chosen One? Yet as far as I can recall, there was no criminal investigations against him

  4. Republicans are obviously running this smear campaign trying to replace Cuomo with a Trump ally who would then pardon Trump and his friends after they are convicted in the state of NY. Cuomo should not resign for this reason alone.

    1. Yeah, all those New York Republicans that were on his staff. Next it will be Russian Collusion Part II: Righty Revenge!

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