What A Potential Sanders vs. Biden Race Would Mean For Democrats | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

As the field narrows, the Democratic Party could end up seeing a one-on-one contest between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Carolyn Ryan of The New York Times reacts. Aired on 3/2/2020.
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What A Potential Sanders vs. Biden Race Would Mean For Democrats | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @James Newton It’s all going to backfire on the Democrats and the just got President Trump re-elected to a 2nd term in office.

    2. I know but that healthcare for all its very complex and a lot of people don’t want to lose the H.care the already got…its very complex…

  1. How is this lady talking in past tense, Biden Is still running a terrible campaign. He won one of the most republican states in the union. That should not carry this weight.

    1. “He won one of the most republican states in the union.” He did not win a general election in South Carolina. He won the Democratic primary in South Carolina. Two totally different things.

    2. South Carolina’s legacy includes being the starting point of the Civil War in order to keep thousands and thousands of people in chattel slavery. For that reason alone remove S. Carolina from any prominence in presidential primaries.

    3. @Sub-Humon Keynesian microeconomics is the primary reason we came out of the worst parts of the Great Recession.

    4. @Matthew Obringer I was just verifying what you said. I heard a lot of good excuses about SC but yours was probably one of the best….. you can’t lose by 150,000 votes and claim that it was a Republican state anyway.. how does that make sense in a primary race for delegates ?

  2. ohhhh there it goes “angry young men” being the media escape goat. So convenient to pull that to explain away a failing campaign.

    1. I think they are implying that angry young men are scarier to them then all of the rest of us angry people. Like young men are far more likely to form into violent dangerous gangs. It is a form of fear mongering. It is also sexist and ageist. They are always looking for a scapegoat.

  3. The corporate media keeps saying that Bernie has been running for president for the past 6 years but they never point out that Biden has been running for president for the past 40 years!

    1. @Cece E somehow i find that to be believable, albeit disturbing considering the comparison. Apparently the American people like creepy old white men rather than the kind that wants you to see a doctor.

  4. The democratic establishment has done everything but out right admit that they’d rather have trump for another term than Bernie. they’ll get to “complain” about trump but still be able to collect donor money from billionaires and elites. FRAUDS

    1. Cpt.Sisko thinks you’re soft. You’re forgetting the most important seat. The next Supreme Court justice. 🙂

    2. Cpt.Sisko thinks you’re soft. I’ll take the President, senate and house and the next one or two Supreme Court justices. Game set Match. Good day sir.

    3. Cpt.Sisko thinks you’re soft. Sorry I assumed how you identify. Lol. That is your party. LOL.

    4. @Malinois Nation
      SoOo ‘small gov’ GOP has been put on the ‘endangered species list’? Lost the popular vote 3 out of last 4 elections. And relies on essentially bureaucratic ‘affirmative action’ to protect their intrests? Because otherwise? Flat Earthers, Birthers, Qnon, Evangelicals, Zionists, WS, warmongering NeoCons, Tea party enuchs, anti-science apocalypse worshipping church fries, NRA, Hillbillys & the ‘DeepState’ bloated, corupt military industrial complex are now the backbone of GOP….oh, you have ‘cOaL’ too. Yeah it’s not looking good for you… You’re controlled by swamp beasts & extremists.

    1. @Casale Smith The government lowering the federal income tax rate to 0% for the wealthiest bracket is not the same as working hard. It’s socialism for the rich.

    2. @Abe Tsenoh that’s a lie and you know it 0%. The rich pay more in taxes then you will earn it a life time. Not all rich people own companies look at Hollywood none of them do a dam thing to help Americans but Democrats idealize them. They are the most disgusting people around and pay less in taxes then corporations.

    3. @Abe Tsenoh no, most people aren’t. You are a liar. This is how you make your spending money.

    4. @William Esselman That isn’t an argument, and pretending that you know me at all is a feeble replacement for one.

  5. I thought the last democratic primary has exhausted the levels of outright graft and corruption being displayed by the DNC in an effort to keep Sanders from winning. Man I was wrong

    1. It’s a beautiful thing. Once the DNC takes out Comrade Sanders the Bernie Bros won’t vote for Creepy Joe. Some will vote Trump to pay them back, some will stay home. Then when Trump chews up Creepy Joe they will be screaming election fraud, Russia Russia Russia, Trump isn’t the legitimate President, blah blah blah

  6. “Especially young men” okay even though the majority of Bernie’s base is female but whatever I guess.

    1. @Doug Shaw You don’t know what communism is. I’ll give you a hint. It isn’t the addition of a select few social programs into a free market-based economy.

    1. @Dan Rothenhoefer Trickle down does work. It puts over 200 million people to work in the USA and pulls people out of poverty.

    2. @Jim Jolly wow Jimmy your comment is so ignorant and out of touch, just lay down. Grandma will be there in just a little while and cut the crust off your grilled cheese sandwich.
      Whatta a loser.

    3. @Prisoner Zero  still to this day I cannot understand how full fledged adults act like children. You replied to 5 people on this comment and you didnt say anything at all. Literally no substance. You believe in nothing and stand for nothing. You even typed this sentence “or make sure that their committed suicide went successfully.” Read that back to yourself 5 times and if you dont think a 4 year old created that sentence then you should probably contact your local kindergarten to enroll.

    1. @dh7175 This is all nonsense pulled from your rear. The actual facts are Bernie won a majority of moderates in Nevada and is doing well with them nation wide. He also beats every Dem in head to head polls. He wins with independents in votes and polls so far. He has the most campaign volunteers and donations, the biggest rallies etc etc. By every factual metric he is winning. O and he has won and is expected to continue to win the most youth votes, blacks under 40, Latino/a, Native, Asian and female votes. So you are essentially arguing that people of color, young people and womens voices cant possibly be a majority. I mean if we cant win with the votes of precious white moderates can we possibly ever win…..*rolls eyes hard*

    2. ​@dh7175 To back up what I said about moderate/independent voters not being a be all end all. Hillary lost by a small enough margin that if she had turned out 12% more young people or minority voters she would have won. The youth vote fell from just 32% under Obama to 20% under Hillary. There are now 20 million new youth voters. There are also MILLIONS of new Spanish voters. And there are over 100 million people who COULD vote but they just dont. Most of them say the main reason is because they are jaded. Polls have repeatedly shown Bernie pulls these people out to vote. He pulls a small hand full of Republicans. He pulls more moderates then Hillary did (who also lost them compared to Obama) because independents love outsiders/change candidates. If you give them someone establishment, the will vote Trump or not vote.

       Bernie is just the winning hand no matter how you look at it. That includes being able to draw a strong contrast from Trump. Trump cuts social security and other social programs like veterans benefits, Bernie greatly expands them. Trump repeals Obamacare, Bernie replaces it with Medicare For all which polls very well. Trump had a history of trying to evict blacks and accusing them of bigoted things, Bernie literally got arrested for civil rights. Bernie is a PERFECT contrast to Trump in a way Biden never can be.

    3. @William Esselman My issue is that, if you’ve “got it all figured out” and yet are missing details like that, hastily skimming…

      You probably haven’t dedicated enough time to actually figure it all out. Either that, or, you dont double check yourself.

      Both essentially mean youve built an argument on a house of cards.

      Some of your other statements are baffling, to say the least.

      But. Do what you want.

  7. imagine if the media hyped up Bernie for winning 3 primaries as much as they’re doing it for Biden for winning 1?

    1. @Ginger W He has more support among working class blacks and minorities than any other candidate (and working class whites for that matter). Follow the numbers.

    2. @Ginger W Bernie won the young black vote with 0 competition, he lost the old black vote who are more conservative.

  8. The Biden campaign is STILL really bad. Just because he did very well in SC, and multiple other people dropped out to endorse him doesn’t mean that’s changed.

    1. You really need to watch “Rudy Giuliani’s Common Sense” if you think Biden will ever be president.

    2. Gotta say, I think everyone pulling out and endorsing Biden will end up being a good thing for Bernie. The Dem’s are so dumb they think that just because Biden won SC he’s somehow going to do better, when in reality Biden support is so bad I doubt the two endorsements he just got will do anything to help him. Nobody likes Biden, he will get a brief boost then fall in the polls until he’s irrelevant.

  9. Msmbc credibility: 0
    Bryan Williams’s credibility: somehow less

    No one I know would play out this enitre video, let alone consider what bs they’re trying to slide by use. U still taking on 🔥 bro? How’s Chris Matthews doing?? Garbage channel.

    1. I got 36 seconds in and ended it. Pretty much like the democrats chances of winning. 😅😁

    2. @Jason what? You know the old saying….. Missery loves company. I was feeling down today so needed a laugh said I keep you company. Had no need to be back here…… Yet here I am responding to Missery. 😆😁😆

  10. 2016: old creepy super-establishment super-close-to-obama centrist vs trump
    *trump wins*
    2020: oh yea let’s try Joe Biden that’ll work

    1. halo3odst have you seen Hillary? Why people call her a liberal or progressive is beyond me.

    2. America desperatly wanted a centrist in 2016, dont you think it would have voted for her if she was?

  11. Biden loses to Trump 10/10 times, Sanders has a chance. Hillary lost because she’s the embodiment of the establishment…Biden’s the same.

    1. Screw the establishment and corporate dems. Their out of touch mentalities are what will cost them the presidency to Trump unless they back off and let Biden and Bernie duke it out with the peoples’ vote, which you know the DNC will never do. I’m not trying to be, but they’re really making me devote myself to back Bernie.

  12. I can’t believe the DNC decided to get behind a candidate who can hardly string together a coherent sentence

    1. Unfortunately, the DNC will lie, cheat, steal, and pawn their own mothers for money and political advantage.
      It may be parenthetically noted that the RNC isn’t much better.

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