What happens next after Derek Chauvin's guilty conviction | USA TODAY 1

What happens next after Derek Chauvin’s guilty conviction | USA TODAY


Here's what happens now that former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin has been found guilty on all counts in the murder of George Floyd.

Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin began his first full day in state prison Wednesday after he was found guilty of murdering George Floyd in a landmark trial.

Chauvin was convicted of second-degree murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter after Floyd's death in police custody last May.

Tears of joy, relief and resolve to continue fighting for racial justice filled the streets of Minneapolis and around the nation after the verdict was read Tuesday afternoon.

Chauvin knelt on Floyd's neck for more than nine minutes, and in video footage of his death, Floyd repeatedly said he couldn't breathe. After the verdict was announced, his brother, Philonise Floyd, said, "Today we are able to breathe again."

Yet even with a verdict, the legal proceedings in the case are far from over, with Chauvin's sentencing a few weeks away and appeals looming.

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  1. These trials should never be televised or reported to the media. I wonder how many innocent people went to jail bc it was tried through the media before ever seeing the inside of a courtroom.

    1. Funny, ya had no problem giving O.J. Simpson trial as much media attention as possible but now the media is a problem.

    2. You know what place doesn’t make trials public? china. We have a right to know what happens in our courtrooms in America, sorry you disagree with the results. why don’t you move to a country where you don’t get a trial? George Floyd didn’t get a trial.

    1. Sadly people are too comfy. Unless something starts to interfere with you, mosr people don’t care and rather keep their heads down

    2. Because overhaul is unnecessary. Scandals involving police pension (loss of money), sh¡ty pay, low moral, etc make for a terrible force. We demand more pay for teachers. These guys get called in to insane situations, and have to find creative ways of ensuring they live.

    1. @elaine,…have you heard of Statute of Limitations, dummy? To make you understand, its been over 26 years since that happen. That expired, case closed.

    1. He will easily win the appeal, unless the appeals court is trying to protect their asses from the violent left

    2. What happens next is sentencing. The verdict will not be over turned. You just saw the US Justice system work the way it’s supposed to…….12 unbiased jurists made an unanimous decision to convict on all 3 charges. If even ONE had any doubt, even a reasonable doubt there would have been a mistrial. That did not happen.

    3. @Sibree WHY should he win the appeal? Based on what? 12 unbiased jurists heard the evidence and made an unanimous decision to convict him on all 3 charges. If even one had doubt, reasonable doubt, there would have been a mistrial. That didn’t happen. 5 men and 7 women of different races made the decision. that is exactly how the US Justice system is supposed to work.

    4. @Suzanne 14 years after the OJ verdict, some jurors agreed to do an interview with a media outlet saying they were convinced OJ killed people but because they wanted to get back at the system for Rodney King, the jurors acquit OJ. The interviewer asked if they though that was the right thing to do, to let a killer go free. One of the jurors just shrugged her shoulders. You have no idea who Chauvin’s jurors were. These jurors don’t make their decisions in a vacuum. They bring their life experiences, all their prejudices, and the threat of their city burning down with them to the table.

    1. @Greggory likeitornot Steward nah I’m honestly just disappointed that blind media sheep like you can’t open your eyes and see how democrats are destroying this country internally

    2. @Creature yeah and now we get to see a dementia patient who can’t remember where he is or how to answer basic questions. Someone with absolutely no leadership is able to make life changing decisions without a care as to what bad it’s doing. He’s done nothing but bad since he’s been in office and this country is being destroyed by the Democratic Party and you media sheep support it because you don’t think for yourselves

    1. He shouldn’t get anything because he was fresh on the job doing what his superior was telling him. Its nothing more than a political prosecution demanded by the media propaganda fed terrorist mob & the jury will be too afraid for their own lives to do anything but convict. Chauvin himself may very well be guilty of manslaughter at least, but that’s not why he was convicted of murdering the same person three times. Any cop with a brain will hightail it out the liberal shitties ASAP & never look back. It’s what the voters there apparently want, so let them have it.

    2. @Mark Johnson Wrong – whether you are new to the job or not you should still stop a murder in progress. That’s just common sense and common decency.

    1. @RubiiRae It’s against the law to skip out on jury duty without good reason and approval from the judge

    2. @Suzanne You won’t even remember his name by this time next year. You’ll probably have to Google it. I’ll be let out the backdoor.

  2. Now the judges turn to get pressured into issuing a harsh sentence or “terrible things will happen”. That’s our system now. Pressure, coercion, bowing down to pressure.

    1. Then we need to crack down on rioters harder instead of releasing them the next day. Florida is leading the charge. More patriots like kyle rittenhouse to get together and protect the innocent.

  3. Here’s what happens next: law and order tumult into abject chaos as we license fentanyl overdoses and resisting arrest.

  4. The appeal for a mistrial, which he will get if it isn’t a kangaroo court like this was…

  5. You look at his mugshot and you realize that he joined the police so he can terminate people who make him feel bad.


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