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    1. @Reese B Probably should have started on it a while ago. I worked in IT for over four decades so I know how hard it can be replacing old software. But we don’t know if the cause was someone pushed a code change that was buggy. Probably the full story will come out later.

    2. @Sunny bob Quackers Because those managing the software/systems are either incompetent, underfunded, not listened to, mis-prioritzed or perhaps need a different line of work. Heh Heh. I agree totally that critical systems need priority.

    3. @Chess Dad probably a mix of all plus greed and corruption…look how medical records are no longer safe at all. Wonder how many psychos declined therapy because of that. How many folks did not confess crimes or bad urges to their therapists cause of that. We are such a self-destructive race.

  1. If the system was hacked would they really let us know this?
    What an impact this would have on the industry. I wouldn’t trust hopping on a flight knowing that it was possible for it to get hacked into.

    1. No they wouldn’t. I tracked fights and seen 52 jet refeulers Sent up.
      Which means there must of been heavy jet fighter presence in the sky.
      Most likely were hacked and they responded as an emergency in case of an attack.

    2. They also wouldnt let us know if they were just testing whether they could stop citizens from traveling the air.

  2. i was in the jetblue airplane in JFK for like 30 minutes without going to the gate and after that when i went to take a taxi that system was down too i waited for over an hour not a single taxi arrived. I had to go back far away gate 5/baggage claim and get an uber.

  3. New iPhones are released about every two years. The FAA gets new equipment every twenty years…..and it’s outdated before it’s installed.

  4. Used to be you could call Flight Service to get these. But, all those people lost their jobs when it was updated.

  5. Great spin piece. Nothing to see here. You know, sort of like the system glitch as Southwest.
    Yea, I believe it. 😛

    1. depends, sometimes a random piece of code can trip up an entire system if no one knows what it’s for and the guy that made it left

  6. what most dont understand about the older technology, is that it cant be hacked remotely like an IP based system

  7. I can absolutely believe that it was old tech, I used to work at a major bank and there was 30 year old code in use, not hard for something to go wrong with that.

    1. @David Klimek because updating software is hard. If you weren’t around when the original code was made, you could change one thing and it causes a million more issues, so it’s usually left alone.

  8. Most aviation systems are ancient and not scaled to the traffic they have to deal with now. Also no one pays attention to maintenance until things like this happen.

  9. I think most of the FAA computers are on windows 95. They don’t get enough funding to replace them all and they can’t replace some because the new ones can’t talk to the old ones.

  10. They want to change all the old tech hardware to Blockchain technology for the IoT. It’s slow as molasses and way too clunky. Maybe planes can circle for a week or ten days waiting for notifications.

  11. So how would you explain when civilian ac were grounded, we had tons of military ac that scrambled? also, what was with the rocket that flew over Arkansas??

  12. As a project design and manager 25 years ago I worked on changing old systems to new. Major problem was that the much older systems had poor documentation of what the software did and changes made. We usually ended up making an entirely new system, but meanwhile no changes could take place. A huge project!!

    1. and expensive and yet we say things like we don’t make a lot of desalination plants cause it costs too much (or it’s not cost effective)….

  13. I’m going to continue calling them notice to airmen… the way it should be. I will not participate in Orwellian newspeak…”notice to air missions”

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