Western University mandates boosters, masking on campus | COVID-19 in Canada


    1. there is no constitutional protections to allow someone to circumvent private property laws that exist in Ontario (or any other province, as private property regulations are provincially mandated). This simply comes down to one business’ own decision to implement a policy effective on it’s property that it legally owns. Just like how a shopping Centre can kick you out and ban you for not following a ‘no shirt no shoes no service’ policy. you don’t have a right to enter a private business unless you comply with their own regulations.

    2. @Travis Arthur where do you come up with this nonsense? Why do you think private property laws in Canada are so strong? The Ontario human rights legislation absolutely overrides private property laws and so do dozens of other laws

    1. Alberta has a record set, the leading cause of death for 2021 is “Unknown”. Strange what a difference a year made isn’t it?

  1. I hope they don’t do it. It’s a shame though living on res is an experience…..and this is just sad

    1. Private property legislation which has been in place for 3 decades, business related private property laws are provincially regulated and enforced

  2. The students need to make a mass exodus. If the school wants to act this way then the students need to put their foot down

  3. The criminals, who force mandates with jabs, must be held accountable. There is not a smallest prove, that those dangerous jabs work, unless their original purpose was completely different.

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