WH Worries Sports Shutting Down Will Hurt Trump In November | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. Almost 1,000 people die everyday of Covid in the USA and Trump’s priority is to push people to open up. Failure and INCOMPETENCE.🎪

    1. @enjolras76 Trump didn’t create the virus. He did everything he could to support the states; as in a republic it ultimately falls on the govenors responsibilities. Blaming Trump for even 1 Corona death shows how small minded you are. Liberal tears are a special thing that should be cherished by you all because it’s all you have.

    2. Arnv don’t you hate it when you’re at the store and somebody heart diseases next to you and a bunch of people get it.

    3. @Alex Alexander You sound scared of a flu virus that has a slightly higher death rate than the average flu. Heart disease is a bigger problem than this flu. It’s not contagious but its preventable

  2. at this point,
    if deadlyoledon gets “re-elected”
    it will only be because of massive voter fraud,
    on the part of the GangOf Putin parté…
    VOTE! as if your life depends on it, because it does.

    1. I can assure you it will not matter who vote What happened in 2016 is going to happen again. Do you think trump got in to power to become a one term president? Do you really think so? He is going be president again at all cost. Besides Obama got two terms and there is no way he will settle for just one. He has no intention of leaving the white house. America is currently under dictatorship.

  3. Your cannot keep athletes safe, people in the white house cannot remain covid free but you think that putting kids back in school are going to be social distancing and wearing masks? If you wanted kids in school in January you needed to contain the pandemic last January.

    1. Americans if we all don’t soçial distance and wear mask and stop parties and large gatherings,. We aren’t going to need sports! You’ll need millions more ventilators & a millions more Nurses & Doctors & Frontline workers. We all should be praying that the pestilence and plague this world is seeing will quickly be irradiated. It’s not the end of the world if. Sports teams have to shutdown! It is if they continue to provide the human host & spreading of this deadly virus all around to those of us who had much rather live than watch your games. Shut it down & do your part to stop this virus PLEASE !!!!!!!!

    1. I don’t know if it will hurt him. Shutting down provides him another point of contention. You’ve got to see how the right had created mass rioting and destruction from mostly peaceful assembly. I would see the administration blaming the democratic governors and their resistance to opening the economy in a similar fashion.

    2. Shut down trump open up sports , It’s 100% GOP and the Trump virus fault the virus is out of control, 99 days until safety and freedom, Biden 2020 make America safe and free again from Russia China Trump virus 🦠

    3. @bill Biden is part of the left which is communism. Look what happened to El Salvador with the FMLN who were on the left during the civil war. You want America to look like that?

  4. Without football, Trump won’t be able to fight his BS culture war to divide us and score political points with his dimwitted base.

    1. Yep, there won’t be anyone kneeling during the anthem, so he won’t be able to misrepresent why they’re doing it.

    2. @tubruton Well the NFL is behind their players now, no? At least in front of the public, based on their hypocritical statements.

    1. @DATING HARLEY QUINN omg, I hadn’t thought of that. I’ve been saying if he looses he’s going to be a very dangerous man because he is so petty and spiteful.

  5. People can’t even feed their children, and pay rent, and your talking about base ball players making $30 million a year. Who cares?

    1. Playing sports = good.
      watching a dude run 40 yds and make $50 million or watch a guy dribble a basketball back and forth for two hours and make $50 million. = useless waste of time.

    2. It’s 100% GOP and the Trump virus fault the virus is out of control, 99 days until safety and freedom, Biden 2020 make America safe and free again from Russia China Trump virus 🦠

    3. @YouRuse is A leftist org
      From the start yes, but our ignorant president did EVERYTHING wrong to stop this pandemic. He is STILL tweeting fake medicines and cures. And has NO plan to stop it. We all prayed no real crises would hapen during this orange garbage’s presidency but America run out of luck during his last year.

    1. And his conspiratorial base were accusing Bill Gates of championing an agenda of depopulation.

      Go figure.

    2. They’re showing how corrupt and incompetent the IMBECILE and his administration truly are.

    1. but that was pretty clear. you see the spiking cases and no plan to contain the virus. as long as the virus isnt under control you should not even think about opening anything or starting sportevents

  6. So athletes are catching covid after only a couple weeks together…and were opening schools? Hmmmmm

    1. Our football/soccer teams have been playing again & so far ( fingers crossed 🤞 ) there haven’t been any worries. They don’t have a stadium audience. I think they’re doing the cardboard cut outs that people can buy which is a photo of themselves. The stadiums play audience cheers & boos, so the team can feel encouraged.

    2. And don’t forget they are living in isolation, they’re supposed to be tested everyday And they have all these other precautions that absolutely will not be given to school children, teachers, staff needed to run the school and so on.What is it gonna take that imbecile to realize that if we do not follow the science now and make some changes I shutter to think how many more will die

    3. @Ellen W Exactly! And athletes are adults who know what is at play, children aren’t really aware and forget about the situation which leads to more contact with fellow classmates.

    4. As a teacher I am so ashamed of our president that his concerns continue to be his reelection and not the safety of our citizens. Open every up is his battle cry now, if not, he will pull federal funds for schools and cities. The funds he is using to hang over the heads are our taxes at work. He knows nothing about being a leader and seeing our country through this crisis. So he has no plans and focuses on attacking peaceful protestors, again using our tax dollars to fund this war he created. Enough!!

    1. Trump :”We don’t talk about what we’ve discuss, but we had plenty of discussion, and I Think it was very productive” conversations with Putin

    2. Bunker boy tRump aspires to be a dicktator like Putin, Xi and Un. There’s a reason he and his corrupt comrades don’t like Americans who believe in the Constitution and Rule of Law.

    1. What if it doesn’t affect him, directly, he simply doesn’t care. If some of his employees die, no biggy I’ll just hire a new people. He could care less about the American public. He is a national embarrassment. We have to vote him out as if our lives depended upon it, because they do!

    2. Selfish trump… shame on him. #selfishtrump #shameontrump #trumpismKILLS #AMERICAortrump #COUNTRYaboveparty #DrainTheWhiteHouse #trumpisthehoax #ENDtrumpism

    1. He’ll put anybody’s life in danger but his own, remember he has bone spurs that have migrated to his brain!

    2. What happens when kids get the virus from school – bring it home and infect their parents or grandparents with the virus and they die. How do kids live with the fact that they killed their parents or grandparents.

    3. @Joan Meijer
      We know what the orange garbage and his Deplorables would say. And it’s as always far from anything resembling human.

  7. And this administration wants to send kids back to school?
    Even when Barron’s school is not going to open?
    Dang. That’s the party I want to represent me.

  8. America has never had a president FAIL so terribly and so DERELICT in his duty.
    VOTE BLUE and SAVE the USA.

  9. Trump hasn’t got a clue, he is living in Disney world. Agent orange 🍊 is finished along with his supporters.

    1. Scarily and mindblowingly, I saw fresh new Trump flags in front of houses in my town just yesterday!

  10. Jobs, schools, and sports, Trump wants them all going by election day. He doesn’t care about the potential danger, Trump needs the illusion of normalcy for his re-election

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