What Did Nancy Pelosi Achieve By Withholding Articles Of Impeachment? | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. The Greatest speaker achieved the possibility that vindictive Mitch will toss the articles in the trash-his promises are in that same trash- (grab your Constitution and show me where he can’t), or decides to hold them for any reason. Our party conveniently forgets we are the minority. Mitch is the Senate Majority leader-King! But, he can’t -See you in court

    1. Every POTUS that’s been impeached has been acquitted by the Senate. What makes you think history will change?

  2. she’s not gonna give em the articles next week. she’s just pretending. she’s like… “oh. those. we’ll start getting those ready to send over next week. probably.”
    she’s having too much fun watching em all melt. pressure is heat, you know. literally. thats a scientific principal.
    and pelosi has a forty pound plate sittin on this hamberder she’s cookin here. 😿 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bVUWkY5R0E

    1. @mike “God you guy’s just get dumber.lol”
      if we get stupid enough, who knows. maybe trump supporters will be able to understand us.

  3. Crazy drunken, juicy mouthed, lion smaking, clacking teeth old biddy should clean up San Fran it’s disgusting.

    1. @salmonline I’m serious Drunken old Nancy has ruined San Francisco. You can take a dump on the street with a meth pipe in your hand and it’s now the norm up there….yuck!

  4. For the next 25 years as I attempt to set my 500th precedent, like Garlands long wait to nothingville. If the 2x Greatest Speaker (A Woman-I remind you) has calculated that she will trash the articles(again-Whynot?). If she has the necessary evidence of real on American soil-Crimes and has found a way to Indict him, thru NY if nec. So, where are the taxes, finance…

  5. “What did Pelosi achieve by withholding articles?”
    *_She made you look._*
    That’s literally all it takes for people to see through t’Rump’s mitch, and the perversion of justice that he’s been plotting. Just LOOK.

    1. @Jay Gibson Uh huh. Why do you sit on MSNBC all day every day and type this same thing over and over again?

    2. @Jay Gibson I see your name and I feel sorry for you because nobody ever talks to or acknowledges you, so I reply to you when I see you.

  6. MSNBC = Enemy of the People

    and by the way Nancy Pelosi put zero pressure on Mitch McConnell and made many tactical mistakes that will cost the Democrats dearly in the 2020 election cycle. So, great job Nancy.

  7. This is becoming a hotbed for foreign interference more and more everyday.
    Record low numbers of views for a news site and a majority of the comments are from faceless private accounts trying to stir a divide.

    1. She who Impeached trump is the winner. Or don’t you know the difference between winner Pelosi and loser dj senior trump?

    2. @Lily Jade calling her a winner is like striking a match to fire to put it out. Good luck let me know how that works

  8. Nancy Dentures Pelosi accomplish nothing and she knows it! America wants to know more about her corrupt son’s dealings in the Ukraine

    1. the company name where Paul Pelosi got a real plush job: Viscoil Int’l ..No one should be defending these crooks. They stole our money.

  9. Nancy Pelosi has made it so the democrats running for president cant campaign against Biden…………Brilliant way of getting Bernie Sanders out of the way!

    1. @GreatFallsMontana1 She got her son a plush job at Viscoil in Ukraine who got some of that aid money. Check out Rosemont Seneca Holdings. It’s the dummy company used to launder our tax dollars into their pockets. That’s why they need him out, he’s going to arrest them or at least ruin them and I say go for it!

  10. Omg this whole impeachment thing is a farce. Didn’t Obama also tell his staff to ignore subpoenas in the fast and furious investigation

  11. These crooks stole your kids future and look at you aiding and abetting them and for what, a few bucks? sell out. just punks, all of you

  12. She achieved taking Bernie and Warren out right before Iowa. Lool!!! You Democrats love being screwed in your dirty bungs by the establishment. I love it!

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