What Antifa members are doing during protests

Many anti-fascist activists hide their identity when fighting white supremacy. But a few are speaking out after police brutality protests across the nation.
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  1. Antifa: “Churchill was an anti-fascist, my grandparents stormed the beaches of Normandy to defeat fascism.”
    Also Antifa: “Churchill was a racist! Remove his statue”.

    1. Antifa are morons, quite simply… They use history for their agenda but don’t really understand it.

    2. @JAMES WHITELEY – There is a difference between a grave with a likeness on it and a statue in Parliament square. I don’t imagine even the most radical members of Antifa are suggesting they dig up Robert E. Lee and remove his gravestone. Statues are there to honour people and if people are no longer worthy of being honoured then why leave them up? Put a work of art there or someone that is worthy of being honoured. Why would that make history ‘go away?’ History still exists in books and a click away on the internet now. I see no reason whatsoever to have leave a statue of a slaver simply because it happens to be there. It wasn’t put there by God it was put there by people and people can remove it if they wish.
      I’m sure most will see a statue of Churchill should remain as his deeds outways his racist remarks. Although to be honest I think he was right about Islam. I’ve never understood the left defending a religion that makes fascism look relaxed and easygoing. Brunei literally went from secular to Sharia in 2014 and introduced stoning women and gays to death. Yet the Guardian fell over itself to defend Sharia though the entire thing.
      Equally, they wrote ‘RACIST,’ on the statue of Gandhi in London. which he ironically was but my guess is the majority would want him to remain also.
      There is no reason to keep a slave traders statue but it can be removed to the local museum in context rather than in a place of pride.

    3. So because Churchill didn’t want Hitler to take over the WHOLE WORLD (obviously including Britain), that means he couldn’t be racist?
      Talk about a dumb theory.
      He had a fucking vested interest in not wanting the Nazis to take over the country he lived in. Read some books, stupid. People like you shout about how socialism is bad because the Nazis called themselves socialists. Get a clue.

    1. @Tommy Willis No, why should we fight each other? Antifa is a protest movement against nazism and fascism and other injustice..and there are 10% of people in Germany who are what we call “Nazis”..and as germans it’s our responsibility and mandatory to work against these tendencies..it is not just a fight A vs. B, we only have a problem with right-wing crime and violence!!

    2. @Neffets Nnamremmiz 10% would be one of every 10 people… when it comes to extreme Neo-Nazis, 10% is quite an overestimation. Though you’re probably right with regards to right-wing folks like those numbskulls who vote for the AfD.

    3. @Neffets Nnamremmiz Antifa is a sham,idiot.
      They’re going around fighting fascism by being fascists?
      Can’t you see it.
      Oh,and do you like Islam?

    1. @Miles Kelley then explain why they always appear in force at right wing rallies, have trucks that show up full of clubs and sheilds, and have green vest free legal concil appear at their counter protests?

  2. “Are you a communist?”
    “No I am an anti-fascist”
    “For a long time?”
    “Since I have understood fascism.” ― Ernest Hemingway, For Whom the Bell Tolls.

    1. Obama’s Ugly White Momma
      A grown man who can’t distinguish the Right from the Left …
      You’re an insult to intelligence.

    1. Wish they would get off YouTube. Independent media does investigative journalism unlike mainstream media. Cable tube now.

    1. @Minor7thb9 Nothing I say is relevant to individuals who believe lies and fiction or to those who are paid to harass the free press. Which are you?

    2. Compare that to antifa’s assumption that anyone who disagrees with them deserves to be attacked.

    1. @Angus Wiebe no….moron…….Antifa is the modern day version of our Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force who fought and died to keep the fascism of Hitler and Mussolini from spreading.


  3. The USA is a great country, a beautiful country! If you are American, be proud of it, love the USA. Protect and love the USA!

    1. I do that is why I’m Anti Fascist, You think our founding fathers were Nazi’s like Trump and his Father?

  4. I am so sick and tired of the hate, lack of ethics, lack of morals, lack of compassion, lack of humanity and lack of forgiveness. All we do is tear each other down. It makes me sick that we can’t behave and act like civilized humans.

    1. Stella Devers when crusaders ravaged North Africa with killings and raping, all was in the name of god. Despite Trumps acts as an anti-Christ, he still have 41% of the population support from this country, and predominantly conservative christians, so what does this tell us ?

    1. @laharl sama if ones claims they are not an organized group how can one confidently say that members of there group are not the the ones starting the riots. When time and time again there video evidence of these “white knights” causing anarchy justifying it with their cause of anti facism.

  5. ANTIFA: We’re not a group
    Media: Is ANTIFA starting violence?
    ANTIFA: We don’t do that
    Everyone: Wait… how can you speak for everyone who is Antifa if you’re not a group?

    1. @MisterNiles”You disagreed with me… So you’re probably a Fascist.”

      It’s astonishing that people with logic like this think they have the moral high ground.

    2. @Taylor Bennett So we do what you say and get rid of jail. Then what?

      Is that… the end of the problem?

    3. @cj p can’t tell if serious but here’s a PSA in any case – there’s a bunch of groups organized for the sole purpose of providing legal aid and counsel for free to (mostly poor) people, and they frequently send representatives to big protests to provide that aid to protesters. There’s probably a few nearby if you live in a big city. They help loved ones figure out where the arestee is being held, they’re probably the whistle blowers if any misconduct is observed, and they advocate for your rights even if you don’t know what they are. Seek them out, support them, and use them if you ever need to. They’re the “good guys,” in my experience anyhow.

    4. @Das Pooh Munich 72 the hell is a scrot? Also I’m literally antifa honey, idk what to tell you. Why don’t you like me?

  6. If Antifa means that you are against fascists then count me in. Last time I checked we fought against fascists during WWII.

    1. Just because they call themselves anti-fascists does not mean they are not fascists. Have you not seen their behaviour?

    2. @KnockItWide86 The messages they send are clear.
      They call themselves “anti fascists” because it makes them *seem* noble.
      If you’re a rational person,you will not take sides with these idiots.

    1. @Dylan Causbie I bet it wasn’t a Democrat doing that. Maybe more like KKK or AWD, so Trump folk.

    2. cherry_mx_1989 yeah who knows, I don’t. I wasn’t saying the person who did it was Democrat, just saying that the state it was done in is known to be a democratic front runner state. California has been the tip of the revolutionary spear. It wouldn’t fit the narrative of CNN to say that there are racist in their own front yard…. That doesn’t fit the California peace and love narrative, however if this was done in a place like Alabama for instance, gaurentee that it would be all over the place because it would fit their narrative. Not taking sides, just pointing out some critical biases in all journalism


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