'What Are We Waiting For?': Why Filibuster Reform Should Happen Sooner Than Later | Rachel Maddow 1

‘What Are We Waiting For?’: Why Filibuster Reform Should Happen Sooner Than Later | Rachel Maddow


Adam Jentleson, former deputy chief of staff to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, talks with Rachel Maddow about why it's a good idea for Senate Democrats to reform the filibuster and pass popular legislation ahead of wrestling with the infrastructure bill. Aired on 03/19/2021.
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'What Are We Waiting For?': Why Filibuster Reform Should Happen Sooner Than Later | Rachel Maddow


    1. Joe says No! He said he would be or uniter in Chief so that means he’ll get it through with the filibuster

    2. @Highly Medicated He said he will do it the old way if necessary and if the progressives push him enough he will ..

    3. The U.S. House of Representatives got rid of the filibuster (in the House of Representatives) in 1893. And the world did not come to an end.

    1. @Kalle I don’t fully understand it but,

      Apparently, the way it works is, if a senator didn’t want a bill to be put to a vote, they could object and the vote would be put on hold.

      Before, senators would have to take the floor and give an argument on why they’re objecting to the bill. When they ran out of stuff to talk about, the senate could move on with passing the bill.

      Nowadays, a senator can just object without even giving a reason. And essentially put a bill on hold indefinitely.

    2. Your correct about the misuse. But it is beneficial for both parties. It’s also an agreed upon procedure.

    1. @Kalle yes. It keeps from one side having complete control of everything. I love it! No matter which side is in power

    2. @Allthingsconsidered Not sure if Schumer menat that in a ‘positive’ way, or what point ou were trying to make.

    1. Good job at reminding people that Toby Keith has had some redeemable moments, after Mr. Roy used a quote from him from a different song that exposed the very worst of Mr. Keith’s mindset. (I’m not sure if you were aware, but it’s certainly true. And something that needed to be pointed out, whether that was your intentions or not. It’s a teachable moment in which we can start a conversation about how wrong it is to simplify otherwise complicated people. For the simple minded, they are to be taken at face value. They’ll hang on to hateful rhetoric instead of valuable lessons for the rest of their lives.)

  1. Yes, get to it! Either make it painful to use by having to justify yourself in public or get rid of it altogether. There is no third option.

    1. Seriously anybody reading green eggs and ham is not contributing to a debate anyway. It’s as rotten as the food

    2. Joe says No! He said he would be or uniter in Chief so that means he’ll get it through with the filibuster

    1. @Allthingsconsidered
      The next time you’re going to do your “power boom”, do some research first. You don’t want to look like an uneducated buffoon, that repeats every ridiculous talking point you heard on OANN, or Fox News. We know what rubbish they put out, as evidenced from the lawsuits they are now facing.

    2. @Allthingsconsidered
      That’s not the point Wesley. The point is, we are no longer going to bow down to the authoritarian rule of the Republican Party. You have become a fascist party that wants to rule over the people, instead of ruling for the people. You are destroying your own party with these fascistic tendencies. You decry freedom, as you do everything you can to take away voting rights. You are imploding.
      “If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed…..and we will deserve it.” – Lindsey Graham.

    3. @Allthingsconsidered
      I am not a Democrat. I am an Independent that sees what has happened to the Republican Party. You have become a party of fascists. You dislike Nazis but are allowing your party to become something Mussolini would be proud of. Trump’s mentor was a great devotee of Nazi rhetoric. He taught Trump the teachings of Hitler and Mussolini. Do some research into the fascistic takeover of Italy. Trump’s presidency mirrors it almost perfectly. We are lucky true Patriots stopped the attack on our democracy.

    4. @Allthingsconsidered
      I have been censored repeatedly. I’ve had my messages deleted. I’ve had my ability to write responses taken away. I’ve had my access to my accounts restricted and frozen. Republicans are not the only ones being censored. You’re just the ones crying about it all the time. You are so busy thinking about yourselves, you don’t see what’s happening to everyone else.

    5. @Allthingsconsidered
      Wow Wesley, you really don’t get it. That’s ok. You’re a Republican. I understand. Bless your heart. Time to go nite nite dear. Don’t forget to pray to your golden calf. I mean your orange one.

  2. Yes, the Democrats should push through as much legislation as they can. It’s time we made up for Mitch’s “scorched Earth” policies!

    1. @Joel Rivard There won’t be a civil war. Violent irrational crackpots with guns will be put in jail for 20 years. We can jail all 50,000 of them. Problem solved.

    2. @Joel Rivard yet this tactic was used repeatedly under the trump administration , and the conservatives were fine with it . Infrastructure improvement was popular among the right when trump proposed it, yet no civil war .Almost all the folks I see in comment sections proposing civil war seem to be trump supporters.

  3. Just be as strong and emboldened as Republicans were…
    The minium wage is not an option….
    Lets take our country back, and invest in Americans and our infrastructure….

    1. McConnell really thinks he scared the Democrats. President Biden will or will not keep it without McConnell’s threats.

  4. Right on Democrats! Do it! Republicans are going to try to block everything. You got to do it when you have a chance. The people and the country really really needs help. Don’t waste the opportunity

    1. Joe says No! He said he would be or uniter in Chief so that means he’ll get it through with the filibuster

  5. Exactly, Amend Filibuster, pass voting rights act(s) and the trumplicans will no longer be able to win seats that were previously subject to gerrymander or heavy voter suppressesion

    1. @Kalle Hi, In most legislative bodies a simple majority allows for a law to pass. )There may be some rules about the majority required to change constitution in some places) In the USA Congress a majority vote will see a proposed bill to pass but, for some arcane reason, in the US Senate 60 out 0f 100 senators have to vote for a bill before it passes. This requirement, to get more than a simple majority is the “Filibuster”

    2. @Peter Hicks Thanks! I really appreciate this! Sounds strange. In my country, a change in the constitution indeed requires a 2/3 majority from the parliament, but that is one of the few exceptions to the normal simple majority. That’s more logical because the majority of the parliament members are pretty simple people too.

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