WH Economic Advisers Shrug Off Second Wave Of Virus | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. Fred Rogers “Not only can heathy young adults be asymptomatic carriers that become vectors of the virus to parents and grandparents, they can also be victims of it; about a quarter of Covid-19 patients hospitalized in Italy are under 50.” Hope ignorant heartless fuckwits like you are ones that get it. The world doesn’t need trolls that follow a dictator megalomaniac like Dump.

    2. @Smileyrie James i dont care if i can be a carrier of the virus or not if u dont want to catch the virus from me stay in your house and shut your mouth.

    3. @Fred Rogers No how about you do that? Those that refuse to help mitigate this virus should be the ones locked in their homes and made to shut up? What are you going to do if the government DOES decide to take draconian measures and do exactly that if this second wave ends up being bad? Do you think that the world, who have been working hard to reduce their COVID numbers is going to allow travel between us and them? NO! They will ban travel to and from the US? Think it’s going to stop there? NO! They will suspend trade with us no export or imports to and from the US. We will in effect be forcibly quarantined from the rest of the world, there could even be sanctions and embargos placed upon us until we get our numbers down and you think that the recent lockdown was bad to the economy? It will practically COLLAPSE if the scenario above plays out, it will make the Great Depression seem like a Sunday stroll in the park. What do you think the rich, Wall Street, powerful people will do once they start losing money? They will then TELL the government (remember they are in the politicians’ pockets) to do something no matter what it takes and it very well could end up being “bye bye US Constitution” and don’t think your little guns will help you because even the military will be against you. This is a worst case scenario and is likely to happen so go ahead and remain in denial and keep acting like an entilted little bratty CHILD about this whole thing.
      Second wave is more likely to come get used to it. So shut YOUR mouth, ostrich.

    1. @Emiliano Zapata Well that’s good considering his chances of contracting COVID-19 through one of those rallies is very slim as he will most likely be over 6 feet apart from those attending.

    2. @Liz 928 Yes I have seen it talked about in the news, read articles discussing the concern about Covid 19 spreading because of the riots and protests. Where were you? Oh that’s right, you don’t trust any other news source other than your beloved, trustworthy Fox News right? Oddly they were the only ones I didn’t see talking about the riots and protesters and Covid.

  1. Alternate reality for the White House………… Meanwhile the ICUs have filled up in Arizona, Texas and North Carolina.

  2. It’s always “Wine o’ clock” for Larry Kudlow the aging, lying, racist, phony economic TV economic advisor!

    1. Forgot that larry kudlow was an MD PHD LLC CPA…FULL OF BS if you ask me
      Racist GOP. corruption just like frump

    2. @Mike Moscato 2016 Cambridge Analytica
      2018 Platform rebranded as Qanon
      2020 Buy the same sh*t all over again?

      With love, from Finland.

  3. They didn’t Care about the First Wave.
    Remember, Trump was Playing Golf in
    February as the Virus was Spreading

    1. @Troll Bot you have no control over this when will you realize it you invest all your hopes and dreams into something that will never come true

    2. @Russian Bot What are you talking about, control over what!!?? You and me both worked together to get that clown elected remember!?? Or did you forget??

    3. @Gozaburo RoaNoa The Food and Drug Administration has withdrawn emergency use authorizations for two controversial coronavirus treatments promoted by President Donald Trump, amid concerns about their safety and effectiveness.

      The drugs, hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine, have failed in several recent clinical trials and doctors say they can cause serious heart problems. The FDA had allowed their use in hospitalized Covid-19 patients and in clinical trials.

    1. @Earl Hawkins أَسْتَغْفِرُ اللَّهَ الْعَظِيمَ الَّذِي لاَ إِلَهَ إِلاَّ هُوَ الْحَيُّ الْْقَيُّومُ وَ أَتُوبُ إِلَيْهِ

    2. @Earl Hawkins Earl – any local or national news “claiming” uptick in cases in your area? They are back to fear mongering while hospitalizations and deaths are down, down, down.

    3. The first wave never ends only possible with the constant lockdown. In this case, we never give a chance for the decrease of susceptibility and the pandemic will never end. Any scientist will tell you that if we open the country the pandemics will end. LOL YOu are so anti-science, guys

  4. Lies lies and more lies:
    > ushered in the “cleanest air, the cleanest water we’ve ever had.” … air quality has declined.
    > “stopped people early on from China” … loads of exceptions
    > “empty cupboards” of supplies for a pandemic … he dismantled vast stockpiles
    > “more coronavirus tests than anybody in the world.” … US lags other countries in testing per capita.
    > China “paid for the cost of tariffs” … cost of tariffs passed on to American companies and consumers.
    > trade deficit with China is $500 billion a year … $307 billion last year
    > “I have rebuilt the military” … they continue to use old and aging equipment
    > “they’ve been trying to get Veterans Choice program for 50 years”… the program was created in 2014

    1. @Leeanne Bishop Well, they do get tired of just sabre-rattling. All those weapons, costing billions, just sitting there, unused? Never mind that Dwight Eisenhower warned the country against “the military-industrial complecs”. (I had to use cs instead of the right letter because I spilled water on my keyboard 🙁 We need REAL change, not just a changing of the butt in the chair.

    2. Saddam H possessed “weapons of mass destruction” so we had to wipe out millions to search for the mASS

    3. And his most fervent supporters will not only believe it, but parrot it, and ignore any and all information/evidence to the contrary.

    1. They say that so you don’t see the truth don’t trust anything that trump and his clowns say cause It’s all lies .

    2. Why? Check the data. The deaths per 1M are very low in Texas(70), Arizona (164), and Florida(137). It is like in Germany (106) that had one of the best death rates in Europe

  5. The deception and lies of this Administration are hiding in plain sight for everyone to see oh, and their own words prove that! How Anyone can believe and follow and support this President is beyond me!

    1. They depend on people paying only selective attention if any at all. Mostly it works with cultists.

  6. If there’s no second spike it’s due to the fact that America never handled the Corona virus outbreak properly! Trump era America is a sad mess of a banana republic!

  7. Think we should discuss charging some officials with negligent homicide. We live in Arizona so we understand COMPLETELY CORRUPT INDIVIDUALS FAILING MISERABLY.

    1. I agree I live in Mesa Arizona and Arizona is spiking in virus cases they don’t care about us because whatever happens to us doesn’t affect them

    2. Why? It looks like Arizona is doing great. The very low death rate per 1M – 164, it is just slightly higher than Germany that had one of the lowest death rates.

  8. if the coronavirus is not an issue anymore, what’s with disclaimer and waiver for trump’s rally?

    1. @Pete Bailey, not an ideal situation, but at least the sentiment is understandable. It does look like a lot of protesters are masked so I hope their also using plenty of hand sanitiser while out there. Even here the shopping strips and cafes are busy and distancing is becoming little more than a memory. It worries me.

    2. janeen harris It certainly doesn’t worry me, and even 1M fatalities would be a very modest rate, all things considered. I think this country has done a terrific job of keeping the death toll down.

    3. @Pete Bailey what about protesters? they did not claim virus was over. trump and white house are acting like virus is behind us, and yet, they are asking people to sign off on waiver. if the virus is behind us like they like you to believe, there is no need for disclaimer and waiver for trump’s rally. and what leader is willing to put his supporters at risk to begin with if he really cares about his supporters.

    4. @GasconyKid tell this to those 120000 dead people and their families as to how terrific of a job this country has done. i am sure you wouldn’t say this if you are the one who’s dead(obviously) or your immediate family member(s) who died from this. saying this country has done a terrific job with 120000 dead, give me a break.

  9. The disgusting & repulsive “Russian Puppet” supporters are the living proof that cultural evolution CAN go in reverse!!!

    1. The asshat n office’s master isn’t even happy with him. This is what he said about the USA: “I think the problem is that group interests, party interests are put higher than the interests of the whole of society and the interests of the people [in the U.S.],” Putin said. Wow,huh?

  10. Let him go to have his rally, and stand right in the middle of it and breathe in all the “love.”

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