'We've done quite well,' Kenney says as COVID-19 cases in Alberta skyrocket 1

‘We’ve done quite well,’ Kenney says as COVID-19 cases in Alberta skyrocket


Alta. Premier Jason Kenney is facing intense and increasing criticism about his government's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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    1. @Gemini Girl999
      Liberals don’t care about economic well-being or mental health, just an in debt, dependent on – government’s handouts society. Independence is where economic success and true personal health come from for most of society.

    2. Simple. They want to rule, but don’t want to work.
      They’d rather get rich, and leave all their constituents to die.

  1. Still. So what at the number of cases that means nothing if most of those cases are sniffles or similar to a regular cold or flu. Deaths versus cases is the important number and they never talk about that. Furthermore the test is way too sensitive and most who test positive don’t even get sick. So bugger off

  2. Curious to hear what new measures he plans on putting in place which no one will follow?

  3. Alberta: let’s stop covid by raging wars against church goers every Sunday. Officers in riot gear clashing with worshippers over their right to attend a place of worship isn’t Stalinist at all….

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