Western students plan walkout Friday amid sexual assault allegations 1

Western students plan walkout Friday amid sexual assault allegations


Students at the Western University in Ontario are planning to walkout of class Friday demanding greater action in the wake of sexual assault allegations.

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    1. It’s okay. The rational smart students will stay and continue learning. The smart get smarter and the dumb get dumber.

    1. If you HOENSTLY believe 30 woman were drugged and raped and not a single report has been made to police you are DELUSIONAL!

    1. @Don Kee You mean like trudope’s Mother(if you can call her that…lol!)….that has been “touched”…..more than a Toronto street car!.

    1. Police have already said there are only 4 other incidents that have been reported to them. that leaves quite a few experiences so traumatic they can’t be bothered to go to the police for.

  1. Sexual assault and violence are not jokes and need to addressed seriously. If a walk-out protest is what it takes for Western to properly address these issues then so be it.

    1. interesting that the Western University Provost and President as campus official leaders are not having a say regarding in the walkout or the allegations. It has so far been just two female students that have broadcasted their walkout campaign.

  2. Great Walk out….lol….Your parents will be Glad to know how THEIR money that is paying for YOUR tuitions….is being properly used!!!.

    1. @Gwyn Gilbert western university provost should be having a word about this to the public, along with the local police service both on campus and city forces.

    2. @Jeff they didn’t tell anyone yet because it was traumatic! It’s incredibly humiliated to be sexually abused by someone. It completely destroys your self confidence and dignity. How could those girls go to the police after it happened, only to be questioned, gaslight, doubted and even tested and swabbed. Learn some sympathy why don’t you, it’s a virtue.

    1. That’s not how it works… it’s an education establishment. They’re expected to maintain their campus as a safe place for everyone.

  3. Maybe instead of making tiktoks make formal complaints or claims with the university or police department

    Oh right I forgot the kids are “disenchanted” with the police… Imagine being an adult and looking for the school or someone else to stand up or protect you. Quite the generation coming up….

  4. Police say Not a single complaint has been filed. That makes it kind of hard to do more, Lol Ignorance runs rampant among our newly educated.

  5. She’s not a social security professional, the responsibles of the area must maintain the physical psychological and spiritual safety of every living being in the area.

    1. Yeah I agree..if this school doesnt take action the government should cut their funding and shut the university…why we the taxpayers should take care of this garbage school

  6. Wow! This is a real-life example of an episode of Law and Order’s Special Victims Unit! I’m truly very sorry that this happened to the victims. I’ve never bothered to attend any frosh or orientation events when I was a University student because I was too lazy to bother. After watching this news segment, I realize how wise I was back then, without knowing it. Yikes. Now, I’m too lazy to bother visiting campus and I’m too lazy to bother attending any alumni events, on or off-campus, but I’m already having a gut feeling that in the future, I’ll not regret being this lazy. Hello, peace of mind. Peace.

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