What Covid Pandemic? Texas Baseball Fans Fill Rangers Stands | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. Take me out to the ball game
    Take me out to the crowd
    Cough on by beer and my cracker jacks.
    I don’t care if I die on my back.

    1. @Ro G BLM protests during the pandemic do not spread the virus, yet baseball fans do? How does the virus know the difference?

    2. @Ro G takes a cultist to know a cultist i guess. Come outside you house. I promise you won’t die pansy.

    3. Bro I’m from nyc outside everyday hospitals are empty of corona bro lol go check for yourself and you see they lie a lot lol .. hospitals hardly get cases meaning all this is BIG CAP ..

    1. @Ash Roskell So you think that the side afraid of mean words wins? You must live in opposite land! LOL

    2. @Mystery Man How do you figure? My money is on the side with 90% of the guns, good luck with your fight with mean words.

    3. Mouse, just do it, right now. Put your money where your mouth is and leave.

      You could move to a perpetually locked-down state like California, which would be joyful. You could spend the rest of your life under the control of the left wing, telling you what you can and can’t do.

    1. You think maybe this is some sort of Darwinian Death Qult of Karens who just can’t take life without the Donster? . . . 🤔 . . . Maybe? 😁

    2. @Ash Roskell Who keeps bringing up Trump? The Crazy left rioted all summer pretending to care about BL while killing BL. BTW Republicans are not KARENS. Good luck in your battle with mean words, you’re the definition of projection.

    1. Is that why Michigan leads the nation in covid cases with a dem Whitmore running the state almost like masks dont work

  2. So Texas governor Greg Abbot’s refusal to throw out the first pitch _did not_ detour fans from attending the opening day for the Rangers? I did not see that coming. 🥴

  3. Montana governor Greg Gianforte felt it was extremely important to lift the mask 😷 mandate former governor Steve Bullock had instated. Today he tested positive for COVID-19.

    1. @kylegreer maybe he’ll get his strength back enough to bodyslam another reporter after he comes out of quarantine.

  4. We do not wish to know history, for it is intellectually confrontational of the preferred idiocracy of the present. – contribured to some drunk during a port call in the 80’s. May have been the XO.

    1. Then why is Michigan leading the nation in covid not Florida or.texas almost like masks dont work weird

    2. They should just put a fence around the place and quarantine them for three weeks. That’d learn ‘em . . . 🙄

    3. @Joel Rivard : Dumb . . . That’s dumb . . . You’re dumb . . . Don’t tell me? 🤔 Trump fan, right? 🤤

    4. And are you not selfish? Let me teach you something sweetheart, there isn’t such a thing as selflessness. Everything you do you did it for yourself. Just because you want other to comply with YOUR rules doesn’t make you any less selfish. What makes you believe you can tell others what to do? What gives you that right? Is that not selfish? Is not taking the vaccine selfish? Is not living selfish? “Oh but I took the vaccine so other people won’t get it.” Well there you go, you did it because you believed you were important enough to get it. You did it for a selfish reason, YOU didn’t want to see others get it. You just want to be seen as a moral person. “Oh look at me, look at me, look how moral and good I am. I took the shot. Aren’t I a hero?” Don’t fool yourself. You are no less selfish than the people at the ball game. They do what they believe is in their best interest just as much as you.

  5. same people saying send your kids to school because that’s how we make money we gave the building a new paint job to stop covid. What the frick… we put in new deterrents like a new car for the whole school board and a raise to the members on the education board but not the teachers…. and the custodial workers will willingly clean the classes properly sure they will.

  6. Y’all don’t know what is gonna hit you… we are being walloped for the first time in BC Canada right now. Worst case numbers since the beginning. Texas is gonna be b*tch slapped.

    1. You ever wondered what happen with the flu? What happened to the 70,000+ deaths per year from the flu?

    2. @Dixin C. : We found a vaccine for that. Most people who get the flu do not die, nor do they require weeks of ICU or months of rehabilitation. Stop comparing the two; they aren’t comparable. Over 10,000,000 dead in ONE year from Covid – slight difference from 70k, ‘eh? 🤨😷

    3. Imagine cowering over a year later over a virus with a recovery rate over ninety nine percent. Tracy, you’re a 🐈

  7. If people are really still concerned about this virus, then they have the freedom to stay home from the baseball games. Those that aren’t concerned can attend.

    1. As long as the 40 000 people accept that they are killing other people, then I think they should to baseball games. People say that sports fans are mindless drunks, I don’t know why.

    2. @John Smith Natural selection. Smart, healthy people should go about their lives being successful and fulfilled. Sick, miserable people can waste away in their RonaCloset.

    3. @John Smith stay home if you’re scared of a virus that has less than one percent chance of killing you.

  8. April 19 2021: there will be a Dallas/FtWorth metro area spike in Covid cases. Lookup Rangers’ Stadium Texas on Google Maps.

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