What Happens Next After Supreme Court Blocks Trump’s Bid To End DACA | MSNBC

NBC's Pete Williams discusses the Supreme Court rejecting President Trump's bid to end legal protections for Dreamers. Aired on 06/18/2020.
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What Happens Next After Supreme Court Blocks Trump's Bid To End DACA | MSNBC


  1. Republicans literally crying about their own judges now. Also, it’s not just Roberts, Gorsuch was a Trump judge. He ruled the correct way in the LGBTQ+ case. Got that, conservatives? Trump is not even delivering your judges now. Why do you continue to support this failure?

    1. Ok, this decision is right but it doesn’t mean his judges get it right in thousands of other cases. How many cases has Gorsuch sided with liberals that made the news in the last three years?

    2. Rex Smith… the key point here is “crying about THEIR OWN judges”.
      C’mon America. Short term politicians picking for-life judiciary. WTF.
      This needs to change. Let their peers nominate Supreme Court appointees.
      A view from afar

  2. Imagine being so dumb that you can’t even select a supreme court judge who agrees with you!

    If Trump was intelligent, he’d be dangerous…..

    1. @Josh Edmonds Speaking of presidents ‘doing what they want with the constitution’ what are your thoughts on Trump saying that he is considering making constitutional changes that allow him to run for more than 2 terms!

    2. @Football Nerd really..sounds amazing🤣 I mean if there’s a vote and congress approves of course..or he could do like obama and say..idc if it’s constitutional..I’m doing it anyway

  3. Trump destroys everything he touches. Five more months of his ineptitude and then it’s back to being an America that works for all of us.

    1. @Purple Hill no I’m a born Citizen of the US CORPORATION. As for Trump colluding with Russia that has already been proven FALSE so turn the page their pal 😂

    2. @Ricky Spanish I wonder if they’re going to be standing in the street again throwing rocks at buildings and burning stuff just like the riots that are happening now are you still love to watch the videos of them getting hit by cars and flying in the air.

  4. It’s the victory of people’s hearts. This is a real power.
    People’s hearts never die like the Phoenixes.
    Nothing can conquer the people’s hearts. That is the virtues. 🤣😂

    1. @boink gotta love the Waivers the cult has to sign now in order to attend the cult rally.. so they cant sue trump. Lol

    2. boink yeah i heard he hired people to cheer for him, so a paid audience is probably all that it is

    3. Half of trumps cult are shipped into his rallies from other “State Hospitals” for field trip breaks.

    1. @Gary Harvey I would much rather help those than pay for a horrible president who is tearing this country apart.

    2. Gary Harvey if you dont like it go back to ur shiethole country u inbred . Sincerely clorox bunkerboy lol

    3. Gary Harvey we daca recipients pay more taxes then your whole generation has bro we have social security and pay taxes directly from our checks

    4. @Gary Harvey Actually DACA recipients have to pay taxes. But don’t try and educate yourself or anything. Fool.

    1. @Imaru Lewis im not talking about what happened afterwards! just saying that Evil SOMETIMES win not all the time just sometimes wanna point that out there to darwin jaurez that he’s a bit misinformed

    2. 😀 Well wait one minute, not so fast, we can’t say “never”, as Slimy Donny did become president.

  5. What happens next? Hopefully, the SCOTUS rules against Bunker Boy on his taxes and … _WE PARTY!_

    1. @Purple Hill dont forget “beautiful”. And when he tries to defend himself itll involve a story with someone calling him sir and the words “so innocent”.

    2. @Tyeler Nowell hopefully November he’ll just fade away like he said the virus will. Trump…worst con man eeeevvveeerr.

  6. Why is nobody talking about Trump’s tweet where he tried to get his rabid base to attack the democratic Supreme Court Justices?
    Seems like a good topic for conversation to me…

    1. Yea he already started tweeting. He said hes getting the feeling that the Supreme Court doesnt like him.

    1. Love how you contradict yourself. If you believe no one is above the law, you wouldn’t support DACA

  7. Soooo Muchhh Winningggg
    (How bout that wall???)
    Dismantling everything Obama did is Backfiring

    1. Yep they sure did they saved DACA In other words he lost another courts case mmm I wonder how many that makes now lolololololoo trump you loser

    1. @BigBoy 5.56mm “Go Build the Wall BigBoy!!..& hold the Bible, God can see it it’s in your hand not in your HEART ❤️

    2. BigBoy 5.56mm Wow!.. Gr8 Wall doesn’t wrk then? coz Mexico will not pay for it! Bring on BigBoy,..your “LANDMINES”!! Brilliant idea🤪🤪🤪

    1. Good for you! I hope you get full citizenship and SOON. My great grandparents came over in the 1880’s. American tribes people are the only Americans who aren’t immigrants here.

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