What Happens In The Impeachment Trial Today? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

What Happens In The Impeachment Trial Today? | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


MSNBC's Garrett Haake lays out where the impeachment trial stands on Friday, January 24 and what's ahead for the weekend. Aired on 1/24/20.
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What Happens In The Impeachment Trial Today? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

34 Comments on "What Happens In The Impeachment Trial Today? | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. When the Light of truth pierces the darkness of their evil, the world will see for themselves, what we knew all along…. Nothing stops what’s coming, and no one escapes Justice.
    NO ONE

  2. In the 1950’s, CIA Operation Mockingbird Media was deemed a success. CIA had successfully taken control of MSM. In 1962, JFK rejected CIA Operation Northwoods, a diabolical plan to disguise as Cubans and attack US Military bases to garner public support for a war against Cuba. The above information is fact and the fact is the CIA is the most evil terrorist organization on the planet maintaining full control of MSM.

  3. Why isn’t the attorney that Bolton referred people to go see isn’t being mentioned?

  4. Joy Anna Radcliffe | January 24, 2020 at 11:51 AM | Reply

    We know that power is invested in the people when they vote and when they vote justly, rationally, compassionately, and for “we the people” in mind.

  5. Same ole same ole

  6. Smoke on the water | January 24, 2020 at 12:49 PM | Reply

    Same old B/S repeated day after day, no reason to watch it…

    • The Dem story is like one hour…they just repeat it over and over again because it’s all they got. It’s stupid, but so are the Dem Plantation Hater/Losers to whom they’re playing.

  7. RIP DS….. [They ] NEVER thought Trump would release the Real Phone Transcripts
    LOL Enjoy the Show !

  8. ChristianCentury2000 | January 24, 2020 at 1:18 PM | Reply

    Sad that this whole ordeal is unfolding! None of this had to happen! No phone call to Ukraine regarding Hunter Biden, no talk about Hunter Biden, and there’d be no Congressional impeachment and Senate trial. The focus would be the economy.

  9. Trump 2020

  10. This whole thing is like a flesh eating bacteria for our nation.

    • Arthur Gibbons | January 24, 2020 at 3:11 PM | Reply

      J MacDonald Yes, you can trust the Democrats after all they gave us 1913 Federal Reserve Act, 1918 Sedition Act, WWI, WWII, Hunting and Fishing licensees, and all those TAXES that you love.

    • J MacDonald
      Trump has this economy on rocket fuel! I didn’t really like Trump until he got in office and started implementing his policies. He’s done everything he said he was gonna do and my 401k has doubled in the last 3 years. Now we have socialist democrats campaigning on improving our economy🙄! Please …

    • Jim Gibbons Yes Russia has overtaken the USA

    • J MacDonald I. Jesus Christ name amen

  11. I like this title, I need to chronical these events as they unfold, so I can view later. So if you guys can help with that 👍

  12. Where is the evidence of a “high” crime by the President? Where is the EVIDENCE of ANY crime?


  14. Tar & feathers if your lucky and guillotines for the rest.

    The Patriots are coming. The Patriots are coming.
    Time to get your game on traitors. ….prepare to defend yourselves.

  15. The best comment I have read in the financial markets was……”If Trump loses, short everything! ” exactly lol

  16. What happens today??? (shift seamlessly right into DEM PROPAGANDA MODE)

  17. “Schitt storm” is incoming. 🤫!
    I am very excited to learn about the secret Awan court case!!

  18. It’s funny how most democrats are distancing themselves from the “impeachment” trial. It’s been an embarrassing disaster so far…..

    • Lets use Common Sense | January 24, 2020 at 4:58 PM | Reply

      I can’t believe I was once a registered Democrat….. I would rather be dead than to be associated to the Democrat Party.

  19. “The more often a stupidity is repeated, the more it gets the appearance of wisdom.”


  20. aaaahh! The sounds of swamp creatures beating against the sides of battleship USS Trump. It warms my heart!

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