What did Ontario education workers get in the CUPE deal?

What did Ontario education workers get in the CUPE deal? 1


During the 48-hour negotiation, the Ontario Progressive Conservative government put significant money on the table.

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7 Comments on "What did Ontario education workers get in the CUPE deal?"

  1. I would have not given in on the one percent wage in increase to the union. I would of fought tooth and nail. In the private sector like the auto company’s during when the big three were in trouble in late 2008 and early 2009, the private sector union, the Canadian auto workers had to take wage cuts to save the big three or they wound not had jobs to go back to. Public sector unions look at government as a bottomless pit. I would have threatened the union to bring in foreign workers from other countries who would be willing to work for third of the wage that thier paying these teachers being paid now.

    • Im glad your not running our government then

    • @5252085 I glad you are not running are government either, I could not afford the tax increases or the cost of living if you were running the government.

    • @5252085 I took a a job that pays only pays half in what I use to make, because I could not find a job in what I made in my trade in Alberta. If I can take a 50 percent pay cut, then I see no reason Ontario teachers can’t do the same.

    • @Shane Wilson umm.. just to be clear.. i am a conservative. So.. kinda against the whole tax increase thing. But encouaging the use of foreign workers is not an effective means to “get what you want”.

      And lets say it was.. in the mean time, school would not be open for months or more while you build up the staffing levels required to run our education system.

  2. Union agreed…workers haven’t voted yet

  3. Opened the piggy bank…how…they get like 50 cents spread over next 3 yrs…what a joke….but better get the drug addicts more safe injection sites…wow

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