What Dr. Fauci wants to see during the Covid-19 pandemic

What Dr. Fauci wants to see during the Covid-19 pandemic 1


Dr. Anthony Fauci explains to CNN's Chris Cuomo why point-of-care coronavirus tests that can be administered at home is what he will be pushing for from the next administration.

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  1. What about the school janitorial staff?

    • they can clean up the mess after hours or something like that. but only if they promise not to support birth certificates. otherwise, they will not be allowed to janit anything, even if they ask to.

  2. No one is talking about side effects.

    • Theres dozens upon dozens of ads for drugs the have warnings longer then the list of benefits, nobody has a problem taking those.🤷‍♂️ But then again this isn’t for wrinkles, sagging skin or cosmetic reasons.

    • Jessica DeTrant | November 20, 2020 at 9:00 PM | Reply

      @paulette lamontagne You do not trust a doctor who has been around and served the Whitehouse through 6 presidencies, but do you trust the man playing dictator?

    • This the most hopped up with major side effects!!!! Guess folks, nano particles that are not only poison, turn your immune system against itself, but congratulations, you are now a full 5 G transmitter. They will know your every move even more than they do now. Forced vaccine and medical marital law. any more questions?? thetopcatplan.com Citizens Committee For A Restructured Government CCRG.info GoJNN.com GoAVA.US

    • HOTEL CALIFORNIA est 2020 | November 20, 2020 at 9:32 PM | Reply

      @Sheila Everett fetal material from 25 yrs ago, and luciferase. what could be wrong, it doesn’t take a vegan to figure it out, look it up. invisible ink v’s look it up. public info people should learn for themselves.

    • The vaccine is death coming for breakfast

  3. So much contradiction which means where is the truth? . Honesty is always missing here! #HeWhoSpeaksWithForkedTongue

  4. ….. what does this have to do with a fraudulent Election ????? ….. it’s the TOP news story everywhere else

  5. TRUST GOD FIRST | November 20, 2020 at 6:27 PM | Reply

    Keep the schools open for the well being of the kid’s I see them outside they don’t look normal, older individual’s can cope much better in isolation but not kid’s, and they can’t just be thrown outside with other children because they need education and good schooling they need order in life to help them because the best they can be. I’m assuming the children’s immune system is much stronger than these vaccines and the children are not passing anything because their immune system rejects it, somehow some children to catch it and could spread it but the majority of it is not being spread by children but rather adults fro their home environment and other places their attending, but some will point to the children saying they we’re the spread of it but actually it wasn’t, again some cases yes but not many as we first thought. It’s these crowded gatherings of adults recirculating their own air and if there is no ventilation by having windows open it’s a good way to catch it. Wear the mask as much as you could and if it’s time to eat everyone outside or keep a safe distance. It can be done but put effort and like he said don’t let your guard’s down. This virus is a war it really is and our only defense is listen to this drs strong advice. I’m right behind since day one. I just don’t listen to this intelligent man speak but I take notes and put his skills to work and at the same time creating my own skills from his professional medical knowledge. His knowledge advances my knowledge. I’m trying to stay alive and keep as many alive as possible just as this dr is and many concerned individuals as well. I isolate but I make knowledge of it. Research keeps you alive. I used to go to yard sales and get boxes of books from you name it, I’d read and read. Some of these people giving out boxes of books we’re doctors and lawyers you name it. I know great knowledge and intelligence when I see it, this doctor is one of them. The first time I observed this dr speak I said he’s the one. Dr oz was right keep the kid’s in school just take precautions. Dr oz knew what he was saying. But again we didn’t know much of this virus and how it worked. Very intelligent drs and expert’s can figure things out pretty fast. That’s what they’re highly trained to do

    • I suppose the disease should take them into consideration. 🙄

    • Children are super spreaders of any virus. Covid19 is no different. Kids can contract it, they absolutely spread it to the people around them, but luckily they are less likely to develop severe symptoms. Sometimes they do, though, and some have died. I’d rather have my six year old at home and missing his friends and teachers than having him possibly get sick or get me and my husband sick. I kept him home for first grade and am doing school virtually. Unfortunately, most of his elementary school went back into the classroom. Even with every precaution, they had to shut down November 1st. Every week there was a whole classroom that had to quarantine at home for two weeks. Eventually, there weren’t enough teachers at the school because they all contracted the virus. If we would have all just abided by a total lockdown for several weeks in the beginning, we wouldn’t be in the mess were in now. And idk if dr Oz is a credible source for anything by the way

  6. Id rather have a person who straightly tells me “I dont know” and gives an honest answer, instead of a person feeding me lies and telling me he knows more than Scientists and Generals.

    • @Bernhard Schwarz pointless arguement.. educate yourself. They tried. HIV vaccine never passed trials . But it failed so they worked on helping those infected. HIV is no longer 100% fatality rate infact there are medications for people with that makes their bodies total viral load too small to be communicable. A vaccine for aids literally just gives a person aids. Its not the same. Besides dont lie to yourself white evangelicals and pro life republicans secretly like that aids kills predominantly gay men and drug users.

    • Bernhard Schwarz | November 20, 2020 at 9:15 PM | Reply

      Dude, I am not gay and have no issue about the illness as such. I am strictly talking about a professional accomplishment or the lack thereof. . They tried – glad to hear that they tried at least. They never passed trials – of course. Fauci’s team was and still is incompetent and they never found a solution. Difficult to pass a trial if you have nothing to show up for a trial.
      The rest is nothing but cheap explanations of why no vaccine can be found for HIV.
      To summarize, we do have the classical scenario of a disastrous failure of a project if you put a dude like Fauci into charge.

    • Don't Know Everything | November 20, 2020 at 9:31 PM | Reply

      @Bernhard Schwarz A failure on one side of the job does not discredit all your works. Unless you’re one of those people who just see the mistakes and are not open in acknowledging the good contributions of someone.

    • Dr. Fraudy spewing gloom and doom again, while I don’t know anyone among hundreds of friends who’s got it, let alone died from it. Not saying it doesn’t exist, but it’s nothing more than a bad flu if that. The President got it, Elon Musk got it, both came out alive.

  7. c’mon Chris, ease up, you know the man has had his hands tied by the man-child he’s been trying to tiptoe around the past 12 months…

  8. Johnson Johnson | November 20, 2020 at 7:10 PM | Reply

    Companies only want money. You’d be stupid to think a corporate executive cares about life.


  10. Trump/GOP: “If you test more there will be more cases, so let’s reduce and slow testing.”

  11. Why do people expect Dr. FAUCI to have every f…. answer. Hes not The higher power, hes a human doing the best he can period

    • Patricia Houston | November 20, 2020 at 8:49 PM | Reply


    • Jessica DeTrant | November 20, 2020 at 9:12 PM | Reply

      The same people who do NOT like Dr. Fauci are the same people who voted for Trump. They are far too uneducated to understand that physicians are dealing with a novel virus 🦠 and are therefore in the discovery phase. The same people who believe that God gave them Trump whom is a proven LIAR, cheat, an adulterer and a fraud. Ridiculous fallacies lead these people to the cliff that they will soon lemming their way over.

    • They want us to believe it that is why they present him as all knowing and authorative
      He is neither

    • @Jessica DeTrant So Fauci can be wrong, that’s okay. When Trump is wrong, he is a mass murderer if human at all

  12. Once the military has executed tens of thousands of corrupt politicians, the only thing they will fear is breaking the law. More tribunals please

  13. So you have a 80% chance to test positive. On a flu with a 99.9% chance that nothing happens. What a joke

  14. When kids go back to school, their parents go back to work. That has to be factored in. It is not just the schools. The public gets “opened,” too.

  15. Who else rolls there eyes every time they hear “Operation Warp-Speed”

    • You’ll have no problem benefiting from the results.

    • Orange man bad. You are definitely delusional

    • Because they did nothing
      Tons of countries bought ahead of time and will get at same time or before…
      The federal government announced agreements with Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech on Aug. 5; with Novavax and Janssen, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, on Aug. 31; with Sanofi/GSK on Sept. 22; with AstraZeneca, which is manufacturing a vaccine developed at the University of Oxford, on Sept. 25; and with Medicago on Oct. 23.Canada will receive 20 million to 76 million doses of each vaccine, should any of them successfully make it through clinical trials and be approved by Health Canada.


  16. Frank Machnick | November 20, 2020 at 8:52 PM | Reply

    I strongly dislike fake news CNN.

  17. It’s still too early to use vaccine. Honestly. Yes, more data needed.

  18. I think everyone but me and the people I rely on for business and retail should STAY HOME 24 hours a day.

  19. But can they get the virus and infect others if they take the vaccine?

  20. Billy Mimnaugh | November 20, 2020 at 9:18 PM | Reply

    This guy could care less if the economy collapses .Hes government his check will still roll in .But the 1000s of small business’ he could care less and he’d have us in masks forever .Talk about two goof balls on the same screen .

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