What Do Calls To Defund, Disband Or Dismantle Police Forces Really Mean? – Day That Was | MSNBC


  1. 3:47
    Reminds me of the two little kids who were cuffed and put in cop cars for having tantrums at school…
    Why did a gun and badge show up to cuff a child for a tantrum?
    Why cant a therapist or social worker show up? It makes no sense why this cant happen.

    1. Jammy Jammich THERES social workers been round for years. So don’t say the police is the only avenue. My ex is a social worker.
      Next time call the social worker then. You call the police because you don’t take the time to call anybody else and you want help right then don’t you?
      You don’t call the social worker because you know it’s gonna take time don’t you?
      So it’s not that there’s none of those services you know their gonna do nothing or it’s gonna take forever.
      But you don’t get rid of police because the social worker system sucks.

    2. Jammy Jammich my ex is a social worker and they receive plenty of money it’s the policies that make them useless not money.

    3. @Dave Schultz Social workers are trained for it…Clinical Social workers can even treat the mentally ill…you know like the kind you need. Google it.

    4. Janette Brooks that child was acting up and didn’t stop because that’s what she does at home and her parents do nothing.
      So parents need to take responsibility for how their children act. It’s not the police fault. It starts at home.

  2. In Australia when we call the emergency services they ask if you want fire, police or ambulance. We know who we need. The police doesn’t just come for every call and it works. 000 (911) also stay on the line until the service gets there. We also have free healthcare.

    1. Pigg Licker Prove it. How so? I’m assuming since you’re saying it you can prove it.

    2. @YouTube Moderator – In Australia we don’t demand free treatment !! We make an appointment or go to a walk in clinic. and of course we have taxes that pay for it. ….”Australia has a universal health care system, primarily funded by Medicare, which is funded partly by a 2% Medicare levy (a tax) (with exceptions for low-income earners), with any shortfall being met by the government from general revenue”.
      If you HAVE an accident it’s free – if you’re in a car accident – even if it’s your fault, it’s free – our Traffic Accident Commission pay for it – that money comes from your vehicle registration…..if you want ELECTIVE surgery…..that you pay for.
      Bottom line is, no one is losing their home, their money set aside for education, their ability to survive because they get sick and have to pay out 10’s of K’s of $$ to a greedy health care system……..sucks to be sick in America.

    3. @Janette Brooks please don’t bother having rational discussions with internet trolls you’ll get exhausted. They are programmed to spew nonsensical responses..I have family in Australia and Canada and they can’t comprehend how bad the healthcare system is over here. Explain that to some people in America and you’ll hear “socialism this and communism that”. As if U.S doesn’t already have forms of socialism. How else do roads and infrastructure get built? Or what do they think Medicaid and Medicare are? Anyways your points make sense. Have a blessed day.

  3. We need more Andy and Barney, Joe Friday instead of the boys in blue acting like it’s an us against them warzone!!

    1. People pushing the idea of defunding the police are going to get Trump reelected IF that idea gets alot of traction.
      The #1 problem with police IMO, is they don’t get rid of the ones showing they abuse their power. That guy Chauvin should have been fired a long time ago, Thao also. For whatever reason they protect bad cops too often.

    2. That thought is just in your criminal mind. Trying to hide your prejudiced inner soul is not working. It can be seen a mile away. Obey the Law and, you should not have to “worry” about anything.


    1. @Albert Green You didn’t watch the video. The police will be there for those moments. Just not lesser moments.

    2. @xopha if you want a taste of lawlessness look at LA, Portland & Seattle. People are free to inject drugs on the sidewalk then go into a gas station & commit petty theft for a meal because the money they had was spent on heroin. They can’t be arrested for any of this… ideas like this only hurt law abiding citizens. It’s not that difficult to understand that this is a bad idea, Minneapolis will 100% become a hollow shell of crime & debauchery when everyone leaves

  5. I recommend Americans look up something called ‘policing by consent.’ They are the founding principles of policing in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, and I believe they should be introduced to the United States.

    1. People pushing the idea of defunding the police are going to get Trump reelected IF that idea gets alot of traction.
      The #1 problem with police IMO, is they don’t get rid of the ones showing they abuse their power. That guy Chauvin should have been fired a long time ago, Thao also. For whatever reason they protect bad cops too often.

    2. Bobby Edenfield Biden is against defunding the police as well, and I’m pretty sure he’s not a conservative.

  6. Stop saying DEFUND and say “Decrease” because that’s the truth. STOP DIVIDING WITH YOUR WORDS.

  7. I would like to follow other countries. To become police officers it takes minimum 3 years. And they should work in a prison to learn de-escalation

  8. They need to have a police watchdog , independent investigators for erring cops – policy changes, community policing.

  9. Cops r being called out on calls for dog barking…unruly 13 at elementary schools…mental health issues..cops shouldn’t be doing these calls, they aren’t trained.

  10. Why would we send unarmed officer’s out when we have allowed everyone else access to firearms? The change runs deep on many levels.

    1. @Blake the Drake that’s why it was posed as a question. So, if it’s not everyone that is saying it…..

    2. @Benjamin Grimm you understand what they are doing right? Dismantling the current police force to build a new one from the ground up. Camden, NJ has done something like this in the past.

    3. thegags Do you just read headlines? I wouldn’t touch Camden with a ten foot pole. It’s still one of the most violent and dangerous neighborhoods in NJ.

    4. thegags And the protestors in Minneapolis and others are not looking to rebuild the police force, don’t project what you think is reasonable. Look at what is being called for by the residents themselves.

  11. In the documentary, “WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW” it talks about a crim reduction experiment that was done in Washington D.C. at a time when it was the murder capital of America. The study was lowering the crime rate. At the beginning of the study the D.C. police didn’t sack it but they did by the end of the study. So they know it works. Why aren’t any D.C. officials discussing this? That tell me that they want to keep things exactly the way things are now. And they have no real interest in changing because they want to be racist but want the public to think they are not! BUT, black people there is a way to HELP get them off our neck. If anyone’s seriously interested I’ll be setting up a Facebook account as soon as I finish this. Look it up and feel free to participate. To tell you the truth I don’t want to use Facebook so I’ll tell you what you need to do to get the results the D.C. police backed to reduce crime. And that is it will take about 10 thousand people, and we already have 10 thousand people gathered at these rallies and protests now all you have to do is collectively simultaneously think peace for blacks. Ending racism. Get together and think of what exactly what it is you want to collectively want to change and it will. I think the study had them sit there quietly aka the most peaceful protesting their is. Or they may have chanted if we have more that 10 thousand split up and try both methods #SAVE BLACK LIVES.

  12. You can’t simply send healthcare professionals and social workers to a domestic or overdose. Those situations can be potentially dangerous

  13. What does it mean? It means we are going to have to buy a whole lot more AR-15’s and AK’s, or other firearms.

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