What Happens To Equipment That The U.S. Is Leaving In Afghanistan?

NBC News Pentagon correspondent Courtney Kube walks us through what can happen to the military equipment that the U.S. is leaving behind in Afghanistan.

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What Happens To Equipment That The U.S. Is Leaving In Afghanistan?


  1. Watch once we leave Pineapple Express will handle and wipe all there equipment we gave to them and majority isis watch… don’t shoot the messenger he broke the peace agreement mark my words

  2. I’ve paid sooo much in taxes over the years. One of those Humves is mine. Yet, here I am in a Honda.

    1. The question is why as Americans should we keep paying our taxes if the government is going to throw our money out the window and not only throw it out the window but give weapons that we paid for to the enemies

    2. you can buy those hummers for pretty cheap. under 10k from military salvage companies. BUT if you saw the inside of a military hummer…. haha basically a steel box with seats.

  3. Great. We spent huge $$$ buying all this overpriced equipment from weapons manufacturers & now we’re going to blown it all up. Brilliant. But decent health care is too expensive. That makes sense.

    1. @Akhil P Nair because lives are more important than equipment. What important to you. Don’t worry the Taliban will have only junk left behind. Troops are not stupid to leave it intact.

    2. @Akhil P Nair I hope we gave it to Afghan soldiers and they surrendered it. The thought of us just forgetting them is more infuriating

    3. @T. Scognamiglio Yea, a gift from US army.

      When US army told to biden administration that taliban will take control, if they suddenly leave Afghan and they will take US army bases.
      Donald Trump also mentioned to Biden that destroy weapons & US army bases.
      Why Biden didn’t thought destroying their bases in afghan? Is there any side business?
      Also note, there was enough time to make plan & destroy the bases.

    4. @T. Scognamiglio afghan army surrendered because afghan govt. don’t lose civilians coz talibans were using afghan civilians as a shield. They were less than afghan soldier but the govt chose not to play with innocent civilian lives

  4. I would like a 20mm rotary aircraft cannon. I technically already paid for it but if y’all know some Taliban I’m willing to make a deal

    1. Probably best to get in touch with Trump or Pompeo. After all they made quite a deal with the Taliban. Would be able to help you out there..

    2. @Ahmed Zaidi Working with that crew I would obviously get burned on the deal lol. But honestly the stuff is going to start showing up in Pakistan Darah Adan Kel it’s a notorious gun market.

      If you know any talibans lets do this. I want Seth Rogan to play me heuheuheuheu

    3. @Noreb what to do if you don’t read news.
      20th aug 2021 media says:
      Former US President Donald Trump who claimed that America should evacuate its citizens & equipment following which the military bases should be bombed and the US troops evacuated thereafter. These also include American armament, military vehicles, anti-aircraft guns, and other defense equipment given to the former Afghanistan governments.
      So according to your statement you are a delusional cultist that will believe anything without knowing what happened

  5. Military aircraft, helicopters, in particular, require a supply of expensive parts and require highly skilled engineers to keep them airworthy.
    Other complex weapons also need skilled personal.
    I suspect most of the weapons collected by the Taliban will become unusable.

    1. Wishful thinking. If people are under the impression the Taliban is full of incompetence and have no comprehension of the gear left behind…think again. They are now in full control of Afghanistan after 20 years of a waste of lives and money

    2. Taliban will be too stoned to use this equipment, but if they strap an AK to a Humvee or a Chopper then they can drive and fly it.

  6. 3 easy repeatable steps 1 drain engine/tranny oil, 2 drain water, 3 start engine with brick on gas pedal

    1. But why tf are they leaving anything behind? These are taxpayers dollars. 1. they want to keep military contractors in $$ (to replace missing equipment) and 2. proof the current military “leaders” are entirely out of their depth. They push a bunch of paper but have no clue about safely evacuating from a war zone even though there’s no enemy fire. Sheesh.

    2. @Carol Miller no you’re a moron. It just costs less to replace it then move it all around ,fix it up etc.

  7. It’s hilarious when Biden goes off script and says things like, “They told me I can take questions and that I should call on (insert biased reporter’s name here).” I wish they had a camera on his staff, the face planting must be hilarious to watch as well.

    1. @Akhil P Nair Did we take our weapons that were left in Syria. Did twamp try a evacuate the kurds and there families. You do know they fought with us shoulder to shoulder for a decade. But you don’t care about that cuz your orange leader you worship did that

    2. Massachusetts Democratic Rep. Seth Moulton slammed Joe Biden for his catastrophic handling of the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan, calling it a “f***g disaster.”…

    3. @M.J.
      I remember blm burning the American flag and chanting ” death to America”
      And i remember the illegals at the border wearing Biden t-shirts.

  8. The Taliban already took possession of most of the military equipment when the Afgan army surrendered, so you are not going to go in and disable it without a firefight.

    1. @Icy Bird Which, if followed, would of led to no opportunity for the taliban to take Kabul, take our equipment and capture our civilians.

      Biden was warned his alteration od the plan had unnecessary risks, and he didnt care.

    2. @9751matt the Taliban was fine with us extending it. We just had to be out by tomorrow. Nowhere in the Trump Taliban DOHA treaty of February 2020 does it state the Taliban can’t take over the land. We all knew they were going to. They’re ere either going to take over the government or become the military. Either way it doesn’t matter as long as they keep fighting ISIS K for us as in compliance with the Trump Taliban DOHA treaty of February 2020.

    3. @Icy Bird Haven’t done any research huh?

      Not only did Trump’s plan include getting all U.S. citizens out of the country, but also having the date set during the cold period when the Taliban couldn’t mobilize.

    4. @9751matt it doesn’t say that anywhere in the Trump Taliban DOHA treaty of February 2020. You’re a liar. He wouldn’t hold that information from me and my fellow active duty brothers and sisters.

    5. @Guy DeGregg have you seen any drone strikes lately on storage places housing military equipment?? Neither has anybody else 🙄

    1. Were you old enough to see what happened when the Vietnam war ended? The story repeats it self. I complained back then as well

    2. Absolutely because its just a matter of time before we see attacks right here at home. It’s not a case of IF, but when. Now Afghanistan is a refuge for terrorist.

  9. “Come on man, this was 4-5 weeks ago, there’s a new strain of uhhh you know the thing” – Biden

  10. Ok cool… They have a plan for our “equipment”.. what’s the plan for the American civilians left behind..?

    1. Same as the equipment – there is No Plan. Never Was. They’re incapable of planning & executing an evacuation from a (not under fire) war zone. Because incompetence (among hire ups to Generals) are rewarded (all those medals!) for mediocrity.

  11. The leader of the free world walked out to the press conference and said he had been given a list of people he was supposed to call on and the media completely ignored it as if it was just a normal thing for a President to say. The American media is the enemy of the American people.

    1. Rumpy did it all the time. Well, not all the time, he rarely had a press conference. Couldn’t stand the heat.

    2. @JJ Strumr Lol, God, you people are so lost. Trump did hour long question and answers all the time where he would call on all of the members of the fake media. All you’ll ever have are your lies fed to you by these liars.

  12. I just seen footage of the Taliban trying to fly a Black Hawk.. so everything this woman just said is wishful thinking at this point. Oh well-

    1. It’s better to watch independent news (Democracy Now! PBS or international news) to get the real facts. MSM is manufactured to make Biden, et al look good. And, yes, I voted for him…

    2. @Carol Miller, I like BBC. Certainly has its flaws and biases and I generally don’t watch them regarding UK/EU mattes however I have found them to be more objective or at least quicker to cover the things that do not paint US in a “saviour of the world’ kind of light.

    3. You do realize that you don’t just get in these helicopters turn the key on go like your car. The maintenance and inspection alone will guarantee that they don’t get off the ground.

      And everyone is up in arm about the equipment… The Russians left tons of equipment when they left Afghanistan I dont remember them putting up too much of fight back on 2001 despite the tanks, artillery etc they had access to.

    4. You missed the thousands of assault weapons, ammo, surface to air missiles,drones, grenades,
      bullet proof vests etc that were filmed in the hands of the Taliban.

    1. Melissa The equipment was left behind for the Afghan military and government to defend themselves. The government fled and the military who outnumbered the Taliban surrendered their weapons in a few days. 20 years there and many lives lost for what?

  13. “Then shall the impurities, and abominations with great shame be set forth, and manifested to the darkness of the veiled light….. “

  14. On August 19, Biden said “if there are American citizens left, we’re going to stay until we get them all out.”
    He lied.

  15. What do you mean what happens to the equipment left by senile Joe Biden’s administration? It gets used on us isn’t that nice

  16. I hope the US military hid those tiny GPS trackers on all the equipment the Afgan army abandoned; make it easier for drone strikes.

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