What Biden's infrastructure initiative may include 1

What Biden’s infrastructure initiative may include


Council of Economic Advisers Chair Celia Rouse says that infrastructure is the next step in President Joe Biden's promise to create more jobs and manufacturing for Americans. CNN's Christine Romans explains what Biden will be looking to enact.

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  1. 50 years of repair backlog, 20 years of lagging behind technology, 15 years of 20,000,000 Private Sector jobs; $4trllion INFRASTRUCTURE, now which money is still “no interest”

    1. Most countries ended using lead paint in 1904, the USA didn’t stop using it till 1978…nothing has changed in this nation.

    2. @Dean Smith Same thing, he has supported legislation that have been detrimental to America, like China joining the WTO like 20 years ago, now he is surprised that China ate our lunch… Oh wait maybe he doesn’t even remember that.

  2. Government shouldn’t be in the business of creating jobs, thats called socialism, and say what want Trump had the lowest unemployment in history for all minorities

    1. @YouTube Censors so a president with multiple bankruptcies had better job growth than any other president? Gimme a break. Trump did nada, zip, other than destroy the Obama legacy and broken promises (the wall, the political swamp, etc), which he had NO intention of keeping.

    2. @Lee Ntantu use common sense bro, government need taxes, so they make jobs and pay for education… with taxes, stop and use some critical thinking, and you’ll see how that is a failing loop, black folks need to stop relying on the government and for their selfe

  3. Sure is different how Biden’s team talks to the media and Trump’s team. Trump’s team was armed with lies and insults and Biden’s team is armed with info and statistics.

    1. @Move on Over You didn’t watch the press conference racist. If you had you would have seen Biden give another great public appearance.

    2. @Michael Morningstar goofy Joe wandering around the stage away from the podium.
      So are you.

  4. I’m a from the US Virgin Islands if you wants to fix roads and bridges he should check down here first the roads out here have potholes as big as a cave LMAO

  5. The queen vladz trolling cheerleaders are performing on cue for America as usual

  6. Joe’s going to create millions of jobs by raising all the roads because the oceans are rising because of global warming.

    1. @Arthur Morgan Why do we need to improve infrastructure? In 2016 Trump and his Republican allies said they were on it. Do you mean to tell me that Trump and the Republicans in Congress didn’t fulfill a campaign promise?

    2. @OverlandMD B Maybe after you post your video about the ET’s that are trying to wake us up to the illuminati who don’t want to relinquish control of this planet, you can post another video detailing exactly what the GOP and Trump did to improve our infrastructure.

    3. @Joe Blue Invested billions into inner city’s states and county’s got grants to improve roads and bridges all across the country we had more construction crews working under Trump then we did in the past 40 years

  7. Democrats working hard to repair the county while Republicans are name calling in the wings. Even a no brainer like an infrastructure bill requires more brain power than most of the right wingers can muster.

    1. Have you seen the video from the border ? Yet this man wants to spend more of American tax dollars

  8. Hopefully the energy grid is considered, due to Republican greed and incompetence 100 people in Texas are dead after the blackout.

    1. @Joe Blow Just like a Republican, hiding behind a company, put into place by Republicans. Also, just like a Republican, as soon as the weather got bad Cruz went on vacation and blamed his daughters. So I do have my facts straight.

    2. You are so stupid did you ever wonder why the snow turned black? Or how about why you had such crazy weather in Texas? How can you blame Republicans for you’re power grid failure? That weather in texas this winter was not normal weather and was not supposed to happen. The democratic party did that to all of you. The scientists mainly bill gates was behind the crazy weather in texas this winter. They learned how to manipulate the weather that is what they did in texas. No where in the country did people have icicles hanging inside their homes no where but texas. That is why and that is why your snow turned black weather manipulation that is what they did. So you can blame the Republicans all you want but that was the democratic party that did that to all of you.

    3. @Dies Irae I am an adult you disrespectful clown go find out who Russell Jay Gould is Youtube him Last Flag Standing go educate yourself lol

  9. Pres Biden have the experience and have seen it all. He knows this legislation will put America into it’s best foot forward. He’s the man.
    Personal shout out to pres Biden. Thank you sir.

    1. He spent 48 years in Washington and has no record of doing anything while he was there. Do you know that?

  10. I still wonder how i would have been coping without the professional broker Mrs Stephanie i got introduced to by my employer some weeks ago while the pandemic was still new to the people of USA first i was scared but now am testifying for others.

    1. @Sarah Williams You can easily reach to Mrs Stephanie over her WhatsApp, I’ll leave the number below this comment.

  11. Renewable energy makes more jobs then fossil fuels, America’s desert areas could be used for solar farms.

    1. @Dave Knepp I was unaware letting black people vote made you a hateful person, but if so, I’m super hateful!

    2. @Bobby S just another cry of victim hood just like class envy and whatever else liberals want. Your group has used racism so much that you wore it out and you have no credibility anymore. Whitey doesn’t care if you call him racist anymore. 90% of a liberal’s vocabulary is some form of racist or some word ending in phobia. Nobody cares anymore.

  12. All you rich people swearing that inflation is here…..I’m totally cool with your fears as I take your $ away from you on the stock market. Inflation can’t happen until regular folks have spending money again and JPow isn’t raising interest rates. But go ahead and keep tanking the market, people that do not invest usually do not care about the market and I’m happily here to help with reallocating your wealth. Problems with supply chain management is not the same as inflation. The only thing massively inflated right now is the housing market and that’s because people don’t need to sell even if they can’t pay right now with the Fannie and Freddie forbearance laws. And even so, look up the consequences of deflation. That would be massively worse. We, as a country, are used to about a 3% inflation hike every year. If the feds have helped stabilize this during a multi-year national crises, it makes sense that in, say 2022, we suddenly go up 6% (or more) after being stagnant for 2 years because of fed failsafes. You can’t blame Biden for that, it’s absolutely normal, you just don’t want to deal with it because we’ve had such low interest on everything for an entire year and the people making $ from low interest rates (mostly the wealthy and asset owners) don’t want to give that benefit up. It’s just a benefit, 0% was never here to stay. Most everyone that re-financed their house in the last year had nearly 800 credit scores. This is what helped the “K” shaped recovery. In my opinion, Biden’s plans are to close the wealth gap and the only people screaming about that being a bad thing are the people that have way more money than they need. People that regularly choose between food and life saving medicine prescriptions don’t think it’s all that bad to redistribute the wealth in a country that touts itself as a place where no child would ever go hungry.

  13. Ironically, we’d end up saving more money long-term by upgrading our infrastructure because we wouldn’t be spending time and money doing haphazard repair jobs on systems older than a significant number of the posters on Youtube.

    1. Sometimes it takes a big idea to make things happen that will change the country for the better regardless of those that cry.

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