1. I heard he can multi task; watch porn, jack and watch the door to see if anyone is coming all at the same time.

    1. I am so tired of forced apologies. He did not know other people could see him. Let he who has never rubbed one out cast the 1st stone. He is guilty of being bad with how a computer works.

  1. I have to watch wearing a blindfold whenever Toobin is on CNN, in case he drops a clanger with his twanger 👋

  2. This guy gives the most hands on Analysis!
    Really has a strong grip on the situation!!
    He is always up for hard work

    1. @joseph long thanks lol! Felt bad but I doubt he will see it. Props to him for working his butt off to get out of the doghouse.

  3. If the Jan 6th committee booked Toobin to perform his “zoom act” on live TV, I guarantee that the viewing figures would be through the roof!👍👀

    1. My gf told me she would never touch herself while on her period. One day I caught her red handed.

    1. Tubin is able to erect a narrative of the dysfunctions of the former president quite handedly

  4. My but Toobin is all lathered up over this. This is all coming to a head. Hope it doesn’t turn out to be anticlimactic.

    1. Mark Ogle I have a hard time looking at him after what he did. And CNN is disgusting for Taking him back!

  5. Jeffrey Toobin’s hands must be on the table all the time. Toobin let’s see your hands. We’re not the police but we don’t want some monkey business

  6. I’m just glad Jeff Toobin can help us get a grasp on the situation. I love his hands-on approach, and I’ll give a hand to CNN for keeping it all on the table. We should really hold accountable that Trump jerk. Offerman said it, “Fox News is hated because they’re elitists, and the worst winners television’s ever seen.”

  7. just look at what Trump did with the BLM protests and compare that with what he failed to do on Jan 6th.

    1. Nobody is stopping anyone who prefers the lifestyle of slavery over freedom….please stop throwing stones at people who maybe dont prefer your lifestyle choice.

  8. He can’t look at things just on the evidence (He makes up his mind first and doesn’t want to listen to “facts”). He can’t leave his bias at the door. He can’t even be polite. I wouldn’t want him as a juror at my trial, why the hell would I want him writing the law?

  9. The moment Jeffery Toobin appears on screen I can‘t seem to understand as to what he is saying but imagine as to what he would be doing under the table.

  10. No one is saying they were tourists. One person said that without context he would have thought they were tourists and you’re spinning that like Toobin on a break

  11. At time 4:10 “I don’t know how big that audience of open-minded people is.” — Considering the current climate/division in the U.S; I feel any remaining “open minded” people are *already* voting blue.

    I wish there would be more “open minded” people who will be affected by this, but…. It’s a *really tall order* these days. Argh.

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