1. @Jaheem Maddison clown question. You the people select from among the populous, at least 20 persons of good repute and strong will. Then have a vote off for the strongest one to be PM.
      Stop depending on vile people in the shadows to select your leaders.

    2. @Jaheem Maddison so what are you saying is him alone can do the job. Man shut up with you garbage. Is he invincible?

  1. Father God I pray that you help the person reading this to have a blessed life and a happy one 🇯🇲🙏🙏

  2. Westmoreland my father’s goog good parish mashup i remember az a child I use to love visit my family on holidays but now everything gone to the dawgz😢😢😢😢 real sad😢😢😢

  3. Jamaican people start reading widely. Then, y’all will understand how your beloved leaders have been hoodwinking you lot all along.
    99% of current personalities in Gordon House are useless for a better Jamaica in every sector. You Jamaicans have to start selecting strong willed and educated (not necessary tertiary level) people and have them nominated and elected into leadership roles in any and every party.
    Do not accept persons that have been “groomed” by shadow figures to be foisted on your constituencies by the JLPNP.
    The power is in your hands Jamaicans, use it!

    1. Jamaica people needs to be minding their own business in their country, communities. Instead of commenting on what’s happening in America.

  4. Eternal Father bless our Land. Guide us with THY MIGHTY HANDS. Keep us free from evil powers. Be our light through countless hours. TO OUR LEADERS, GREAT DEFENDER, GRANT TRUE WISDOM FROM ABOVE. Justice, truth be ours forever. Jamaica 🇯🇲 Land we love.
    Jamaica, we lift up our eyes to the hills, from whence comes our help. Our help comes from the Lord. Father God, we ask you, in the name of Jesus, to HELP🙏. Fight for those who are helplessness and bring every criminal to justice.

  5. Reneto Adams would be a master move, to be installed as security minister. He would get the dirty work which is necessary done. When the Hague come a calling, he would probably be rip or he wouldn’t have much to lose by way of living his best years already.
    Think, Jamaicans, think.

  6. We need one of our top soldiers to run the ministry of security and getting read of the dons isn’t the right solution in the country when you take out the big dons then the little small minded youth them turn while and free

  7. Are they turning in the gunmen, no!!! Are calling the police and tell who is doing what no I understand they are afraid, but go somewhere and make the call , mothers , girlfriends, wife’s , boyfriends, stop hiding the gunmen and women , do your part , see something say something and stop throw all the blame on the prime minister, when the same gun is turning on you and the people you know

  8. The government needs to send the army to dig them out.

    This is just crazy with what is going on Jamaica…wipe them out one by one.

    1. I agree 100%,we cannot allow a few to cause thousands to live in fear,no not ever,also the police should start locking up the women an men thr harba these misfits,jamaica is tired,I am tired of all this senseless killing,I am more afraid of my own black people than white honestly.

  9. I am praying for the peace and safety of the residents in not only Westmorland, but all of Jamaica where mayhem is happening and lives being lost ,
    Youthman there are no winners , you give away your only chance to make your life better , things are tuff, and I really understand however many of us come from poor backgrounds and did not descend into crime and violence ,
    Be the one to make a change , leave the gun business it brings nothing but destruction, not only to your fellow countrymen and women , but ultimately you , jail or grave yard .
    God bless Jamaica 🇯🇲😔

  10. When a government of any country fails to invest in it’s own people,fighting for scarce benefits and spoils it will inevitably becomes a fail state and Jamaica is a fail state

  11. When a government of any country fails to invest in it’s own people,fighting for scarce benefits and spoils it will inevitably becomes a fail state and Jamaica is a fail state

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