What Does McConnell Hope To Gain By Supporting Infrastructure Plan? 1

What Does McConnell Hope To Gain By Supporting Infrastructure Plan?


The Senate is moving closer to passing a bipartisan infrastructure deal, which had the support of Sen. Mitch McConnell to open debate. NBC's Sahil Kapur reports on what the Republican leader could hope to gain by passing this legislation.
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  1. “There’s no question, none, that President Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day [1/6].” — Mitch McConnell

    1. @David “Carry on living in the past?” Forgetting a dangerous past without holding people accountable would be a foolish decision. “Crybaby?” We’ll soon see and we already are, who the real crybabies are. Continue being delusional.

    2. @Randy Fuentes there is a lot of useless spending in that bill. and it will cause even more inflation. the democrats have already increased our cost of living considerably, as they always do.

    1. True Con man and grifter.
      McConnell doesn’t do anything unless it takes from the poor and middle class and gives to him and his rich friends.

  2. The EX president has been calling Mitch a RINO, and other school yard names

    McConnell’s revenge.? Trump is just a loud mouth!

  3. Now we will see if they actually support it when it counts: the final vote. Not counting on it until it happens.

    1. i still think republicans will filibuster the final bill, and force democrats to pass it via reconciliation, which would deprive democrats of that larger infrastructure bill.

    1. @gary yes you are right. Exactly to the point. trumpsters needs to be told what to do and how to think. That’s why they need a dictator. If he tells the lies you like to hear that’s good. To me and other strong people we prefer a hard truth than a sweet lie. And we use our brain to take decisions. We vote for those who takes care of our lives, our future and the country.

    2. @Reason really? Obama didn’t get bipartisan infrastructure. Biden got okay even from mitch McConnell.

  4. It’s a well known fact that McConnell doesn’t do anything unless their is something in it for him!!!!!

    1. @Reason – Corruption is not normal. Elected senators are servants of the people and shouldn’t use their position to get special benefits.

    2. Absolutely he’s up to something!! I really hate to say it but I just don’t think we are mean enough for the current political climate. We are sooo out matched and McConnell is toying with us with this carrot on a stick game ’cause it’s the only thing that excites him these days, if you catch my drift…..

  5. Mitch McConnell’s main priority is pushing policies that result in the deaths of deprived infants.
    He couldn’t care less about transportation.

    1. His wife was trumps hand pick for transportation secretary. ..he benefits from it if this transportation thing goes thru more than you think..him and his wife PROBALLY have stock in several areas this bill would effect

  6. McConnell is hoping if he plays nice, the feds will delay putting his wife in jail with all the evidence they have against her.

    1. @ruth depew …stop being racist, apologize! She’s not Chinese anyway she Taiwanese BUT feel free to bad mouth her any other way after all look who she’s married to, not to mention funneling unbalanced amount of money to her husbands state.

    2. Wasn’t the million dollars in PPP money that she got “socialism” by Republican standards? Charles Koch is very disappointed in you, Mitch!

    3. Mitch is playing the long game, but his goal of destroying democracy and looting the country remain intact.

  7. He’s Lucy with the football, Been doing it for years. “Grim Reaper” It’s all political posturing.

  8. I see this ending with republicans laughing at Democrats and saying “can you believe they fell for it again?”

    I don’t trust them.

    1. Pelosi already torpedoed the infrastructure bill. Why are we wasting time talking about it?

    2. He had Presidential ammunity, Republican congress and senate saving him when they held power. But now he is on his own.

    3. @Nameless Progressive Clone – Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are the reasons why we are wasting time.

    4. @Anthony Ellis Âû

      They’re both on board with infrastructure. They’re Senators. It’s House Democrats blocking the infrastructure package.

  9. There is only one reason Moscow Mitch would support something that helps ordinary Americans: it benefits him politically somehow.

  10. His constituency needs the money. Watch the lady from Kentucky who was showing all the bridges and roads that needs the help and how Kentucky is in dire need of infrastructure.

    1. Kentucky needs a lot more than roads and bridges. When your electorates average education is 7th grade and average I.Q. is 75, you have real problems.

    1. I don’t believe that it is going to get done. But I guess the threat of ending the filibuster could work.

  11. McConnell is secretly meeting with Kyrsten Sinema. I’ll bet that is his ace in the hole. He acts like he’s for it. She takes another trip and don’t show.

  12. Not gonna hold my breath — mcconnell, and most republican’s word isn’t worth spit.


  13. “Some republicans wanna do some big things, and not just obstruct.” Since when have either of those things have any bearing on the GOP’s decision making process?!

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