What can the US learn from Australia's gun reforms? 1

What can the US learn from Australia’s gun reforms?


Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd joins CNN's Pamela Brown to discuss what the United States can learn from Australia about gun reform efforts after the country implemented firearms restrictions following a deadly mass shooting. #CNN #News


    1. @tigers456 please don’t generalize all Americans. Many of us want very serious gun reform and control in this country and are working for it. We see Australia as an inspiration, those of us who care, and are adhering to the concepts with a hope for change and a chance to rectify the situation and prevent more murders. I’m well aware that it’s a Gun Epidemic here.

    2. @Buddha Cook I suppose that’s a solution, there a criminal could stab and beat someone to the brink of death and the hospital will put that victim back together the best they can for free. Here, the attacker is left face down and the victim can completely avoid the hospital, we can then have more capable medical professionals to put the attacker back together before they go to jail.

      I personally prefer the criminal get the worst of it.

    3. @Dierdre Dragon After Sandy Hook, when nothing was done, I think your situation became permanent. I pray things will change. I DOUBT IT. GOOD LUCK.

    1. Only 204 automatic weapons were handed in out of the 660, 000 guns handed in in 1996…I guarantee all the criminals in the country did not hand in their automatic weapons.

    2. @C.J Groves , OMG, 1901 was when y’all grew a back bone? 1901 are you kidding me… Y’all stayed slaves to England until 1901? Bawhahaha bawhahaha bawhahaha bawhahaha bawhahaha bawhahaha bawhahaha bawhahaha bawhahaha bawhahaha bawhahaha bawhahaha bawhahaha bawhahaha bawhahaha bawhahaha bawhahaha bawhahaha bawhahaha bawhahaha bawhahaha bawhahaha bawhahaha bawhahaha bawhahaha bawhahaha bawhahaha bawhahaha bawhahaha bawhahaha bawhahaha bawhahaha bawhahaha bawhahaha…

    3. @Jay Dickson No I can’t be bothered! It’s an opinion! You may not agree and it’s your right!

    4. @Jay Dickson the US has more than 800 military bases in 70 countries.
      But we don’t allow any other country to place any military bases on our land.

    5. @Jay Dickson Call on us? Because we’re the only super power in the world you cretin we hold the gold standard of everybody’s money in the world you clearly know nothing of what you speak about. Countries came to us because up until just a few years ago we held at least a little bit of moral high ground and when I say a little I mean a tiny sliver. Combined that and you have what is called in politics “soft power“ which is an amazing thing to have it has countries acquiesce to your wishes just because of who you are and how powerful you are. Donald Trump threw that all away. If you think that they want to rely on us you’re more out of your mind and I thought. This educational class is now dismissed.

  1. Kinda feels like the founders were ACTUAL bear arms collectors that where super weird about it.. Something got lost in understanding later down the road

    1. @Ad Astra they knew exactly what they were writing. That’s why they didn’t write any ‘specific’ type of firearm. They used the word “ARMS”. Look the word up in relation to the subject. It will give you some clarity.

    2. @Ad Astra The first effective breech-loading and repeating flintlock firearms were developed in the early 1600s. One early magazine repeater has been attributed to Michele Lorenzoni, a Florentine gunmaker.
      The first use of the term “machine gun” was after Richard Gatling and his invention. Many repeating and multi firearms existed before, and where available to the public.
      But hey the founding fathers were really young.

    3. @Vital Signs Actually when the said Arms they meant the arms on your body…you have the right to defend yourselves with them in fist fights

    4. @Ad Astra either you’re trying to be funny,or you don’t have a dictionary site on your computer.
      Again,the word is ARMS,in relation to the subject.

  2. Technically the right to keep and bear arms means I can have a house in my backyard if I want. I don’t know if that’s a court precedent yet should I test the waters…

  3. The RW of Oz is pushing really hard to wind back gun laws with huge backing from the US gun lobbies.

    1. @Leonaza7 1/2 yes but use them in a certain combination and you will imprisoned for life…bombs and molotov cocktails are illegal, yet if you read the second amendment fully literally it would protect those as well.

  4. What can the US learn? Absolutely nothing because the US decided “learning was for suckers” decades ago.

  5. Australia is not a rural country like that guy said. 40% of the population lives in Sydney and Melbourne alone, and almost all the rest live in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

    1. @A. Alphbond So we ARE rural then. There’s almost continuous farmland from top to bottom on the East coast alone.

    2. @A. Alphbond I was talking about cites in general and not just Sydney. According to the census 71% of Australians live in major cites so that is the majority. It’s not about land size it’s about population.

    3. Australia has a rural history and while most of, particularly recent immigrants live in cities, we still have a large and electorally powerful rural constituency, which can control enough seats in Parliament to make it hard for a party to form government if rejected by too many rural voters.

      We occupy about 8% of the world’s land surface, admittedly a lot of desert, but that privilege for our small population carries an obligation, to farm wisely and help meet global food needs. To do that, we inevitably alter the environment in ways that favour some species at the cost of others. In particular, kangaroos are adapted to surge populations after droughts. A female can have a baby (joey) out of the pouch, another in the pouch and a third on a teet within the pouch ready to grow as space in the pouch becomes available. With access to agricultural lands, the population can surge remarkably fast, limited only by supplies of food and water.

      To farm, we must control kangaroo numbers. The realistic choices are poison or shooting. Of these, shooting for all its flaws is the more humane. It now appears that meddling city dwellers in the USA want to stop the import of kangaroo hide. Let me predict the effect of this…

      With no market for the hides, the animals will still have to be killed. Their now valueless carcasses will be left to rot. Worse, the skilled “roo shooters” who make their living from efficiently killing these animals will be replaced by less competent shooters. The professionals pride themselves on killing the animals with a single bullet to the head and they shoot enough to achieve this consistently. The amateurs cannot match such skills.

      The result of this arrogant, all be it well meaning, intervention will be the loss of an important income stream for rural communities and consequent loss of rural population, The same number of animals will be killed, and sadly, less humanely. The harvesting of kangaroos is in no way analogous to the slaughter of the North American buffalo.

    4. ….. * looks outside of his Tasmanian window and sees 40 acres of farmland and sheep… So just me then?

  6. Management is . . .
    Management is the guiding of work in firm, department , a home ,or any other Enterprise , to a predetermined end . Any group of people trying to do something needs a leader . There was once a Russian symphony orchestra that tried to perform without a conductor, but the experiment expired at the first concert .

  7. Man good ole krudd is on a fucking warpath lately… Dude is doing more nowadays then when he was running the country, fucking legend.

  8. Personally when it comes down to “the way of the gun” I don’t ever see anything ever changing about that so they could reform all they want

  9. On the continent with the greatest number of deadly species of animals, and the highest per capita amount of deadly individual animals, you can get by fairly easily with just a sharp knife, a sturdy shoe, and a bit of common sense. Now, America can import the first two, but that last one has to be manufactured domestically.

  10. America: measures ammunition in millimeters. Refuses to adopt sensible gun laws found in countries with the metric system

    1. you know how many guns and gun laws we gave???????????!?

      none of the gunlaws prevented mass shootings

      whats the population of australia???

      whats the population of the usa????

      more people means more criminals

  11. Woke up this morning, made coffee, wrestled a crocodile, escaped a drop bear and at no stage I was worried about my kids being killed at school. Didn’t lose any freedoms and slept like a baby. Gun reforms work.

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