1. If you’re gonna try and help the middle class, you probably shouldn’t be making them pay extra for having good credit when buying a home 🤷🏻‍♂️

    1. @Liam Liam
      ” .. paying it back .. ”

      now you get it …
      as in paying back a home mortgage with interest

    1. @Suzanne Weary apparently the average voter is not as informed as you and I.
      Please be open to RFK JR s message.
      He is not anti vaccine he just wants them tested and people compensated when they get injured. MAINLY he is for freedom . He would not force business to shut down or people to be fired for not taking something.

    2. @Charles Ritter He wasn’t faced with having to make that decision, so I’m on the fence about that. The entire world shut down and rightfully so, in my opinion. When you have people who deny what they see, they will purposely act in a way to test the waters, so to speak. So, in order to save the many from the few, I fully supported the shutdown. Have an awesome week.

    3. And what are those principles I used to be a Democrat but then I saw what Joe Biden and his team are doing and hell no never again will I ever vote for Democrats

    1. Yep, and Bernie was leading after the first couple of primaries until the DNC decided Biden would be the party leader

    2. ​@NJ SS when everyone drops out the day before super tuesday…thats not the voters deciding!

  2. Had America voted for Bernie when he ran they’d have free Medicare by now. Think about that one since America is the only Country in the whole that Still pays for medicare

    1. I’m still waiting on him to write the bill and bring it to the floor. He’s a Senator, and that’s his job.

  3. They need to explain how the voting process works in Congress while exposing the Republican and Democrat (Manchin and Sinema) long record of, voting against bills that would improve the lives of the vast majority of Americans. Finally, push for automatic voter registration when obtaining a driver’s license, the John Lewis Voting Rights Act,etc.

    1. We need to have voter ID to keep our elections honest for both parties! There are so many illegals in this country that will try to vote in a candidate that are not citizens!!!

    1. ​@Vickie Malone “YOU enter the room”
      “YOU take a seat”
      “YOU shake hands with a ghost”
      “YOU eat ice cream and stay quiet”
      The last 2 might not be exact wording

    2. You tell me. Which one cannot speak a full sentence without gaffing, takes midday naps on foreign trips, and has failed this country?

  4. I agree that the Democrats should make the working class their priority. They are always left out and behind

  5. Can we just take a step back and ask ourselves how Biden and Trump are our best options for leadership of the free world? Seriously?

  6. Let’s be honest. Biden finishes sentences competently and clearly. The Republicans like to take any little misspoken or mispronounced word and make a big deal of it. The most articulate of us trip over words. Biden is human. I’ve heard Tom Brokaw and Walter Cronkite misspeak or mispronounce words, it didn’t make them any less competent and qualified.

    1. Bernie hs always been for the people.i voted for Trump because all of Mexico was headed here. I’m for legal immigration. Age doesn’t lower Bidens abilties I’m 83,and too old to think of a full time job. Too old.

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