1. Russia already violated its neutrality agreement with Ukraine when it annexed Crimea, established separatist communities and then invaded Ukraine. What about the guarantee of protection and security from Russia and the West when Ukraine gave away their nuclear weapons after the soviet union fell? No such thing as guarantees with Russia.

    1. @Dhyani D’Souza let’s start watching something other than CNN propaganda.
      For example Patrick Lancaster’s footage from Ukraine:

      And then a few more videos about what is happening and happened in Ukraine, which will not be shown on CNN and BBC:

      Russian’s military operation:
      1) https://youtu.be/FG1fuhKwXVA

      Ukrainian airstrike on breakaway republics:
      2) https://youtu.be/00K8dt7h30I

      American funding of nazi Azov battalion:
      3) https://youtu.be/VtOx6dW_0vU

      Ukraine neo-nazi infiltrated every level of military and government:
      4) https://youtu.be/KfaAyiP8Wuc

      Ukraine shelled Donetsk killing many:
      5) https://youtu.be/5yPeUf2NEZk

      Ukraine confirms Biden corruption:
      6) https://youtu.be/tnn8AOJ2JlQ

      What the media wants you to think:
      7) https://youtu.be/q1W5o3Xz5OI

      Ukraine on fire – Oliver Stone:
      8) https://youtu.be/LHH10jIRJmQ

      What Zelensky says and what really is.
      Whether there is Nazism in Ukraine.
      9) https://youtu.be/cq223PiDMyY

      Former UN inspector on what is happening in Ukraine:
      10) https://youtu.be/rRFjlnoMCeE

    2. @Dhyani D’Souza proof – see above.
      And “I don’t watch CNN” …as a comment for the video from CNN?
      You comment without watching the video you’re commenting on?
      Or watch the video, but write that you don’t watch?

  2. After all these years we were led to believe that Russia had the 2nd best military in the world. Turns out they’re only the 2nd best military in Ukraine!😂😂😂 Stay strong Ukraine!💪💛💙💛💙💛💙

    1. @That Guy and the Ukrainians don’t want Russia’s form of government. They will fight until they drive out the Russians

    2. @ЭЮЯ are you for real?
      They’ve been killing families in their cars trying to get away
      They have bombed over 20 hospitals deliberately they have flattened most residential areas they have closed off cities to deliberately starve the people
      They have preventing citizens from leaving during ceasefires
      Ive never seen a military behave in this way

    3. @Edward Squirrell That’s right, the military does not behave like that. Everything you listed is done by Ukrainian Nazis. They act like ISIS. They kill Russian civilians and lie that the Russians are doing it. Russia asks for the creation of humanitarian corridors for the evacuation of civilians, but the Ukrainian Nazis shoot people who go towards Russia. Ukrainian Nazis blew up a theater with Russian hostages and lie that the Russians did it. They blew up a maternity hospital with Russian wives and children and lie that the Russians did it. Ukrainian Nazis drive people out of schools, hospitals, shopping centers and make weapons depots and military headquarters there. Russia destroys them with precise strikes and they scream that the Russians are bombing civilians.
      And cynical Western propaganda is spreading these Ukrainian lies.

  3. If I was Ukraine, and if I had what it took to do so (in terms of supplies, logistics, weapons systems etc.), I would push Russia entirely out of all Ukrainian territory. You invade for no reason? You should have what you took in 2014 taken back from you.

    1. @Belly Dancer Em the comment immediately below the OP: Crimea gave up without a single shot. So many of you here deliberate over Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, but forget that 30 years ago Ukraine was a part of Russia. It works both ways.

      #4 down from the OP: Ukraine will be unable to move an inch eastward into the Russian territory. I believe no one doubts this and that’s why the world is in a such a state of hysteria.

      #7 down from the OP: Russian is not interested in anything other than Luhansk, Donbas, and a corridor to Crimea. Otherwise, we would’ve have a martial law, which we don’t correctly have.

      #11 down from the OP (right above where you say the system won’t translate for you): I’m aware of this. Donetsk, Luhansk, and Crimea want to be separate as well but are not being allowed to.

      (My personal opinion as an expat: sounds like Putin’s personality cult. To put it mildly, it’s wildly known that Ukraine as well as Russia were both (along with other 13 republics) parts of the USSR, NOT Russia. This is the same as to say that Scotland is a part of England, or Quebec is a part of British Columbia… but even more intense… maybe sensitivity around Catalonia is a better example…)

    2. @Desert Ranger у меня нет культа личности Путина, вы просто не знаете как много русских живет на Украине, у меня у самой родственники Украинцы как и у половины россиян

    3. @Desert Ranger US deploys chemical weapons in Poland for use in Ukraine under false flag

      As Veterans Today has learned, on the direct orders of the White House, the transfer of secret stockpiles of American chemical weapons from a facility in Richmond, Kentucky to transshipment bases in Poland has begun.

      The plan is to use chemical weapons in Kyiv or Odessa and blame it on Russia, which will undoubtedly lead to a full-scale nuclear war. And no, this is not an exercise, not a hoax, the data was obtained from a top-level intelligence officer.

      What you think about this?

    1. @Janek Mon The supposed war crimes against Russian POW that you mention have been debunked and the so called video proof was confirmed as fabricated. The truth’s all over the internet right now, nobody fell for it.

    2. @Alexis Barrette Show me the reference to the “debunking”. The videos I am referring to have just surfaced today and are apparently undeniable.

    3. China and Russia are ignoring human rights and are cracking down on more information Socialist has no freedom Criticize other countries Humans in socialist countries flee to democratic countries Be timid and become their own Does not criticize

  4. I think Erdogan should be the one who may can stop this war. He’s both friend of Russia and Ukraine, so he can have all the situation in his hands. I have always loved Turkey, but if is going to make them stop i will love Turkey more and maybe it will visite her the next summer. Stop this war already!

    1. Turkey is fighting a proxy war against Russia in Syria. Turkish drones are being used to blow up Russians in Ukraine. The Turks are training the Ukrainians how.to use them more effectively. So…not sure what you are talking about. Erdogan is one of the problems…not the solution

  5. 6:48 – ”Turkey which has the second largest army in NATO”
    7:58 – ”You can make the same case for other NATO allies that have much more military equipment than we do”

    1. Turkey has the second most men in NATO but they only have the 10 largest military budget so other countries have more equipment and high tech equipment.

    2. 🤔. If Turkey gives their Russian made air defense system to Ukraine, they get F35, Patriot missiles, and sanctions removed. Sounds to me like Turkey maintaining a friendly relationship with Moscow is more important than fully integrating with NATO.

    3. There’s a difference between a large army and a well equipped one! Similar to China having the biggest population, none of which are armed

  6. They want the “what’s in it for us?”, like every single other country out here, this is risky business, can you really blame anyone. Long past the time to nut up, or shut up . . . imo.

  7. There are no sticking points. Putin: We are taking half of Ukraine and all its ports or all of Ukraine. Zelensky: ok which ever you think is best. 🤣

  8. I like this guy a lot. Honest, erudite and pragmatic. There should be more politicians like this.

  9. I found mr Kalin to be an honest , level headed burocrat, there should be more like him on both sides.. yes stop the killing first, then talk all day & night, were humans why do we have to kill each other ? for what ?.. well done Turks, .. Love & respect to your nation

  10. Breaking new just in- Vladimir Putrid just announced to the UN the invasion of Ukraine should not be looked at as warfare. He said ” Our losses of men and equipment are an investment to economic diversification in the Russian Federation. Petroleum has been a primary source of capitol for the nation but now we are looking forward to expanding our mail order bride market worldwide.” He also said ” We can shoot nuclear missile at our enemy if we don’t get what we want.”

  11. They say Russia and Ukraine had oligarchs who regularly made deals with each other. Money flowed between them freely. The talk about how the president of Ukraine a few presidents ago, the one who built that mansion, drained Ukraine’s funds for himself before he stepped down sounds like something that suits Russia, Putin, the Russian oligarchs. That’s business as usual and capitalism Russian style. If they never lost this style of business, there is a good chance Russia would never have invaded Ukraine and it could be the biggest reason they did. They will never openly discuss this because the west would not approve of most of what they did, citing corruption. But it’s important to understand the most valuable reasons for the war, the most important reasons for stopping. That does not mean Ukraine or EU or NATO or anyone else need to give Russia the chance to go back to this. It does mean we need to understand what is important to them. Chris Voss calls it tactical empathy and uses something he calls the accusation audit, which is a list of all the things the other side hates about us and the stronger their feelings, the more important it is to talk about. Mr. Voss was a hostage negotiator. They have rules where they are not allowed to give hostage takers a helicopter or a car, alcohol, etc. But that does not mean they don’t talk about it and do their best to understand it.

  12. I also support Turkey adequate Diplomacy and emphasis on restoring peace which is most crucial for the whole world right now especially Ukrainian people who are now dead or homeless nevertheless to say that it is really sad to see how Nato or european countries are really disunited when it comes to sparing the most necessary if not the only really important air defence to Ukraine that is unacceptable to see or hear when they obviously do not need them at the moment and if a attack on one country is a attack on all they have therefore all the protection they need so why not spare PROVIDE a few most crucial weapons needed to ukraine who as to fight unfairly on its own ?
    So far i put nato selfishness the same as putin both killing the ukraine population by not responding adequately to the situation here .
    Russia is using ukraine as a torture and nato not wanting to help with the right defence protection weapons shows how they created the attack on ukraine and now they are not taking responsibility for it. Really pathetic that they do not even see it ..
    putin and most european countries in nato are one of the same spolled selfish inhuman blinded by their own sick little self interests and security while the ones that need security and mostly help are being killed .
    How do you explain that ?
    Russia was never under any threats when it as most of the nuclear weapons in the world with North Korea and united states which by the way calls for a major nuclear world disarmament.
    This is a sad world when you see your neighbour being slaughter but you won’t spare because you can’t give the life saving weapons that is needed .
    The Right weapons would stop the war the massive destruction of a country
    it would stop the world crisis and most importantly fix the safety of corridors evacuation and Life also probably free Maripuol right now !

  13. He’s talking as if Putin is a reasonable leader. On some level he seems to know he’s not, but he has to realize that if one party is a bad faith actor that no fair peace settlement can be made because Putin won’t hold up his end of the deal, and that puts Ukraine at a disadvantage. This is not a he-said-she-said with equal culpability on both sides. The bottom line is that Russia’s president violated Ukraine’s sovereignty and border; not the other way around. As much as certain factions would like to make it seem as if there’s no aggressor, or worse, painting Zelensky as the antagonist, that is not how it is. I don’t know who this guy was talking about when he said he didn’t agree with “sanctioning allies” because Russia’s government is absolutely NOT an ally. Not sure if he thought Turkey would be sanctioned and if that’s what he meant, but I have not heard anything to that effect.

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