WH Shaken After Hearings But Confident In Senate GOP | Morning Joe | MSNBC

WH Shaken After Hearings But Confident In Senate GOP | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


The Morning Joe panel recaps Thursday's hearing with Fiona Hill, the president's former top adviser on Russia and Europe, and David Holmes, a counselor for political affairs at the U.S. embassy in Ukraine. Aired on 11/22/19.
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WH Shaken After Hearings But Confident In Senate GOP | Morning Joe | MSNBC

82 Comments on "WH Shaken After Hearings But Confident In Senate GOP | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. Trump is guilty, and everyone knows it.

  2. Of course the Senate is going to protect Trump. That’s how it is in dictatorships.

    • It seems like no matter what this president does most Republicans will hold him innocent. If in fact he killed someone infront of the public and in full view of cameras they would pronounce him innocent. Seriously, what is wrong with these people? I mean…I can surmise what is wrong with them. They are drunk with power and deceit. They are the epithomy and the scourge of humanity.

    • Sergio Magana: I think many of them kind of feel fooled yet can not admit it and move on. They have a white man as President and they think that is better than a woman or a minority. They throw out the ‘liberal’ line without really doing any research on how the rest of the world operates. They are easily led, and gullible. Ripe pickings for Trump.

  3. Trump will burn America to the ground and 40% of Americans couldn’t give a toss , sad times.

  4. This is the America we live in… Russian bought GOP…

  5. silvano novalis | November 22, 2019 at 9:58 AM | Reply

    Where is Giuliani? Hiding somewhere in Israel?

  6. The White House is confident in the GOP’s corruption

    • @Mainely The Democrats are fools, desperate to lash out at the embodiment of their EPIC failure. So they have been sharping their steely knives and attacking THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATE endlessly. This battle of a war the Democrats started in morning after the election will ultimately will be a lose them.

    • brian gardner ahhhh I see you now bri bri.

      Well come for our payback when Puppet is gone.


    • @Dave Schultz But but but everyone in prison said they are innocent too LOL

    • Dave Schultz lies, just like POS king con. Soudland said, “ is there quid pro quo? The answer is YES.”

  7. Gopee has lost all its morals, for greed of power and money over country.

  8. He said “no pro quo, don’t want anything” … Yes, after he got caught!

    • It was already been recorded in impeachment inquiry (if you watched every second televised or untelevised that the witnesses statements are opinions and presumptions). Most lawyers and university professors concluded this impeachment is a failure. There are no single evidence according to them impeachable against Mr Trump. Democrat lawyers and self-experts and you Democrats will always lay opinions otherwise – Mr Trump did something impeachable. The impeachment inquiry just laid the shadow bureau memebers working for the deep state. And the exposure will thrust what are in the shadows.

    • whoRwe02 nyet Comrade.

      Blue isnt as dumb as Red.

    • & the pre-school playground continues…not in my sandbox!

    • @whoRwe02 lieutenant colonel , Ms. Hill, Soundland 1st hand not hear say! Trump has broken so many laws since 2016 we’ve lost count, but we will be counted Nov 2020~blue covers red=purple! That will be the color of trumps face after the election!

    • The TARDIS Named Sexy | November 22, 2019 at 12:40 PM | Reply

      whoRwe02 Do you understand what obstruction of justice is? Do you understand that the WH and the State Department are withholding relevant documents and key witnesses? Do you understand the definition of a cover-up? Even with all the obstruction, the impeachment inquiry has gathered piles of evidence against Donald Trump and his entire administration! Open your eyes and ears and understand reality, please!

  9. confident that the cultist will choose party over country and constitution.

  10. WH has bought the GOPs allegiance. Traitors. All of them.

  11. Cummings died of a broken heart. Miss you.

    • @cloud lee You may be right, I don’t know but neither do you. We don’t even know each other. Just another bag of garbage for you to throw out there because you don’t have anything clever to say.

    • @cloud lee My dad’s bigger than yours!! Shut up!!

    • @cloud lee how high can your IQ be? You left a word out of your reply. I think you meant to say “My IQ IS higher than yours”.

    • @Dave Kegley Try me on a real IQ test. This whole impeachment is useless. This and that dont matter. Lol Even if they heard president Trump 😀😊 going down the drain. Who cares if he use the power he has. Let him make money.

    • @cloud lee Wow! Dumbest thing I’ve heard so far today. You obviously don’t even know what you’re arguing about.

  12. Facts are facts! Trump is guilty!
    Not only did he betray Our Constitution and the Ukraine, he also betrayed America, in both instances, and let the Russians advance!!

  13. Remove the Filthy orange pig from our Oval Office… Now!

    • I know what I would like to do but if I scribe it here I would be behind bars. I agree with you 100%. I am not psychotic nor a physcopath but Trump is another Hitler and I bet many octagenarians who suffered because of Hitler wish he had been extinguished pre getting power.

    • I’ll be honest…it doesn’t look good for removal. I had much hope for Will Hurd of Texas. It looks like Hurd has become the latest Trump bootlicker!

    • You will be throwing a temper tantrum soon… Ha Ha !!!

  14. Nixon went down for obstruction of congress, how can anyone deny he is guilty of that.

    • They don’t think it’s “obstruction”, rather, the Congress is guilty of “obstruction”. To them, It’s always been a game of football.

    • Flavius Stilicho | November 22, 2019 at 1:27 PM | Reply

      Nixon and Trump both used the power of the office to cheat the American people out of their right to a free and free election. Both violated their oath to protect the Constitution and betrayed the people.

    • How? Same way an ex wrestling coach turned Congressman can deny he never once heard or new about 177 of his young guys being molested that’s how.

  15. Dear GOP Senators: Those are Putin’s talking points! How’s it feel, being one of the foolish parrots who’s forgotten America? By all means, continue with your Russian-scripted, destructive red chants — for your wannabe dictator and against our beloved country — and throw in a little goose stepping for good measure. That’s all you’ve got left.

  16. The GOP will rue the day they let Trump walk.

  17. The GOP is the party of ” I love Russia.” The wheels have come off and the cliff is imminent.

  18. The Republican party wont hold Trump accountable..they are as corrupt as trump. The most corrupt ever

    • LOL!!! FBI Lawyer just arrested for FAKE FISA!!! This is the 1st of Many to Come!!! Clinton’s and Barry just put on their Brown Pants!

    • @Jim Reynolds Yes. “You can’t fix stupid”. Dumbed down, mindless, brainwashed Trumpsheep incapable of thinking for themselves continue believing in and supporting their forked tongue, lying, evil speak/doer, career criminal, false Presidential leader Chump Trump and his minions.

    • Викинг Лорд | November 23, 2019 at 2:37 AM | Reply

      @Snaggle Toothed Let them come. Those words alone suggest that it’s okay for people to take the law into their own hands. What you will find is, those with money will begin shutting down their labour force. But hey, go ahead. If you think this is the French Revolution, by all means, lead the parade.

      Wealth is not distributed. It is acquired. If you want a distribution, move to a Socialist country. Leave ours alone.

    • Викинг Лорд | November 23, 2019 at 2:38 AM | Reply

      @Sarah Petty Yep. More to come for sure.

  19. McConnell has said that he wants all our courts to be filled with Republican judges, that should be a wake up call.

    • You’re behind times…they’ve been playing the long game for years now. McConnell has accomplished stacking courts across the country with right wing judges. They already accomplished their goal of cheating to get Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court, now they’re waiting for Ruth Bader Ginsberg to vacate her seat.

    • Misty Nights Exactly! All of this is frightening. Our children and grandchildren will pay the price for Trump and his followers. This is a sad and terrifying time….

    • And here i was naive enough to think that the Judicial Branch would be non partisan. Coz by definition, it should be impartial. Labelling a judge republican or democrat will always be an issue by itself.

    • LOL!!! FBI Lawyer just arrested for FAKE FISA!!! This is the 1st of Many to Come!!! Clinton’s and Barry just put on their Brown Pants!

  20. The GOP are Complicit:
    helping to commit a crime or doing wrong in some way
    “Complicit in association or participation in a wrongful act,”

    If Trump goes down, they all go down.

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