What Could ‘Soon’ Mean For The House Speaker? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

What Could 'Soon' Mean For The House Speaker? | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


  1. She means soon. Unlike Trump who says he’ll do something soon and what he really means is never if he has his way.

    1. @Recka Wuyts
      Holding the House paperwork up means the longer Trump squirms in thinking the Senate can squash the “forever impeached” status.
      His entire camp is afraid to tell him the truth…😂🤣😂
      What a moron he is…
      Pelosi is just wearing him down, by trial he’ll be a blathering fool with Diarrhea of the mouth.
      Wow a novel idea..🤔
      Have a really smart powerful WOMAN aggravate him enough that he’ll convict himself.😩
      She’s my type of hero…🤗🏅👏👍

    1. TRUMP brags about turning the US military into a mercenary force: “We’re sending more [troops] to Saudi Arabia, and Saudi Arabia is paying us for it … they’re paying us. They’ve already deposited $1 billion in the bank.”

    2. @Wc Fields and yers ain’t so fuk’n bad yerself! A bit of malarkey to sparkle up Irish eyes before a shot of one malt!

  2. Nancy … reopen impeach.ent hearings, subpoena Bolton. THEN, after BOLTONS testimony, send Moscow Mitch the articles of impeachment.

    Screw Mitch and the pony he rode in on.

    1. @kenneth humpf
      The House doesn’t need a reason to “stall”. Every aspect of impeachment is under House control as long as they don’t pass it off to the Senate.
      There is NO TIME LIMIT stated in the Constituition of when the charges must be delivered.
      The longer Trumps impeachment stays in the House the more mistakes he will make in adult temper tantrums. He actually thinks the trial will make it “magically” go away 🤯😭. Get his pacifiers ready .. 💉💊🍼🍔🍟🚼👑⛳🚽
      & don’t tell him it’s forever🤫

    2. @Chris Freeman
      WTF are you babbling about? What type of hillbilly racist remark is ” a sandwich no vote from the black folks” ?
      Pelosi doesn’t need approvals. After she gets this done she’ll retire to spend some time with that rich honey of a husband & the large family she has. Well earned & much deserved R&R.

    3. @Tom McDermott
      Since when are crimes against the Constituition …not crimes???
      Abuse of Power refers to blackmailing the Ukrainian President with US military aide & a WH visit into his media announcement, & the Biden dirt probe. That’s 2 counts.
      Obstruction of Congress is akin to Contempt of Congress & refers to Obstructing the release of UNREDACTED docs &
      witnesses as supeonaed by the lawful congressional intelligence committee to do their job..
      That’s another 2 counts.
      The house may have 27 others misdemeanor & emollument charges attached. These are crimes against The Constituition, the highest laws in our nation. Even above the SCOTUS.
      Like Trump you can’t think your way out of a paper bag.

    4. @Joy B Ghouliani’ s pal Parnas, neglected to mention 1 mil in his account from Russia during SDNY Feds questioning. No surprise that Trump lied about not knowing them…Pics showing those shady actors having dinners with him, Jr & other key aides surfaced.
      ..can’t wait to hear what song that canary sings. Lol

    1. There is no trial ding at – that sham the Dems had in the secret room in the basement of the Capital was the “trial”

    2. There are no articles citing specific impeachable offenses. Only vague charges that mean nothing. The senate would be crazy to be complicit in what the house democrats are attempting to do. Every aspect of the impeachment hearings was shady and unconstitutional. Obvious the same bunch have wanted to remove him since the day he won the election.

  3. Hold them, and reopen the articles bring Bolton in to testify!
    If it’s just about covering up crimes, then it’s just a dictatorship.

    1. @Agreeable Dragon The blind mice like you can’t comprehend that when govt is invaded by crooks..
      WE ALL LOSE!
      How does it feel to know you were duped by a lying con man in chief??
      In NYC the public saw Trump run his scams since the 1970s. How is it you never found that info on the web BEFORE voting him in? You should be ashamed that you didn’t do any research.

    2. @Vote him Out Who’s losing? Markets up. Jobs up. Confidence up. Taxes down. Crime down. Terrorists down.

    3. @Alex Hamilton well if you think hiding evidence is making dems look stupid, well your low IQ is what it is. No witches were put in jail right Epstein?

    4. @Agreeable Dragon Really? There have been more mall, school & antisematic murders in 2019 than any year since the riots of the 1970s.
      Apparently home grown white radical racist terrorists don’t count. All but one attributed their vile actions to Trump’s rally calls.
      That income tax refund stops on 4/15/20 after that Trump will raise taxes on States. He already did that to NY. That’s when all his slight of hand will bite you. Your property, school, gas, tolls, & sales tax will skyrocket to pay for his lack of economics. He went bankrupt 6 TIMES & was named the CEO who owed the most money in the entire USA! Do you have any clue what that means in business??? More owed than Buffet, Besos, Gates etc.
      He can’t run a dishwasher what makes you think.he can run our nation….other than into the ground.
      Silly senseless sheep.

  4. We also can’t diminish how delaying sending the articles of impeachment has riled up Americans to state in polls that a majority want witnesses in the impeachment trial.

      Wow! You talk about being triggered. you are so triggered with you delusional rantings and your accusations about enjoying butchering babies. Where did that come from? Only someone totally triggered would make such a wild desperate accusation out of nowhere. By the way, your cult leader Trump had been pro choice for years. He only says otherwise to get support from the alt right evangelists and his core base. You poor little snowflake. Why don’t you grab a little blankie and a cookie and hold onto your silly little delusions. Couldn’t care less about your little sad rants and judgements about who you you think I am and what I believe. Reading your post would be truly comical if it weren’t so sad and pathetic. Have a nice life! You’ll need it.😄🤣🤣🤣

  5. Glad they IMPEACHED the MF, Moscow Mitch should have a fair trail with witnesses WHAT THE F___ ARE YOU AFRAID OF GOPEDIPHILE MF .

    1. For all their idiotic cries of foul their constant obstruction of the House investigation SHOUTS guilt. Who goes to such astonishing measures to protect themselves if they (according to their claims) are soooo innocent? I hope we are able to learn about those tax papers too bone spurs “once your audit is finished.” (What a tool he is.) Golfs one day out of five so far during his occupation of our oval office.

    1. His dad did thats where the corruption is, I know I know you are too stupid to understand “orange man bad” GTFO loser

    2. @drinkmoresoda : Trump Administration had 3 years to subpoena Hunter Biden and DID NOTHING till Joe decided to run. So, Dumb thought “drinkmoresoda.”

    3. @drinkmoresoda : dumb thought dude! should have subpoena hunter before joe decided to run! duh?

    1. @waylander75 And i dont mean wrong because your liberal news tells you so . Ive studied constitutional law for years , im very knowledgeable i promise . Try me

    2. @waylander75 The saddest part for the people who have all this hatred for Donald Trump is that they are so blinded by the media bashing him that they don’t see the fact that leaders of the democratic party have accomplished absolutely nothing in the last three years because they’ve been so busy chasing whistles in an attempt to take Trump down . You cant honestly tell yourself that you see anything positive coming from the Democrats right now , think about it folks . Every single channel is flooded with nothing except rubbish they believe incriminates the man . They’re not focused on helping American citizens they’re and have solely been focused on Trump even before he took office . If you were to set your hatred aside for even a day and watch some other news channels you would see what you’re not seeing now .

    3. Marlowe Dugger, would you say Warren, Sanders, and Bennet are impartial? They are literally gunning for the defendant’s job while sitting on the jury to determine if he should be removed from his job…

    4. @Jordan Goodman he said you were a million percent wrong due to debilitating TDS but goes totally silent with a reason LOL

    1. @Dora Ayala Castro Nancy will be gone before Cocaine Mitch ever will….she tried to keep her house together and her constituents happy, but the left is eating itself from the inside. They really dug themselves a huge hole for 2020.

    2. Gail Beterbide, I live in Kentucky and pretty much everyone supports him. He is the most well liked politician here and he will have an easy win in 2020.

  6. EVERYone knows Trumpy is gonna use them scan trial to claim he’s been exonerated. So don’t be a party to that.

  7. I’d like to know how many people in government and media are members of the Church of Scientilogy or associated with Epstein ??

    1. lol…after all…trump THINKS he is the CHOSEN ONE…so Nancy? invoke the 25th ammendment stop playing with your food

  8. Moscow Mitch needs a noose around that turtle neck, scew just him losing his next election. Hang a few traitors and maybe it will dissuade the rest.

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