1. That old REM song works pretty well for most of the population for the last 2 years….
    It’s the end of the world as we know it, but I feel fine.

    1. @Daniel House
      *Corrupt Leaders:*
      _If you want to follow me_
      _You’ve got to “play pinball”_
      _And put in your ear plugs_
      _Put on your eye shades_
      _You know where to put the cork_

      “Won’t Get Fooled Again”? No!… Like the *THE WHO* song says,
      _We’re not gonna take it_
      _Never did and never will_

  2. so why cant restaurants be open they can put an hepa filter for say every 2-3 tables that way restaurants can stay open

    1. Why would they need to do that for they can track everything you do through your phone …debit card …gps…credit cards you are already bought and paid for

    1. Because politicians do not want to be blamed if someone dies for any reason cause every death is a covid death if the person is positive

  3. The pandemic will end when Canadians start saying no to all the restrictions, which means here in Canada that would take a miracle!

    1. @Eileen 999 Your a joke 🤣 go in to any hospital in Canada and you will see there are no problems out of the normal for under staffed hospitals but nice try 🙄 my son lives full-time in a hospital and we get shipped all over Canada to different hospitals to get new treatments for him and Nothing has changed in the 16 years we have been doing this so maby you need to stop and do some critical thinking and go see for yourself 🤔

    2. @Kristine and Damian I get Karen vibes from this one.

      I feel as if it may be trying to communicate… Not completely sure.

    3. @William Stewart This doctor has it right. This is a hospital capacity and personal health issue. Increase capacity, get vaxxed if worried for your health and move on.

  4. The pandemic ends when they try to mandate boosters and mass non-compliance begins. We are on the horizon of the end! When the time is right everybody take your stand!

    1. I’ve been standing all this time waiting for Canadians to get off their knees…I see some waking up and some getting pissed off…we need a lot more

  5. How’s two weeks to flatten the curve working out two years later? Let up things are getting better then here comes Another variant. Taking bets on how long until the next wave starts,next booster is needed. I just don’t believe any expert anymore. It’s all verbal diarrhea, same words over and over.

  6. “lockdowns are what you do when you have policy failure” lol yikes. We probably won’t see this guy on screen again

    1. Oh guys like him will be on screen again if you listened to what the subtext was, core linguistic social programming at it’s best….because it’s not about lockdowns…it’s about regular vaccines…and that whole conversation was about the promotion of such.

  7. *The pandemic will end when we collectively tell our dear leaders that “we’re not falling for it anymore” !!!*

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