What A Survey Of Georgia Voters Says About The Current Political Moment | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

What A Survey Of Georgia Voters Says About The Current Political Moment | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Political scientist Rachel Bitecofer discusses a new survey of Georgia voters on the 2020 election at the January 6 riot. Aired on 03/29/2021.
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What A Survey Of Georgia Voters Says About The Current Political Moment | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. I guess I’m first to say the GOP cares about nothing but power, & they could very easily end our republic with their desperate schemes to get it.

    1. @Bill Casey oh yes hypocrite you don’t like it because its your fascist antifa mob the so called idea the do called peaceful protesters right btw nice try ha I’m not from USA so Trump not my president and Joe is not my president oh yes let’s just keep crying about the one riot but all the antifa riots is nothing if antifa was a right wing your Media well find everything about them and show everything they do like last day or last week when they smash business Windows and set fire and injured 6 cops but no antifa is left wing so the media well not show it did your Media show when antifa attack homeless trans woman and almost murder a for helping the trans woman oh yes they didn’t when their was a full video of it but they didn’t just like when lie about oh they tergas the so called peaceful protesters and they never show what antifa and blm and their fake antifa press was doing to the feds so nice try

    2. I’m on the same page as you, but I doubt you’re the first to something we’ve all been saying for 4&1/2 years!

    3. @Ray S we do?!? Since when?
      The last I saw the gop still retains control in the senate, and are using it to stonewall all legislation and stop gap assistance bills!

  2. Gop has become a joke of a party full of fascists that care only about money, power, and exploting their base. When people like MTG and Lauren Boebert get elected, and people like Cruz, Jordan, and Gaetz flourish, there is a serious problem. The gop wants to end democracy.

    1. @Brian Fosbrook why are you so mad? I see your other comments on other pages where you claim to be Christian, but you’re hostile and confrontational.

    2. @Sandy McConnell I think Trump was all about putting money in his own pocket – lots of it. He just threw out a few crumbs to keep the masses happy.

    1. @Walt Likker please explain how they aren’t. You don’t get to go around giving people homework. Tell us how they aren’t…

    2. @Walt Likker yep 4 years and on 1/6/21 that same presidente led an insurrection against his own govt. So seems like money well spent. History will have all documentation on it. If america fails that will be part of the story you’ll be dead tho and your posterity will hate you

  3. Trump has successfully brought Americans the debate of 1960s again but it is much worse than the era of civil unrest. Very sad society.

    1. @CoconutKev The capital was an insurrection. The rest were protesting as your president called peaceful protesters SOB’s yet most remained peaceful.

    2. @CoconutKev and when did those riots stop the courts from functioning when they were closed due to the pandemic?

    3. @Jay M when they burnt them down, and the post office wasn’t closed for covid nor prisons when they have riots

    1. @Frail Bones Biden Antifa isn’t even an organization. Also when people use so many emojis, it usually means they are quite triggered.

    2. @keir farnum ironically, Ammon Bundy agrees with blm and defunding the police. He caught a TON of hate for it immediately, calling him a dirty commie etc

  4. Republicans screaming about Mr. Potatohead all the while stealing democracy and turning America into an autocracy.

    1. @Teena Selman BS to you. If you’d bothered to read about “self-repair bills” you wouldn’t look so gd stupid.

  5. The GOP tries to rule by Fear. The feed people LIES and MISINFORMATION. They need people to remain uneducated and ignorant to remain in power. Fear is their weapon and stupidity is their fuel.

    “There is nothing in the record of the past two years when both Houses of Congress have been controlled by the Republican Party which can lead any person to believe that those promises will be fulfilled in the future. They follow the Hitler line – no matter how big the lie; repeat it often enough and the masses will regard it as truth.”
    ― John F. Kennedy

    1. @Jackyc1234 Clark I remember my Civics, I remember my History. I/ lived and remember the 60’s. Kennedy and Martin Luther King. Women’ rights and fight to be played the same as Men when working the same job!! The right to decide what to do with their own body’s ‘ !! ( Women will have to deal with the Maker on that )we need more to council with them what can be done. ) Trump and the Republicans have started to take us Backwards in time !! Now they are trying to make it harder for people to vote in the Republican States! !Petty People!! Repression!! I thought at 70 things would be better not worse !!! I am tired. My poor grandchildren !! American does not need this !!

    2. @Judy Mcdaniel You’ve fought the fight . Just gotta remind those who haven’t that nothins guaranteed . We tend to take our freedoms for granted . But they can be taken away . The quickest way is for people to not pay attention . Voter apathy . We must participate in our democracy by voting . It is our civic duty, responsibility to cast our vote . Small price to pay to live in the (yep) usa.

    1. Nah, they want to make racism not a big deal again. And when you call them out they call you the racist. SMMFH

    2. Racism has always been GREAT!!!. It was just suppressed in Ga and the US. Its not just southern states that have their share of racist peoples. All states bear this and share in this burden.

    3. It’s the Georgia Republican officials and the Republicans are changing the election laws in 42 other states. Full on fascists.

  6. If Georgia was a foreign country, the US would impose sanctions for unfair and corrupt election practices

    1. @Bidenforthenext8years Pleasewearamask compared to racist dem saying black peoples don’t have ids dems treat black as if they can’t make life choices without whitey saving them

    2. @Julian Searcie dems are the racist one think black peoples have no id dem want illegals to votes that why there crying around about I’d not cause black can’t get I’d they have I’d

    3. @michael grabianowski black peoples have id dems crying they want illegal to vote they can’t with no Id

    4. @Robie Robinson please the dis Infranchise they doing to illegals they want to vote show ids only citizen can vote and that who should vote black people have id

    5. @James Doolittle Not like it used to be, Racists are fast trying to hold on to rule by minority. Texas is effectively purple wether you know it or not it won’t be long before the state flips blue.

  7. Just goes to show how far they are out of touch with reality. Just goes to show how they are nothing but pure liars.

    1. @HunterBiden’sGun you racists are trying to steal the vote from black people. You guys tried in this last election but failed to get them thrown out.

    2. It’s not that the members of the republican party are liars, but more so that lying is part of Republican party policy. And if you fail to follow party leadership, well, you’ll find yourself out the door after the next primary election.

  8. If the GOP overturned a clearly lost election, they would have an armed insurrection on their hands. But I guess they like that kind of thing.

    1. @HunterBiden’sGun
      If there was such evidence, why wasn’t any of it brought forth in the many court cases the Trump legal team brought? All your so called “evidence” has been debunked.

  9. Yes, January 6th was sedition and terrorism by definition. I’d personally label them traitors.
    But by definition is was sedition and terrorism.

    1. @Shawn Corbin 35%er/(}-
      Yes, they are awake.
      But you’re not one of them.
      Projecting projection…
      You are strong in the ways of cognitive dissonance.

      Silly person.

      Suckers and Losers!


    2. @Satanic Microchip v3 Ridicule again, huh? It’s all you have left. Watch what happens, keep on being a zombie, it really suits you.

    3. @Shawn Corbin 35%er/
      Oh, I’ve been watching for the last 4 years.
      Just one long parade of failed predictions and proven falsehoods.
      And I’ll be watching when this one fails, which it’s guaranteed to do since most of it’s already been proven to be make believe nonsense.
      And I’ll be laughing to myself, thinking about the mental contortions you’re going through, trying to convince yourself of some conspiracy “theory” that denies reality and keeps your magacult delusions alive.

    4. @Shawn Corbin 35%er/
      If you insist on being ridiculous, don’t cry about being ridiculed.
      Silly chihuahua.

  10. American people know this is going on and why. Those senators should of been charged with Sedition.

    1. @Ge Mum lmfao yeah you guys believe there was fraud when there wasn’t but we’re the ones on the kool aid … sure.

  11. We have got to do something about Gerrymandering as much as the Filibuster – we must make historical corrections to our political system or go down with the ship. No amount of joking on late night television will fix this.

    1. HunterBiden’sGun Obama was not president last year and the Democratic Party did not use the filibuster at all let alone 300 times. McConnell nuked the filibuster for those three appointments to the SCOTUS.

    2. Gerrymandering isn’t a thing in my state, because we only have one Congressman. But you can guess that means we’re almost always a red state.

    3. Joking on late night might not solve the problem, but at least it helps bring awareness to their audience.

    4. @gennaterra The more the states introduce laws to make it harder to vote, the more likely the Dems use the nuclear option to overrule them. the Dems have been preoccupied and only in control of all 3 branches for a little over 2 months – the path noted previously is being laid, let the events run their course.

    5. @Chris Willis Hi Chris – we had a huge push against gerrymanders in Australia in the 80s/90s, & things have been way better in that direction since. So action is the only way to go – & getting people involved & voting. Mind you we have the independent Electoral Commissions who oversee all Federal & State elections, & election rules are pretty much set in stone unless there’s a good reason to change anything. Our democracy is far from perfect, as are our politicians, but at least things work on an election basis. I don’t know who said it but: Democracy is Messy – sure is, but better than other options. Cheers.

  12. Section 5 of The FTC Act,  prohibits “unfair or deceptive acts or practices in or affecting commerce”.  Shouldn’t the same apply to the news, government and political campaigns by law?

    1. The voters in Georgia are doing just fine, they’re 2 for 2 so far and I’m confident they’ll make it 3 for 3. Though they represent them the Republican legislature and Governor have no idea who they’re dealing with. Carry on people of Georgia, we’re with you.

    2. Arm every citizen in Georgia so they can show Kemp and the Republicans in the legislature their not allowed to be dictators for life.

    3. @Susan Teeter I’m voting % Democrat. (I did vote #45 in 2016…but I’ve trashed all my Republican BS…not even going write letters to them like I used to…

    4. @Jen Vicinity I am from Australia and don’t understand how Republicans can just make and pass new laws when The Democrats are in power. Your system is very strange indeed

  13. Did we just over look what she just said. We need to stop talking so much about January 6, Voter Fraud, and start talking about how Republicans are fear mongering, we need to talk about that. And how they are already setting the stage for the 2022-2024 elections. We are in danger if we continue to let these old white GOP men to run the country. Wow. She was right about that.

    1. @flea10x6 Liberalism is a systemic mental disease far worse than any China virus, it will truly destroy this country.

  14. It needs to be stated again that most of the footage of 01/06 comes from their own cell phones. This ain’t fake news, folks.

    1. @Shawn Corbin 66,00/80,000 what?
      Biden won with over 7,000,000 votes over trump!
      Fudging the numbers don’t work after they’ve reported nationally!

    2. @Shawn Corbin
      The law you’re referring to was changed because of the civil rights act, ending jim crow and the Southern Strategy in 1964, when the liberal republicans/blacks switched to the democrats and the racist dixicrat voters became republicans.
      So, now you know why.

      20 years of research…
      Silly person.

      Suckers and Losers!

    3. @Shawn Corbin 35%er/
      I’m a corporate shill?
      Yet your the one who supports the policies of corporate welfare, corporate deregulation, tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy, eliminating workers rights and protections, de-funding education, degrading civil rights, voter suppression and treasonous insurrection to overthrow the Constitution and Democracy for a fascist dictatorship.
      (Though you clearly lack the wits to recognize it.)
      You just keep repeating standard magacult propaganda, without understanding the context.
      Reminiscent of a shivering chihuahua, just YapYapYapping at the noises outside.
      Poor lil’ fella.

      So, let’s see if this information you claim to have, actually supports your conspiracy “theories” with factual evidence, or if it’s just more baseless conspiracy “theory” speculation and generic magacult propaganda.

      I suspect the latter.

      Suckers and Losers!

    4. @Satanic Microchip v3 So many adjectives and projecting blame. What a tool you are. You’re not fooling anyone. Just watch what happens. Stay classy, bahahahaha.

    5. @Shawn Corbin 35%er/
      Where have I projected blame?
      Again, you demonstrate your penchant for repeating things you’ve heard without understanding the context.
      Kinda like a parrot.

      ( >baGAWK!!

      Suckers and Losers!


      This is fun.

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