1. when its Amy schumer or blm its “a historic event”
      When its someone else its problems. The traitors and liars will be held accountable some day.. God sees and knows all..

    1. @Dorientje Woller Yes, but I wasn’t sure what that meant. Like, not wearing masks? Repeatedly trying to have political discussions at work? Wearing MAGA gear at work? Etc etc

    2. TheBananaBeat republicans are always making simpletons vote against their own interest and blame people of color for societies problems

    3. @melissa saint Discrimination or racism is a no go in my business. Even having links or having symphaty for such groups or persons is a profound reason from my side to sack them. My business, my rules, and they are well stated in the fine print on the contract.

    1. @Deluxe HD Like how it’s constitutional to file an objection to electoral results and Democrats have done it for decades.

  1. These people are on camera, without masks on for disguise, talking about wanting their freedom! Lets see how this plays out in the next six months!

    1. I’m an American. The media and Hollywood hate you Mr President, but we Americans love you. Keep fighting no. We don’t want 4 more years mr president, we want 12 MORE YEARS THE WINNING IS JUST GETTING PRE HEATED. WHOS READY TO BE BAKED IN WINNING. (2024) and mr president, if 12 years isn’t enough! Baron Trump would happily make this country great again! 24 more years mr president !

  2. I’ve never seen Terrorists just provide all their information and detail their crimes like this. It’s fascinating.

    1. @Zellies Look at some of the videos there were people of color there in support trump and the riots too. I just saw two videos that showed them there. Grant more ignorant whites, but there were people of color in that crowd.

    2. @havapuppy exactly that! They are use to getting a slap on the wrist for things they do in the name of “Keeping them in their place”.

    1. Yeah … if it was a black guy just walking innocently the cops would become hyper alert and knock him down … that is sad …

  3. He sends the Terrorist on a mission/then throws them under the bus to save his own A** WE JUST luuuuuuuv THE POORLY EDUCATED. Trump direct quote

    1. “The laws that forbid the carrying of arms… disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes.”
      —Thomas Jefferson

    2. “Our liberty depends upon the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost”
      —Thomas Jefferson

    3. “Dont bite at the bait of pleasure, till you know there is no hook beneath it.”
      —Thomas Jefferson

      —Thomas Jefferson

  4. “The Supreme Court is against us – what are we supposed to do?”
    How about recognizing that you have no case?

    1. “what are we supposed to do?”..
      (“I dunno what to do so I’ll go tear down the Capital!”)
      Inbreeding diminishes logic.

    1. @Lorne Armstrong I’m glad you are trying to prove the theory of Marvel’s Multiverse. Is everybody Orange where you come from ?

  5. Chanting “USA USA” while waving a Confederate battle flag and an altered version of the Nazi Wehrmacht flag….. Priceless.

    1. See the battle flag of the southern traitors in your house of democraty make me sad, i have an emotional though for all these American soldiers who fight for freedom and some of whom died alongside us, comrades shame on this people, their action soil your memory rest in peace, we will see us

    2. The Dixie Swastika…..USA? I thought we Americans fought against them. Well, they lost the war and this election and the attempt to take over the Capitol. Wait how tired are you of all this winning? Better see what Q has to say about all this. Must be Antifa or the pedophiles behind this.

  6. To think that everyone of them said “our freedoms are being taken away” because they have to wear a mask and everyone gets a stimulus. Like wow, we need serious therapy for these people.

  7. Commentary from somewhere:
    “You know it’s bad when China criticizes the US. America has been so busy exporting democracy to Hong Kong and the Middle East that they forgot to keep some for themselves.”

    1. @Tammy Ousnamer Ignorance is always a bother but willful ignorance has no excuse and should be dealt with with extreme prejudice.

    2. @James Faulkner II there’s no hope for you , I don’t waste my time on lost causes . I was just being nice , something people have seem to forgotten how to be .

    1. I’m so surprised no ones really been talking about that loaded statement. They were planning this attack. No question!

    1. Research the reason you want to committ a federal crime and possibly end up dead or in prison for a long time.

  8. Giuliani is captured on television stating “let’s have trial by combat”. Him and Trump have blood on their hands and must be prosecuted to the fullest!

  9. “They maced me.” Lady, you tried breaking into a government building, you’re lucky that’s all they did.

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