What does the Pfizer vaccine approval in the U.K. mean for Canada? 1

What does the Pfizer vaccine approval in the U.K. mean for Canada?


Health Canada's chief medical officer, Dr. Supriya Sharma, says the authorization for a COVID-19 vaccine in Canada is expected 'soon.'

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    1. They ordered it in the first place because of gross incompetence. Nobody other than Karens want to take this. You’d have to be dying or out of your mind to take untested drugs with unknown side effects.

  1. No need for any vaccines at all.

    There IS a need for every single person to wake up and HEAL YOUR INTERNAL TERRAIN so it is NOT toxic.

    ALL dis-ease stems from YOUR poisoning and YOUR OWN terrible food choices, hygiene choices, etc etc.

    1. So with that logic you’re saying that if your lifestyle is 100% healthy you’re completely immune to all disease?

    2. Hahaha.. so if your kid falls out of a tree and breaks his arm, no need for a cast amirite!? Just tell him to heal his internal terrain! Thanks for the advice. If you don’t vaccinate when given the chance please then stay out all public places and never, ever go to a hospital or school.

  2. We’ll wait forever. Because we don’t make anything of substance in Canada. How’s our PPE situation? Are we still sourcing most of it from china?

  3. Trudeau and family first Pfizer set a record for the largest health care fraud settlement and the largest criminal fine of any kind with $2.3 billion in 2009.

  4. for all questions her answer like we are still in process and will let you know in couple of day nothing clear

  5. What does it mean for Canada? The Government will vacillate on whether to approve it, they’ll delay procurement while other countries will vie for a position to buy, and Canadians will only have access to it sometime next spring/summer…

  6. She really does not want to answer the question … because Canada screwed up with the negotiations and preparation so has been caught flat-footed. Bureaucratic waffle, anyone ?

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