What Does A Successful Summit Between Biden And Putin Look Like? 1

What Does A Successful Summit Between Biden And Putin Look Like?


The Council on Foreign Relations' Richard Haass and The Atlantic's Anne Applebaum discuss President Biden's Wednesday meeting with Vladimir Putin.

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What Does A Successful Summit Between Biden And Putin Look Like?


  1. “What Does A Successful Summit Between Biden And Putin Look Like?”

    Best-case scenario: Biden doesn’t embarrass the US by having multiple dementia moments.

    1. @atheist28403 Obama kicked out Russian intelligence and shut down the embassy at the end of his tenure, but nice try at fabricating the facts.

      We have been supplying arms to Ukraine throughout the Obama years so that is also false.

      And don’t forget, Trump boy, that your dear leader threatened to hold back military aid to Ukraine in exchange for fabricated dirt on his political opponent.

      You should def move to Russia with your fake news bs.

    2. @Brian O’Keefe According to CNN: “Obama provided UAVs, counter-mortar radars, night vision devices and medical supplies, according to the Pentagon’s Defense Security Cooperation Agency.”
      None of these are weapons, none had lethal capabilities.
      Don’t forget, dummy, Biden threatened to withhold aid to get the prosecutor in charge of investigating the business that employed his (completely unqualified) son fired.

    3. @atheist28403 if you love trump you love Putin, and you love how strong Putin is in his denials don’t you?

    4. @Emiliano Zapata I Love how this thread devolved from my original comment into a bunch of illiterate morons ree’ing about Trump.
      TDS is treatable, folks. Seek help.

  2. Oh my god am Ukranian and still i love Russians but Putin as to Know that he is a patoto with cheese and bronw sauce in Canada ya man your a nattional dish in Quebec frensh fries one day squick cheese and a delicious sauce…. ahaha

  3. A successful Summit would be if gluten and corn pop Benjo over the table and give him the oh you know you know the thing LOL

  4. There are quite a few Russian posters working the boards before and during the summit. Please pay attention and take heed. Oh, and expose them by calling them out.

    1. @Pradeep Yes, they are falling prey to being radicalized AFTER and BECAUSE Trump has fallen to Putin’s psychological manipulations of his feeble mind.

    2. @Andrew Mitchell Very often, apparently different things are one and the same. QAnon is likely a device. If it didn’t start out that way, it was commandeered as such. It’s about creating a narrative to weave a false identity with shared enemies.

  5. You can bet the CIA has their eyes on this one. The SURV gadgets they are using are out of this world.

  6. Who is going to whisper in Bidens ear to tell him what to whisper in Putins? Biden can’t read off a teleprompter much less speak off the cuff.

  7. I like how they use a picture of Joe Biden from years ago..Joe Biden is the worst liar ever.. so many examples of him flip flopping it’s not even funny.. kids are still in cages.

  8. Putin hey Joe what’s that on your shirt? whack got you again. Biden dang it thats the 5th time he got me with that today.

  9. Biden stage press meeting was a MESS..hey biden you are having a summit with putin not trump

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