What Happened To Jimmy Hoffa? New Generation Embraces Labor Leader 1

What Happened To Jimmy Hoffa? New Generation Embraces Labor Leader

Rapper Dave East and producer Harry Fraud discuss their new album “HOFFA,” exploring themes related to labor leader Jimmy Hoffa, in this interview with MSNBC’s Ari Melber.

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  1. Jimmy Hoffa has been part of Michigan’s infrastructure for decades by supporting a certain highway in Michigan literally.

  2. Considering companies like Amazon will wait until the end of a shift to fire people for missing work, unions are necessary to protect employees across the nation, because what Florida might get away with wouldn’t work in NY, NV, or CA and it shouldn’t be working in FL anymore.

    1. And yet we are seeing less and less of them. My dads a former GM worker and so was my grandma and aunts and uncles they all keep saying how companies should be promoting them not fighting them. It brings issues to light when other time they maybe over looked.

  3. He ‘swims with the fishes’. I have loved Al Pacino since the 70’s but he sounds the same here as he does in the vast majority of his movies.

  4. To be honest we will never know what really happened to him. I have lived from the city to the country from one end of Michigan to the other. We have many small unchecked lakes and waterways on top of wetlands. My family has a cabin up north with a lake that has a fake bottom so if you fall in you may not come out and they may never find you. Then you got the sink holes and quicksand areas near the wetlands in some spots in the northern part of the state. Or you can go with the hes in one of the buildings in Detroit or was shipped out to Chicago and it hold up a building there. Or even under a main road or highway we may never know. Just like so many others who have just gone missing without a word.

  5. So, he’s another of the good guys, working for the people, who was murdered by person or persons unknown. Well, sometimes we knew who.

  6. How stupid!
    The unions (not all) refused for years to allow black people to join.
    So he was a man for a few people and not all the people.
    # knowyourhistory

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